LP with the Fotheringhams

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No, this is not a repeat post:  we really did go to Lake Powell twice within a month – this time with my family!  I had a crazy week leading up to the Thursday when we left.  I had a “perfect storm” work situation on Wednesday and Zach, sensing my stress level was high, let me go get a manicure and pedicure the night before we left.  Because he’s amazing.  I rewarded him by stopping through the drive-thru at Swig for  Dirty Dr Pepper on my way home.  IMG_3115

We left Thursday around lunchtime and Sloan slept for over an hour in the car in lieu of nap time.  Considering it is a 7 hour drive to Page, AZ on average – we were thrilled she got a decent nap in.  We made a few stops along the way, but made it to LP in record time!  6 hours, almost on the nose.  When we arrived at our rental house [this is something new to us, we usually stay in a hotel] we were blown away by the location.  You could see the dam from the back screen door – along with wild bunnies roaming the grass of the back yard.  bunnies

My parents, brother, and sister-in-law showed up an hour or so after we arrived.  The ladies went to the grocery store to stock up for lunches and dinner, while the men ordered pizza back at the house for dinner.

The next morning Sloan was up bright and early – and we all got fed and out the door around 8:30.  We were on the water quickly and set out through the channel to find a good spot to spend the day. Sloan and I driving


We had lunch on the water and Sloan got to go tubing with everyone – literally every single member of the family.  Fist pumping and all…IMG_3188

She even took a short nap while I held her as we traveled through the channel. sloan sleeping on boat



By the end of the day – Sloan was wiped.  She had enough fun in the sun to last her the whole week.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am that she doesn’t hate her life jacket…sloan passed out on boat
That night we pulled off the lake and went to dinner at the local Mexican restaurant.  It was surprisingly good – definitely better than previous dining experiences there.  We put Sloan down for bed once we were home and then spent the rest of the night eating ice cream and watching the Olympics.

The next day we set off for Navajo Canyon.  We decided to give Sloan a try skiing again – even though I was more nervous than ever considering it was behind a boat this time and not a jet ski.  To up the ante even more…it was in the middle of a canyon and not in a quiet little cove.  She wasn’t thrilled at first [she thought that getting off the boat meant she could play on this giant rock island we had pulled up to] but as soon as we got her secured in the ski, my dad sped up and she was as happy as could be.IMG_3227

I wish her smile was more visible beneath he pacifier – I forgot to take it out beforehand – because it really does make her very happy.  At one point she even let go of one hand and was riding cowboy style with a hand in the air. IMG_3229

We took a dip to stay cool after lunch, and Sloan was in heaven.

I even got to slalom ski – which I haven’t done in about 4 years.  I was just pleased to get up, it is harder than I remember it being a while back. IMG_3236

We didn’t make it too much farther up the canyon until we had a little mechanical issue with the boat.  We spent some time swimming while my dad and brother tried to fix the issue – but we didn’t have any luck.  Luckily, a friendly group of people towed us back to a giant sand bar where we tried to radio into the marina for some assistance.  We didn’t catch anyone – so Zach, Sloan, and I rode back to the marina with that friendly group to send help back to my family in Navajo Canyon.  I was so grateful to that group of people who were kind enough to take us back.  It would have been a long evening stranded on the lake with a hangry toddler if it weren’t for them.  Once we got back to the marina – Sloan and I went back to the house while Zach rode back to Navajo Canyon with a complete stranger he talked [and bribed] into towing my dad’s boat back to Antelope Point.  Sloan and I knew the crew would be exhausted by the time they got back, so before I put her down for bed we ran to Walmart to buy some supplies to make homemade bread.  By the time everyone was back at the house – Sloan was bathed and asleep and I had started dinner.  We were all starving, so steaks, wedge salads, baked potatoes, and homemade bread definitely hit the spot.

The next morning we loaded up and set off for home again.  Sloan was an absolute dream for the 7 hour drive home – as long as we were in the car.  Once we stopped for lunch or bathroom breaks, she let loose and ran absolutely wild in the gas stations.  Like a caged animal.  But as soon as we were back in the car, she was as cool as a cucumber.


