Memorable Memorial [#32] [#2] [#13] [#11]

I think this week was a record breaker – FOUR items were checked off our 50 Days of SUMMER list!  Along with those four activities…

Hockey is in full swing in the Hendo home – ice and roller.  I went to Zach’s first roller hockey game of the season this week.  He may not be the biggest, but he is definitely the fastest.


I got a promotion at work!  Turns out all my hard work over the past few months has finally paid off, literally.  I wasn’t expecting a raise or a new job title, but I was grateful and happy to accept!  I am officially the new “Creative Director” – at least that’s what it says on my new business cards.  I don’t know exactly what that title means, but I know that I have a lot more responsibility…and accountability, which scares me.  My boss made a huge deal about my new title and now a lot of the guys at work salute me as they pass my office.  I have a lot of jokesters on my hands.

Friday we decided to cross off #32 – Stay overnight in Logan.  We took a mini road trip up to my alma mater!

Good music with DJ Zach [his experience as Classic’s DJ has really paid off], great conversation, and the scenery on the way to Logan really is gorgeous.  Zach is the perfect road trip buddy.

We stayed at our favorite spot, the new Marriott.  There wasn’t much to pick from in Logan before this baby came along!

While in Logan, we dined at our favorite restaurant, Le Nonne.  We both had the pear and gorgonzola penne – just as delicious as we remembered.

The next morning we went and picked up lunch to go at my favorite sandwich joint and bakery, Grist Mill.  Literally, there is something in their bread – something that keeps me coming back.  I crave this sketchy joint.

With our sack lunches we drove up to First Dam to accomplish #2 – Have a picnic.  The weather was perfect, overcast and cool.

There was even some wildlife…that eventually got a little too wild for my taste.

This devil duck [technically a goose] came out of nowhere and was circling our little picnic spot.  Zach wasn’t helping, by pestering the goose and occasionally throwing bits of bread at it.  I am not a fan of geese, by the way.  I got chased by one when I was a child – no lie!  Scarred me for life.

As soon as we started packing up our gear, it began to rain.  But the rain didn’t stop us on our next mission – to find our dream home.  Several years ago I found an article on a modern home in Cache Valley in one of my favorite design magazines.  I have wanted to see this home for years because I have been in LOVE.  Turns out Zach loves this home as much as I do, and with his secret skills, found the address of this said dream home.  We drove past….three times.  It was stalker status, but we didn’t care.  At least it is a house and not a person, right?  To stalk, I mean.

After our stalking session, we weren’t ready to go home – so we went to a movie!  Dark Shadows was strangely entertaining, and that Tim Burton…he just keeps getting weirder!

We then made the journey back home, and the views were to die for!

That night at home we tried out a new recipe – homemade ice cream using only bananas and peanut butter.

I can’t wait to make it again – next time, with Nutella!

Sunday we went to sacrament in my aunt and uncle’s ward to attend my cousin Carissa’s homecoming.  She did a fantastic job on her report, there wasn’t a dry eye in the whole place!  After the meeting we had a delicious dinner at their home, and Zach found my aunt Shawnie’s gardening hat.  It fit him a little TOO good.

Monday we checked off #13 – Eat at Ruth’s Diner.  I never tire of their biscuits.  It’s my favorite breakfast place…ever.

And to top it off, we decided to check off one more item, #11 – Spend a day in Park City.  We met up with my parents – my Mom and I killed it at the Outlets for their Memorial Day Sale while Zach and my Dad drove around and checked out the Olympic ski jump.

We had lunch on Main Street and then drove home to attend the Henderson Memorial Day BBQ at Zach’s uncle David’s house.  Have you ever seen two cuter swim bums in your life?!

We snacked, watched the kiddies jump off the diving board, and then decided to take a scenic drive around Bountiful.  As if we hadn’t spent enough time in the car between all our random activities.  I love riding in the car with my husband – we have serious conversations, sing loud to our favorite songs, and laugh at each other.  It was the perfect way to end our long holiday weekend.

Being married to your best friend definitely has it’s perks.  We had a perfect, activity-filled holiday weekend!  Now, here’s to a short work week!!!

The Battleship [#14] [#19]

I am so sick of the saying, “When it rains, it pours.”  I would be elated if I never heard that statement again.  This week, was undoubtably the most busy and stressful of my life this far, no joke.  I am working on a project that my co-workers and I have nicknamed “The Battleship” because of it’s sheer size and complexity, and was given an impossible deadline this week to complete it by myself.  I am relieved to say, that as of 6:45 am this Monday morning, I completed it on time and in full.  Maybe one day I will get to post it, but as of right now…I never want to see that stupid Battleship again.  Along with this seemingly impossible deadline, we had quite the busy week and weekend added atop.  Here comes the highlight reel…

Dinner at Market Street to celebrate Mothers’ Day with Jeanene [a day late] with all of the adults +

[Check out that TWA – teeny weeny afro – he’s got happening here!]

