Random Events

This week was full of random activities:  lunches, good news, and events…

Went to Sea Salt for a lunch date with my Mother-in-law and Sista-in-law

We got the OFFICIAL news that we have another newphew! (#22)  We couldn’t be happier for Lori, Travis, Lola, and Olive…and now WILL!  They got to bring him home on Wednesday.


Went to a long-time friend’s wedding – Congrats to Matt and Diana Tallman!

Ate Bueno bars and went to see an Oscar nominated film at the Broadway Theater


Put together a drawer unit from IKEA – truth be told I put it together incorrectly and then Zach had to put it BACK together correctly after I had a minor back injury.  Yes, I am serious.  I literally hurt my back putting together a freaking cabinet.  But it turned out solid and is a perfect home for all my sewing supplies.

Got myself some SICK neon work-out gear from Target

Attended the Stake Relief Society activity

Had a fun night in with Zach – loaded up on snacks from the gas station, ordered pizza, and watched movies

Sunday dinner with my family – Pesto Chicken with pasta

My Grandpa Bill gave me a sweet gift (along with all the ladies on my Mom’s side):  a framed handkerchief my grandmother embroidered before she got arthritis.  She passed away when I was in my early teens and she was crippled with arthritis for as long as I can remember, so the gift was rare in the fact that she actually hand stitched them.  She did one for every day of the week – and I got Sunday.  He is such a sweet, thoughtful man.

We made cookies at a friend’s house (a long tradition we participated in during my high school/college days) and got to see and visit with a lot of long lost friends and even cousins of mine!  So great to see them and get updated on all their new adventures.  I didn’t fare so well after – spoonfuls of cookie dough will do that to you on your way home.

Big Girls Don’t Cry

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Yesterday was…pretty hard.    So hard, in fact, that I cried at work.  Ugh.  I promised myself I would never cry in front of the men I work with, because it would only make me seem more like a…girl?  I have a lot of responsibility at my new job, and didn’t want my emotions to ever get in the way…but that is exactly what happened.  The stress of all my random assignments and responsibilities for work (and non-work related things) came ALL TOGETHER crashing down and I had an…overreaction.

I had Relief Society visits scheduled for later in the evening – but they were canceled.  So on my way home from work I ran all my random errands I had to and happened to drive past an art store.  I wanted to do something to take my mind of my horrific day – so I went inside the art store.  I left the art store with the biggest canvas they had on sale, a random assortment of acrylic paint, and two paint brushes.  I got home, washed all my smudged make-up off, and painted.  I had found a painting on Pinterest by one of my favorite artists recently and decided to give it a go…but added some neon paint in the mix.  I never thought art was therapeutic, until last night.  I guess because my kind of “art” requires a computer and a clunky mouse.

The finished product.

I know now what I am going to do the next time a bad day rolls around.


(Our newest addition to the V-Day Decor)

First, let me explain:  yes, I DID order a bomb.com gift for my husband for Valentine’s Day.  Then a week before the actual day, I got an email that my gift I ordered had been back ordered and wouldn’t arrive until two days AFTER V-Day.  FAIL!  Luckily I had a back up plan – Zach had asked for a particular sexy item a few weeks back, and I planned pick it up for him as a placeholder for his original gift.  I decided to stop at the store on my way home from work.  It was pretty busy so I rushed up and down the aisles looking for it.  I couldn’t spot it anywhere, but was determined to find it.  After 30 + minutes STILL searching, I buckled down and decided to ask an employee.  Of course the only available employee was a teenage boy.  JUST MY LUCK.  This was our conversation:

Katie:  “Hi, I am looking for the adult book section.”

Employee:  “Like what kind of adult books?”

Katie:  “I…guess…romance?  Maybe?”

Employee:  “Oh, like Twilight?”

Katie:  “NO! NOT like Twilight.  More in the relationship area.  Love and relationships maybe?”

Employee:  “I don’t know what you mean.”

When I finally said the piece of media out loud that I wanted, the poor kid got all red in the face and led me right to it.  So I picked the version I wanted (there are MANY) and went to check out.  This was my only item.  Suddenly, in fear of feeling awkward again, I grabbed a random item to purchase along with it so it wasn’t screaming out in the open what I was buying.  Both of the cashiers were men, obviously.  So I walk up to one of the men.  He scans my items and then looks at me.  He looks down at the items, then looks at me again.  REALLY?  Then he makes a totally inappropriate move and asks, “Sorry, but how old are you?”  It didn’t help that I was wearing a Jazz jersey that was to my knees and made me look 12 years old.  It got weird.

Regardless of THAT whole situation, I had something to give him on the day of V-Day and he rather liked it.