I’m really grateful for this tradition.  I basically grew up on this lake – and coming here every summer with my family left some me with some of my very favorite memories.  I’m so glad Sloan will be able to create memories of her own.  Maybe not THIS year…but in years to come.


Back For a Bit

It was nice to sleep in our own beds after being gone for nearly a week in Lake Powell.  Sloan slept in until 9:30 am the morning we got back.  I had to finally go in and wake her up.  Once we were home we all got back into the swing of things.  Zach and I got to have a Date Night mid week after returning home.  We went back to TOPGOLF, where we had an absolute blast.  I was hesitant – because it was 100 degrees outside – but we couldn’t have had more fun. shot

Since being back from LP – I’ve been in a total funk in terms of diet and exercise.  It’s because I bought two containers of Benny and Jerry’s Salted Caramel CORE and polished them off BY MYSELF within this short week and a half period.  It won best ice cream of 2016 – so I gave it a try.  I was hooked after my first bite, I’ll be honest.  So after that whole fiasco I had to get back into a groove again.  I’ve been trying to eat more protein lately.  I find it is easiest to cram it in during breakfasts and found the BEST recipe.  Chicken, sweet potatoes, one egg topped with avocado, cheese, and pico.  It’s a game changer.  shot 1Now if I could just convince this cool chick to eat more protein.  Eggs and grilled chicken are her only compromises so far – but she does eat better if she’s wearing my sunglasses.  Serious.
IMG_2942Zach and I are grilling as much food as possible before the weather starts to get cooler.  We’ve tried a bunch of different things, but our favorite has been grilled shrimp with pineapple salsa.  Topped on sweet corn on the cob:  B O M B!IMG_2941Last Saturday we got to go out for dinner at Caffe Molisse and later saw Bad Moms.  It was actually pretty good.  Zach was the only guy in the theater – but could totally relate to all the mom jokes.  But really…he had popcorn so he could have watched the Little Mermaid and would have been completely content. FullSizeRender Speaking of moms…my friend Whitney became a mom of three recently.  THREE.  Her little Fin is the sweetest – and we got to spend lunch with them this last week.  It was great to spend some time with a few of my girlfriends – and Sloan didn’t hurt [or have much interest in, actually] the new baby.  So that’s a success! IMG_2967 Sloan has been a bit of a cuddle bug lately.  I have a feeling it is because she is going to be getting a few more teeth soon – but I’ll take it regardless.  She’s really into holding hands right now.  It is my favorite.  IMG_2971 Thursday evening I got a call asking if we’d feed the sister missionaries on Friday night.  I had already planned an Olympic themed dinner for the Opening Ceremonies that night – so I figured, why not?  Zach and I were already going to order Cafe RIO [because the Olympics are in Rio, of course] and I was going to get out some festive decor.  Also, there were Olympic cookies…IMG_3019The best part of the whole story was that I had to call the sisters we were feeding to get their food order.  I told the sister all about my plan:  we would eat take out and watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  First, she had no idea that the Opening Ceremonies were even this weekend – and then informed me that they can’t watch TV.  Obviously, I knew this – but it completely skipped my mind amongst all the excitement of the actual event.  It made a lot of sense why she didn’t seem excited for my whole plan of activities.  But that didn’t stop me from getting out the garb and hanging it from the ceiling…
IMG_3026 When the sisters showed up – they were totally flattered that I had thrown this all together for them.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them that I had already planned it for just the three of us.  But I was worried they would feel left out – so I gave them red white and blue scarves to wear.  Correction:  forced them to wear.  It wasn’t until half way through our meal that I found out that the third sister on the right had only been out in the field for THREE days.  The poor thing was green as could be – from Papa New Guinea – and probably thought we were just the most annoying Americans ever in our USA t-shirts.IMG_3035