Attended Zach’s second ice hockey game of the season, and afterwards stayed up late making a tassel garland for a bridal shower coming up.

I love mint + coral together lately.

Went to dinner with some friends at Trio in Salt Lake.

My sweet co-worker, Josh, had a heart attack AT WORK.  It was so sad and scary, thank goodness we had someone able to take him to the hospital immediately.  He is only 53 [my Dad’s age] and is currently doing well and being healthy.  You can understand, however, how this only ADDED to my stressful deadline, considering I was now operating solo with NO production designer.  It was truly, the Perfect Storm.

Had stake Relief Society visits with some sisters in our ward – always a great experience.  I love my neighborhood!  NSL FO LIFE!

I finally found my assortment of gift cards!  After Christmas and our birthdays were over, we had both accumulated quite the gift card selection.  Around January I decided I would put them all in a ziplock bag (because they wouldn’t fit in my wallet) and we would use them as we seemed fit.  Turns out I lost that bag.  I lost that bag for nearly FOUR MONTHS!  This week, while cleaning out my car, I found them under that passenger seat! It was like Christmas and our birthdays all over again.  We decided to make our mission this weekend to spend some of them.

We had our monthly Relief Society Activity – Gardening, Canning, and Food Storage!  The ladies had a blast and everyone learned a lot.  I even tried a brownie made of black beans….very interesting!  I am sure glad [along with my sweet new coordinator] to have this month over.

Saw some long lost friends at a Baby Shower, it was great to see them!

Ate at our favorite Chinese joint, David’s Kitchen.

Bought a rare artifact.  Garret, a boy in our ward, was selling his artwork in our neighborhood.  I spotted the dinosaur head mounted on a gorgeous cardboard plaque and HAD to have it!  The asking price was $50, but I talked him down to $5.  Bargain shopper!

It later became our evening entertainment.  We hung it out the window and roared at people.  It never got old, surprisingly!

We had a lunch date at 9th Delicatessen in Salt Lake – Zach’s first time.

We completed number #19 on our list – see a double feature.  You know, where you sneak into a second movie. I am not going to lie, I was scared the entire time we were going to get caught. Some may deem this immoral, but the theater was more than half empty and we continually pay a fortune for popcorn! So it was like getting some of our money back. But we prevailed and checked it proudly off our list!  What to Expect When You’re Expecting was by FAR my favorite, Zach…did not enjoy it so much.

Took a trip to City Creek to spend some gift cards, and completed #14 on our 50 Days of SUMMER list, visit City Creek – multiple times.

My sweet friend Lisa [I did her wedding invitations and graduation announcements] sent me the sweetest thank you note and a gift card to “the Cheese” – Zach’s nickname for the Cheesecake Factory.  So we decided that night to dine accordingly.  Unfortunately, the wait at City Creek’s Cheese was unfathomable, so we decided to take our fourth drive of the day and dine at the Murray Cheese.  I even got Zach to venture into Crate and Barrel with me.

We spent a few more gift cards at Fashion Place and made the long drive home with over-stuffed stomachs.

Sunday was Stake Conference for us, which was wonderful and much needed.  It also made me realize how many minis we have in our stake.  There were a LOT of children in that one building at one time.

Sunday afternoon was my friend Kristina’s Bridal Shower, thrown by her friends [us] at the Allen household.  The food was divine, the games entertaining, and always a good time to be together!

Yikes!  I am glad I can look back on this last week and laugh, because as of yesterday it was not funny!  I was so frazzled all week, I forgot that this weekend is a holiday!  God bless America, and MEMORIAL DAY!  A big thank you to my husband, parents, and friends for keeping me sane – what would I do without you?


I am sure you have seen them around town…these gorgeous monogram necklaces made out of acrylic.

I’ve been wanting one of my own for WEEKS!  The only problem is, a custom acrylic monogram necklace is anywhere from $40-$80, depending on the size you get.  No freaking way was I going to spend $80 on a tiny piece of acrylic.  Then, miraculously, almost like my boss was seeing into my hopes and dreams, he purchased an laser cutter!  OUR OFFICE HAS A LASER CUTTER!  I instantly started thinking of all the things I could cut with that big, beautiful laser.  In my days in the Studio of the design program, I used to dream we had a laser cutter to help us in the process of creating our intensive models.  Now, I have one at my finger tips.  So guess what the first thing I did was….?

Made myself a monogram DIY necklace.  Several actually.

And for nearly a quarter of the cost!  Want your own customized monogram??  You know who to call!

Vegas Vacation [#17] and [#25]

The 50 Days of Summer has commenced!  We had originally planned to check off #18, #19, and possibly #37, but there was an abrupt change of plans.  Friday, Zach had been working late trying to charter a flight for one of his clients.  After all the arrangements were made, we set off for dinner at Arella.  At dinner, waiting to be seated, Zach had the idea to jump on the flight.  It was going empty to Las Vegas and back, so we went for it!  Just two stow-aways headed to Sin City.  While eating dinner we booked our hotel and dining reservations.  It was all done and decided in less than 30 minutes.  I’ve never done anything THAT spur of the moment before, it was pretty exciting!  So we checked off our list #17 – take a last minute trip.