On the actual day, we did the usual and exchanged gifts/cards.  Zach always picks the best cards out for every holiday.  I got all dolled up and wore a black lace dress to work.  The entire day, the guys kept talking to me in a British accent.  They also asked what “business meeting” I was going to.  Very funny.  I don’t get it – the day I wear my Jazz jersey to work everyone says, “Oh, Katie you look so cute” or “Love your outfit today” but when I get ALL DOLLED UP…I get British accents.  Men.

After work, we went shopping (to kill time before our reservation) ate a delicious fancy meal at Spencers, and went to see The Vow.  I rather enjoyed it – but I think the teenage girl sitting near us enjoyed it more than we us – especially when she started having a “When Harry Met Sally” moment when Channing Tatum took his shirt off.

This my 5th Valentines with the love of my life…and even though we don’t do the typical routine, it’s pretty amazing every year!

I heart you Mr. Henderson.

Time Together

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Monday, family night, has been designated as a “Do a Random Project” night.  Zach usually hacks on the internet by my side as I work on a random task.  This particular Monday was making tassel earrings.  Super easy, and fancy…but I love anything with tassels, so I had to try them out.

Tuesday, my sister-in-laws came over for an Illustrator tutorial.  Zach even hooked up my laptop to the television downstairs so they could get a better idea of what was going on.  Hence, the laptop party in my family room.  The four and a half of us [you can see Charlie in the Bumbo] went over the basics, ate Junior Mints and popcorn, and visited.

Thursday I went out to dinner with some of my friends to my favorite Italian restaurant.  Always a good time, and the food was delicious.

Friday, Zach and I hit up sushi and a movie.  I bet the people at Tsunami were wondering where we had been.  The movie was lame (we tend to take turns picking, switching off each weekend) and Zach informed me next week was already decided – The Vow is on our hit list.  I was elated I didn’t have to beg him to take me.  I am not the typical girl when it comes to Valentines – I don’t desire flowers or jewelry, but mushy girly movies are something that he knows I love.

Saturday was spent running errands, church leadership training, spending some of my birthday dollas [see Jazz jersey + jewelry box + and colored Target denim below], and my niece Sammy’s baptism.  She looked darling and giggled as she emerged from the waters of the font.  It was SO sweet.  Zach and I decided to hit up Market Street for some clam chowder after the baptism.

Sunday, after church, we celebrated Camron’s 6th birthday.  My mom and I decided to take on the challenge of making his birthday cake – a lego cake to be exact.  I thought it would be a breeze…cake + marshmallows + frosting.  It was no ‘cake walk’.  The cakes were sticky, the marshmallows were squishy…but we did the best we could, and Camron was ECSTATIC.  He thanked me for making the biggest lego blue, his most favorite color.  So even though they look a little ghetto, it was the thought that ultimately counted.

I even got a sleepy cuddle session, so at least (for now) he thinks I am pretty cool.

I know I do a lot of random things during my week, insignificant things.  But the things that matter are the things that involve my family and friends – time spent together are the only times that really matter.

A Quarter of a Century

Every year, the Super Bowl corresponds with my birthday.  Luckily, for me, that means that I have a VERY happy and excited husband the week of my birthday.  Truth be told, he was checking Super Bowl ticket prices up until 4:00 pm Sunday afternoon.  Zach has this master plan (for when the 49ers make it to the Super Bowl) how to go to the Super Bowl the most economical way possible.  That would take a whole extra post to explain, so instead I will just get to the highlights of this last week.

Macaroni Grill with my family

Jazz vs. the Clippers later that night

The actual weekend was spent dining at Zach’s favorite, Benihana.

We decided to have a super last minute stay-cation after seeing a sweet deal for an overnight at the Grand America.  I wanted desperately to get away, but couldn’t get the time off work.  So instead, Zach went the extra mile and got me as far away as he could, without leaving at all.

Even though we were there for a very short period – we relaxed while reading our favorite magazines, Zach took hot baths with his favorite beverage, I pinned until I fell asleep….

We spent Saturday at our neighbors’ baptisms – which were incredible!  We also did some birthday shopping, attended Man on a Ledge…

tried on neon + leopard socks, grubbed at the OG, and prepped for the next days events.

Sunday after church we set off to the Classic Super Bowl party – hosted every year by my brother-in-law and sister-in-law.  We always eat too much and laugh hysterically at all the kiddos in seventh heaven skating their hearts out.  This year, the inflatables were a big hit as well.

Here’s Frankie and I hanging in the inflatables.  She knows exactly what to do when you hold a camera phone up to her face…

Charlie and I in Pirates’ Cove – watching the older kids slide and swing around.

We had such a fun week!  BUSY – but fun.  Thanks to all my friends and family for the text/calls/messages.  I am one lucky twenty-five-year-old.