That night we stayed up way too late watching the Rio opening ceremonies after Sloan went to bed.  The next morning I got an early morning run in before the three of us went out and about.  We started at City Creek.  We did some shopping and had lunch at the food court.  IMG_3069 We must have worn Sloan right out – because she could barely stay awake during a family cuddle sesh upon returning home. IMG_3072 That night Zach and I had our Date Night – this time we went to Park City for some outlet shopping [which was a total bust, but fun nonetheless] and then had dinner at the J&G Grill.  I had the halibut and it was the best fish I’ve had.  Ever.  Like, I could eat this fish for every meal for the rest of my life.  IMG_3086We haven’t slowed down much since being home – especially considering we are leaving for Lake Powell again with my family in a few days.  So until then we are hitting up the park as much as we can.
shot 2

LP with the Hendersons / 2016

We left for Lake Powell Wednesday around lunchtime.  Zach got off work early and we got my car all loaded up an were on the road just after noon.  30 minutes into our drive Sloan passed out.  I’m grateful she got a nap in, because we had a 6+ hour drive ahead of us.  We only stopped TWICE, which will go down in the record books as the most efficient drive to LP…ever.  We made it to Antelope Point just as the sun was about to go down.  We managed to flag a cart and get all our stuff loaded on our houseboat in less than 30 minutes!  We unloaded all of our gear and got Sloan ready for bed in our room.  At the genius suggestion of my friend Lindsey, we brought an inflatable sleeping bag/mattress for Sloan to sleep on (the pack n play was too large to fit next to our bed in our room).  It worked like a charm and she was down for bed before the other two families joined us on our boat.


We unloaded the rest of the food and all of our coolers while the sun was setting.  Sunsets at Lake Powell are incredible.


Everyone soon arrived (8 families total) and we all settled in for the night at the marina.

The next morning the two houseboats, along with Zach’s brother Tony’s boat with his family, made our way to Face Canyon to our camp site where Mark and Jeanene were waiting for us.

sloan and i houseboat 1

sloan and i houseboat 2

It was nearly a 3 hour ride to Face Canyon – but Sloan was completely entertained being in a new environment.  When we arrived all the men worked on getting the houseboats anchored.  Not long after Zach decided use one of the jet skis to teach Sloan how to ski.  He was the driver, I was on the back – ready to jump in when she inevitably would fall.  I’ll admit:  I was a nervous wreck.  The handle bar Zach had made using PVC pipe seemed to keep Sloan really sturdy, so that eased my worries a bit.  I used our GoPro to film her first attempt.  Her uncle Sean sat in the water with her until it was go time, and with no trouble at all she popped right up on top of the water.

Sloan skiing

She wouldn’t stop smiling, and it was apparent how much she loved it.  I screamed obnoxiously the entire ride.  I still can’t get over how well she did.  My biggest concern was her falling, and she didn’t even flinch.  When we had made a few laps around our little cove we whipped her back around to the beach and her uncle Sean was right there to catch her.

sloan skiing 2

Her cousins were pumped for her and everyone wanted to take a turn!  So afterwards her cousin Jake took a spin.  He did great, but upon falling into the water took the PVC handle bar with him.  It sunk to the bottom of the lake – and if you’ve even been to Lake Powell you know how unpredictable it can be in terms of depth.  It was down and it was deep.  I was disappointed.  I knew she wouldn’t be able to ski anymore.  Zach convinced me to let her try it with just the rope handle bar that came with the ski.  I was even more nervous the second time around, especially without the “sturdy” handlebar.  Well wouldn’t you know it…she got right up again, without that stupid PVC handlebar.


sloan skiing 3

sloan skiing 4

I think this whole experience made me realize that I am a wuss parent.  I always worry so much that I find myself holding her back from things like this.  I’ve decided that I’m going to be the safety manager in this parenting partnership, but not keep her from doing things that she is completely capable of doing.  She is a thrill seeker, and there’s nothing I can do about it.  Except pray REALLY hard that she stays safe and that I keep a life jacket/pads/helmet on her and whatever else it takes.