The next morning, bright and early, we took off.

 We got to Las Vegas around 9:00 am and went straight to the hotel, Aria.  Since they wouldn’t let us check in that early, we ditched our bags and went to Fashion Show Mall – Zach was dying to go to Topman, and I was happy to go…to the mall!

After some deal hunting, and lunch at the Food Court, we got to go back to our hotel to check in.  We were both pleasantly surprised.  Our room was from outer space – literally.

Zach was ecstatic when he saw the shower/tub combo and I was mesmerized by the fact that you had complete control of your room from a touch pad – lighting, curtains, television.  It was like we were on a space ship.


We didn’t waste much time though, we got in our swim gear and ventured down to the pool.

Later that night we strolled on over to the Cosmopolitan for our dinner reservation at STK.  I had come here with my old co-workers while visiting for a convention last year, and convinced Zach to come along with me to try it for himself.  He loved it as much as I thought he would – but what man doesn’t like a good steak?

We spent the rest of the night exploring City Center and getting our mothers their Mothers’ Day gifts.  We also stayed up WAY too late watch sports recaps and the Kardashian marathon while eating gelato.


The next morning was spent at Caesars in the Forum Shops.  We had lunch, visited several stores, and even hit the tables in the casino for a bit.

We stopped in Nike and I spotted my athlete boyfriend, Alex Smith.  Just a quick hand-hold though, nothing serious.

Then we hit up the Blackjack tables, for my first time.  I’ve played slots before in Wendover, but never played at any of the tables.  Zach even briefed me on the rules, but when I was up, unfortunately the dealer would not stop laughing at me.  Apparently you are only supposed to touch the cards with ONE hand.  I basically got scolded my entire time, “Miss, touch your cards with only ONE HAND PLEASE.”  Zach was behind me laughing pretty much the entire time.

I left the table with my pride wounded and $7 in chips.  But I did get a free Diet Coke, so my frown was quickly turned upside down.  I totally understand why people love to gamble – it is pretty thrilling, but I was more excited about the free drinks than anything.

By then it was time to head to the airport to go back home.

We successfully completed #25 – A weekend in Vegas.

We arrived back in town just in time to head on over to the Fotheringham’s for Mother’s Day dinner – dutch oven chicken with lemon ice box cake for dessert.  My mom even made these darling candy bar treats for each lady [mothers and future mothers alike] with customized nutrition facts on the back.  She’s the cutest.

My mom has been my best friend for…ever.  I can tell her anything.  I call her every day.  She knows me so well, she can even tell if I have had a bad day just by hearing my “Hello” on the other end of the line.  I stop myself many times during my days and say, “Oh my…I am becoming JUST like my mother.”  Mostly, I laugh about it – but in all seriousness, I hope to be like her some day.  A fraction of her.  Her and my mother-in-law.  I look up to both of them so very much.  I have learned things from them that I want to implement into the lives of my children, and I look forward to becoming a mother myself in the future.  I love you Mom and Jeanene.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the moms in my life – grandmothers, aunts, cousins, friends, and future moms too!

50 Days of SUMMER

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I know – summer doesn’t start until June, officially.

But every year, like many people, Zach and I make a list of things we want to do during the warm summer months.  This year, we came up with exactly 50 things.  We have deemed it the “50 Days of summer”…



…and TODAY is the kick-off!

I apologize in advance if this little “list” takes over my blog and instagram.  Follow our #50daysofsummer at kplusz on instagram!

We are planning to do #18 today, and if we are lucky, #19 and #37 tomorrow.

We pinky promised – this will our BEST SUMMER YET!!!


DIY ’till I die

I think I get it from my Mother.  My refusal to buy something if I know I can make it for a better price.  And it doesn’t help I have an unhealthy obsession with anything neon lately.

On my lunch break on Monday I made a journey to the nearby Walmart and spotted three glorious colors of neon spray paint.  I wasn’t leaving without them.


I saw this necklace on Bauble a while ago (the top image) but didn’t want to pay the full price…so I decided to go get some supplies for our Family Night on Monday.  Jazz Game, dinner, and DIY Fashion projects.

I made the same necklace for $5 (the bottom image) – just some inexpensive chain from the craft store and some neon spray paint!  I had plenty of spray paint left, so I decided to spray an outdated necklace as well.

[Before and After – the color looks much better in person, BTW]

But I didn’t stop…

I sprayed little metal buckets, decorations for an upcoming shower, and a pair of old earrings.  And I even used some of my extra over-sized chain to make a bracelet.

I was on a DIY roll.

Along with my neon problem, I also have a Maxi skirt issue.  So, since I have a sewing machine now…I have no excuse for that not being my next project.  But to switch it up, I am going to try this tutorial – for an assymetrical maxi.

Wish me luck!  One thing I did NOT inherit from my mother was her sewing skillz.