The rest of our first day was spent swimming, eating, and being together with all of Zach’s family.  The kids used all the cheese flavored snacks to catch fish – and they were nothing but successful!


After dinner we bathed Sloan in the lake for her first time.  I’ve dreamt for a long time of the days when I could snuggle my own baby in a lifejacket on a rocking boat, or shampooing their hair out in the lake.  I grew up at Lake Powell – every summer for almost every year of my life.  The fact that Zach’s family also has this tradition makes me heart so happy, I can’t even tell you.

We got Sloan tucked into her blow-up bed and spent the “golden hour” together.  Zach and I took a jet ski out in the sunset.  We brought the baby monitor again, and Zach’s mom was kind enough to listen for Sloan while we played in the evenings.

jet ski sunset

Day two brought us more skiing for Sloan.  We did it almost every day we were there (except Sunday) and she couldn’t get enough.  She would cry her eyes out when someone else wanted a turn and she had to wait to ski again.  Zach’s brother Tony recovered the handle bar down deep in the water with some scuba goggles and Sloan was back in action.



Sloan loved being with her cousins, most of all.  She enjoyed playing with them, eating with them, spying over their shoulders to see whatever they were doing on their iPads.  It was non-stop fun and excitement for her.



During Sloan’s nap time Zach got to go surfing with his brothers on Tony’s boat.


When Sloan woke up from her nap, she was treated to a kayak ride with her dad, aunt Gina, and cousin Charlie.


We ate dinner and after we got Sloan all ready for bed and tucked in, Zach and I went on a sunset paddle board ride.

IMG_2768 IMG_2899 IMG_2834

Once we got back and all washed up, the adults played a Henderson favorite, “Wolf”.  Hendersons LOVE their games.  (I had never heard of Werewolf until I married into Zach’s family…)


The next morning a group of us went out for a spin on Mark’s ski boat to do some wake boarding.  A few of us, including myself, got to try our hand.  I haven’t wakeboard since I was 21 weeks pregnant, so it was really enjoyable to get out there again.


Sloan loved being on the boat, as long as it was going full speed.  I’m still surprised she didn’t hate her life jacket.  She kept it on without a  single complaint. IMG_2839

Later we all loaded up in the various boats and made our way back to Antelope Point for some dinner at the marina’s pizza restaurant.  We all left with ice cream – even Sloan got her own min swirl cup.



By the time we made it back to our campsite, it was time to get Sloan bathed and ready for bed.  She had had a long day and was totally beat.


She was all smiles when it came to bath time. IMG_2807

I tucked her into bed and she was out within minutes – and continued to sleep through all of the excitement of our adult game night.


The next morning we started off with a jet ski ride to a shady spot nearby our campsite.  Despite Sloan’s expression, she loved every second.  Until we stopped.  She wanted to keep moving.  She has a need for speed, I guess.


Sloan and Zach also had a little swim sesh afterwards to cool off [Sunday was by far the hottest day].


We also got a family photo – with our whole crew – before Tony and Katie and their kids left to go home.  Can you believe we all survived with this many people?

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.07.47 PM

It got windy and overcast later in the afternoon – so I strapped Sloan in the Ergo and the three of us went on a little hike for a good view.


Soon it was time for dinner, Sloan’s bedtime routine, and her last sleep in her blow-up bear bed.  She went down like a champ.

The next morning, bright and early, we pushed off shore and headed back to the marina.  It took a couple of hours to drive back – so Sloan enjoyed the view and the wind in her hair while I packed us all up and organized all of our gear to return home.  We all got loaded up and started our way back home.


Sloan was fantastic all the way home – up until the last 20 minutes.  Poor thing had WAY too much iPad time and was sick and tired of the same episode of Daniel Tiger over and over again.

We all hit the sack early that night – even Zach and I were out before 9:30 pm.  Sloan must have missed her own bed, because I had to wake the poor girl up at 9:00 am the next morning!  All the fun and sun wiped her out.

We are so grateful for this tradition with the Hendersons.  Yes – it is a lot of work, but as always MORE fun.  Another successful Powell trip in the books.  Thank you Mark and Jeanene for all the memories!






Just Keep Swimming

It’s been a good week in this Hendo house.  We’ve been going hard – just taking in all that is summer before it’s gone.  I feel like these last few weeks have been packed with appointments.  We had lunch with my grandpa this week to celebrate his birthday [forgot to take any photos], lunch with my sister-in-laws and mother-in-law for two of my SIL’s birthdays [again, didn’t take a single snapshot], had endless park runs/Target runs/Cutler’s runs.  I had a night this week where I felt completely pooped – work stuff had been weighing heavy on me and I had committed to help some friends and family with various projects.  I bathed Sloan and while tidying her room I caught this photo of her, fresh out of the tub.  Wet towel hair, smiling as big as ever.  It made me so grateful to her.  She always makes me forget the trivial things.  She also helps remind me about the real joys in life.  I always put Sloan first, which means my work stuff usually gets pushed until the late hours of the night.  It makes it hard to get up bright and early, but she always gives me this same smile.  So big, her checks just might burst.  Geez, I love this little girl.  This photo is everything to me.

Processed with VSCO with 2 preset

Sloan had her swimming certification this week.  She had two tests to pass:  the “Fall in and Float” in her summer clothes and the same test, but in full winter clothes.  Megan, the sweet girl who passed her off, let me get in the pool and take these shots.  Sloan CRUSHED both tests and passed with flying colors. IMG_2501

My eyes welled up with tears when I saw her floating in her heavy winter clothes.  I’ve been so worried about staying on a house boat for 6 days in Lake Powell and in this moment my heart felt so much lighter…

Yes, it was expensive.  Yes, it was an incredible time commitment on everyone’s part.  But seeing her successfully pass her certification made every second and dollar worth it.  I am so very proud of her.

Friday evening we went out to dinner as a family at Ti Amo in Bountiful – Sloan and I’s first time.  One of Sloan’s weaknesses is margherita pizza, which she inherited from me.

I’d still give From Scratch, Pizzeria Limone, and Arella a higher grade – but definitely worth a try!  However, Sloan gave the gelato an A+, so the night out was a success.


Saturday Sloan and Zach had a daddy / daughter date at Marine Products where Zach purchased her a “toy” for our upcoming Lake Powell trip.  I spent the morning battling the crowds at Costco getting my list checked off for the trip.  To be honest, I have been hesitant from the beginning to let Sloan try and waterski, but when Zach gets passionate about something…there’s no changing his mind.  He practiced with her out on the grass and it went better than all three of us expected.  She has excellent balance, which she did NOT inherit from me… FullSizeRender-1Then, right before Sloan’s nap, we all made a quick trip to the local hardware store to get a custom “handle bar” made for said ski.  Sloan is obsessed and made me pull her around for 20+ carpet runs when she awoke from her nap. FullSizeRender

I still don’t think she’ll like skiing as much on the actual water as the grass and carpet, but I can’t wait to see her give it a shot!  Either way, I’ll be proud she even tried.  I didn’t successfully waterski until I was over 8 years old – so she’s already got me beat.

The countdown is on:  2.5 days until we hit the road for LP.  Please bless I pack everything we need to survive with a toddler on a floating house.



Our Fourth

We’ve been spending 90 percent of our time either outside or at the pool.  It’s the only way we stay cool – Sloan gets easily overheated just like I do – so it’s just our current routine.  Sloan is her happiest running around outside, especially on the grass.  Our neighbor’s cat, even though it occasionally breaches Sloan’s comfort zone, has become one of the highlights of her evenings.  I realllllly don’t like cats and need to get over my irrational distaste for them.  Cause it turns out my daughter has a soft spot for animals.  One day our pet store visits are just not going to cut it.

Our Fourth of July holiday started out with my Fotheringham side down in South Jordan.  We had a family lunch/swim party at my aunt’s brother’s house.  Lots of family showed up and it was fun to see everyone.  Sloan cruised around the pool and was happy as could be.  FullSizeRender

Afterwards we drove back to North Salt Lake so Sloan could take an afternoon nap and then made our way up to Farmington.  Zach’s brother Tony was having a Fourth of July Party/Farewell Keaton [Keato] Celebration.  My nephew left on July 6th to the MTC and the Fourth was a great way for the family to send him off.  It’s weird to think we won’t have Keato at Lake Powell with us this year in a few short weeks.  He’ll be a fantastic missionary and will bless the people of Milan immensely.


After the party we drove back home, put Sloan to bed, and Zach and I set camp on our roof to watch the fireworks.  Our neighbors put in some serious work and we had quite the show!

Thursday is Zach and I’s new date night.  I had a family baby shower to attend, but afterwards Zach picked me up from the shower in Centerville and we made our way downtown.  We had a bite to eat and then walked around Temple Square.  It made me ache for the days when we lived a block away from this exact spot – in our 700 sq ft apartment.  It got dark quickly, but we enjoyed the views of the temple as the sun went down.


Zach and I have been really into grilling the last few weeks.  A few days ago, Zach requested grilled shrimp kabobs one night for dinner.  So I found a recipe where you marinate the shrimp in pineapple salsa.  It was BOMB.  I already have plans to make it again this week.  IMG_2369

I’ve kind of hit a lull in my fitness routine lately.  I run occasionally with some weights sprinkled here and there.  But since finishing BBG I have been a total slacker.  I just decided to switch it up.  So I tried swimming this week.  I only swam 30 laps with a few breaks (I used to be able to do 40+ laps without a single rest) but it kicked my trash.  Zach snapped this photo of me walking into the bathroom after my swim sesh.  I couldn’t raise my shoulders higher than pictured below (notice my left one goes a little higher than my right…)swimming

I did get to try out my new fitness watch I purchased and I have to say, I am a Garmin convert!  I don’t know why I have never had one before this.

We went to dinner this week at Cubby’s, just the two of us, and to a movie at the Cinemark with the recliners.  We wore comfy clothes and even though the movie was sub par – just being together was enough of a success for me.


Sloan is killing nursery.  Honestly, it still kind of pains me to admit it.  She still doesn’t even give us a backward glance when we leave her in there every Sunday.  I couldn’t be more heartbroken and proud at the same time.  I feel like she has already grown leaps and bounds since starting her in there.IMG_2479Speaking of leaps and bounds – Sloan’s swimming skills have improved immensely – even this week alone.  She can float all by herself and can scoot off the edge of the pool, into the water, and onto her back in a floating position unassisted.  Nothing makes me more proud than watching her learn new skills.  My heart could burst every time she sticks that little tongue out of hers while concentrating really hard.

Sunday after church we played in the backyard until it was time for dinner at my parents’ house in Draper.  These two can look like the spitting image of each other if you catch them in the right moment.  It makes me laugh how alike they act sometimes.  two peas

One of the highlights of our summer (ok, mine, I’ll be honest) is only a few weeks away!  I can’t wait for Sloan to experience Lake Powell for her first time.  I’m praying she loves it even a fraction as much as I did growing up.  I better keep praying…

Summer So Far

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of the summer months.  I’m a total lightweight when it comes to high heat.  But Sloan has softened my heart towards all that is summer.  We spent every spare moment outside, mostly playing with Sloan’s new water table.  I could kiss whoever invited water tables right on the mouth.
FullSizeRender_1 We’ve been visiting the pool often, mostly to get Sloan more comfortable with the water when we go to Lake Powell with the Hendersons.  IMG_2233 IMG_2322 IMG_2323 She’s my daughter:  she loves accessories.  And summertime accessories especially.  If she’s not wearing sunglasses, she’s not about to have her after-nap snack.  FullSizeRender_2One of the first things we did when we got back from our family Eurotrip was to take Sloan to the Zoo.  I haven’t been to the Zoo in years.  Sloan was true to form:  she cared more about the other toddlers than any of the animals.



We’ve had a couple places on our list to try – one being Chronic Tacos in Sugarhouse.  It’s no Lonestar, but it was quite good!  Sloan gave her kid’s quesadilla an A+.

IMG_1915 IMG_1910

It doesn’t make sense, but I’ve been on a baking kick lately.  Zach calls it a “roll”…because I’ve made homemade bread 5 times over the course of a few weeks.  I found the most amazing recipe for Bowl Bread [because you bake it in two Pyrex bowls in the oven] and we all can’t get enough of it.


I even tried my hand at Cutler’s glazed sugar cookies.  They were good – but not as good as the real deal.  That’s because there is crack in Cutler’s sugar cookies.  Pure, unfiltered crack.


Summer makes me even lazier when it comes to cooking genuine meals for the three of us – but I’m hooked on a crockpot mango chicken taco recipe I found.  Just add chicken breasts and a container of Trader Joe’s frozen mango salsa and you’ve got dinner.

IMG_1974 IMG_1976

We also took Sloan to her first gymnastic class a few weeks at Flip’s in Bountiful.  It went ok.  Suffice to say that Sloan has enough energy to be a pro – but lacks discipline.  Her USA get-up totally killed it, though.


We got to visit Mimi and Papa a couple of Sundays ago.  Some of Sloan’s highlights were jumping on the tramp with Papa and completely covering herself and all her clothing in berry juices.  RIP to those white cut-off shorts…


Amongst all the family time, we had a great Father’s Day weekend.  We got to celebrate our #1 Dad up in Park City for the weekend.  We ate sushi for dinner [Sloan had her first taste of a California roll and didn’t hate it], tried our hand at bowling, put Sloan to bed, and used our monitor to go out on the deck and roast s’mores only 15 feet away from our room.


IMG_2319 IMG_2320

The next morning we woke up and went on a nearby hike.  The early hours meant the temps were lower and for a second it felt like it was still spring.


We spent the rest of the day up in Ogden with the Hendersons celebrating Mark and the other dad’s for an early Father’s Day BBQ.  Sloan basically set up camp at the little splash pad the entire time.


She is not quite ready for the mountain yet.  She doesn’t understand the concept of gravity WHATSOEVER.


We had a fantastic holiday on Sunday for Father’s Day.  Sloan gave Zach extra loves on his big day.


Sloan also went to nursery for the first time and didn’t even notice we left her.  Like didn’t even whine or turn her head to look at us as we walked out the door.  I was kind of bugged about it, I’ll be honest.  Sometimes a mom wants to feel needed – but I couldn’t have been more proud of her.  I tried to get a decent photo of us, but this was the longest she would sit still in my arms.


I loved peeking in on her through the tiny window in the door.  She was having the time of her life.  IMG_2316

We had Sunday dinner that evening at my aunt and uncle’s house.

We had a cluster of birthday’s to celebrate the last few weeks as well.  We went up to Ogden for our brother-in-law’s 40th birthday.  It was at Tona with all his family and friends, we were so glad to be able to attend.  His cake was incredible:  golf and sushi.  Kelly has great taste.


Later we went out to eat for my brother’s birthday at From Scratch.  Sloan loves Bubba, and chants his name on the daily.


And because my dad’s birthday was on Sunday, we had them both over to our house for Sunday dinner.  I made chocolate cake [more bread] and we ate a meal made up of almost 100 percent carbohydrates.  Sloan is my little baking assistant.  She loves to watch the mixer do it’s magic and usually assists me by rummaging through the drawers that she can reach into and tossing whatever the contents are at me.


I feel like I’ve missed a lot of what we have done the last few weeks.  I have a few new projects that I’ve been hired to do, which is always exciting and overwhelming, but we’re managing.  June has come and gone and July and August will fly even faster, I’m convinced.  We’re just doing all that we can to enjoy all the time together with family and friends.