Wedding Weekend [#22] [#15]

What is more exciting that one of your best friend’s weddings?  We’ve been anticipating this week/weekend since Kristina got engaged to Jesse.  It was so amazing to be apart of such a monumental event in their lives.  But there were a few things that happened before the big day…including checking off two items on our summer list.  In fact, I may be putting the cart before the horse, here…but we might need to add items to our list.  We are already making some serious progress and it is only the end of June.  Only time will tell…

Tuesday we decided to try out #22 – Have a tennis match.  There are a couple of courts up the street from our house and after Zach’s hockey practice we stopped by for an outdoor evening activity.  I had actually never played a real game of tennis before.  Sure, I’ve messed around with a racket, but never actually had a serious match.  Let me preface by saying that Zach is an excellent tennis player.  He took lessons when he was younger, so…he’s pretty legit.  He was a really patient and informative teacher.  I must say, I LOVED IT.  How have I missed out all of these years?  Tennis is my new favorite sport!

Speaking of new…I tried a new restaurant this week as well!  Actually, it wasn’t a restaurant, it was a market.  My co-worker, Josh, took me to the Japanese Market on Main Street for lunch.  I was not too excited when we pulled into the parking lot.  To be honest, I was completely sketched out and wanted to go back to Subway.  He convinced to me just walk in a take a look, and to be honest that didn’t help the cause.  Japanese markets have a funk to them that can’t be described and this one was extra funky.  But once I looked around, selected my sushi, and saw that they had homemade Ramen noodles…I was sold!  I guess you can’t judge a market by it’s outdoor sign.

The rest of the week was pretty much a blur.  Preparing and packing for the wedding took the majority of my nights after work.  Making table number cards, making place cards for each guest, finding my wedding shoes, having my dress altered and fitted…you get the idea.

Friday was the first event of the wedding weekend.  Kristina invited all of her bridesmaids to afternoon tea at the Grand America.  It was so beautiful…even the food was beautiful.  I might add that my Diet Coke was delicious.

The scones and clotted cream brought back memories of London.  It felt like London…except my Diet Coke had ice in it.  That’s a perfect London I would say.

Kristina gave us each a thoughtful and beautiful gift for being a part of her bridal party.  We are lucky to be her friends.

Keeping with the ‘wedding weekend’ theme, after our tea party I had to meet up with my brother and Zach for my cousin Shelby’s wedding in Bountiful.  It was great to see family and spend time with them!

After the reception Zach, Blake, and myself decided to go out to eat.  Zach and I had never been to Brio down at Fashion Place, so Blake drove us down there to try it out!

The boys talked business, as usual, the whole night…while I sat over on my corner of the table chowing on my bow tie pasta.  I was happy as a clam.  The food was amazing!  We stayed late, and then we all came over to our place for some TV time and chatting.

The next morning was spent running errands and packing our bags for the wedding.  We also tried a new snack, a twist on the chocolate covered strawberry.  Hulled strawberries filled with dark chocolate.  Much easier to eat than a chocolate covered strawberry.

Then we were off to Park City for Kristina’s big weekend!  We started out at the rehearsal for the ceremony at the St. Regis.  After practicing walking down the aisle with our escorts, we met up with our husbands/significant others for the rehearsal dinner at Reyes Adobe on Main Street.  The food was delicious and we had a great time roasting and toasting to our friends.

After the dinner, my friends’ husbands drove back to Salt Lake – Zach and I decided to get a hotel for the night so he stayed with me.  When their husbands left, they took their cars with them, so my friends had no mode of transportation for the rest of the night.  That meant that Zach was left to drive all five of us girls around all night.  This included a late night run for ice cream and tampons.  Like I’ve said a thousand times, he gets the Husband of the Year Award.  After a few hours of girl talk [Zach was also there] we retired to our own hotel.  We ended the night with a soak in the hot tub and a movie on our laptop.

The next day, to reward Zach for taking care of my friends and myself, I broke one of my ‘rules’ as a wife.  #15 – Breakfast in bed.  I am a mean wife and won’t let my husband eat in our bed.  But considering we were at a hotel, I made an exception.  I made him eggs on toast, one of his favorite breakfasts of all time.  He was in heaven.

After our breakfast, Zach dropped me off at the St. Regis with the rest of the girls to get ready in the Bridal Suite.  Have you ever seen 9 girls in one room getting ready for a wedding?  With only 4 mirrors?  It’s a hot, sticky mess.  Hot because of all the flat irons and curling irons.  Sticky because of all the freaking hairspray.


And lots of lipstick application.  Maybe 8-10 liptstick re-applications.

And waterfall braids.  Thanks to my girl Brittany S.  for the braid hook-up!  [There were two Britts in her Bridal Party].

Lots of hair teasing.

And my favorite moment of the entire wedding might be when my escort called Alison “the Albino”.  Yes, that happened.

All five of us [minus the bride] friends since the 7th Grade.  Even though so much has changed…everything still feels the exact same.

Alison’s skillz really paid off, being a stylist in New York and all, helping Kristina get ready.  We even had to pull off a wedding miracle with a little wedding dress mishap…but no biggie.  What are bridesmaids for, right?  Whitney A. [there were two Whits in her Bridal Party] did a really great job putting on Kristina’s shoes too…because she is a mom and all, you know, haha!

Then it was time for the ceremony.  It was beautiful.  It had been overcast all day long, and when they started to recite their vows to each other the sun peaked through the clouds.  Jesse [the groom] and his family are Jewish, so they were married under the hoopa and smashed the glass and everything!  I have a special place in my heart for Jewish traditions because of my Mom’s family that practices Judaism.  It was fun to hear the Rabbi bless the bread and sing his songs.  It was a really special ceremony full of tradition.

The dinner afterwards was so amazing.  I imagine nothing at the St. Regis isn’t amazing, though.  I helped Kristina do her place cards for all the guests.  Yes, I had to put a little cow, fish, and veggie on each card, people.  It took forever…but anything for my friend!

It kind of made me teary to see her card, “Mrs. Kristina Lapin.”  Tender.

We ate, danced…Zach even dance battled some random guy.  It got pretty crazy.

I am so happy for Kristina and Jesse.  I love my friend, and now she has married her best friend.  We love the Lapins!!!

Numero Uno

I guess last week was just way too much for us…because we only checked off ONE item on our summer list.  One…single solitary item.  We did have a lot of other fun things we did, fortunately!

We dined at the OG downtown.  It’s Zach’s favorite.  He claims that we had to have “Family Night” because “When you’re here…you’re family!”

We checked off the first item on our summer list, the long awaited #1 – SLC Farmers’ Market.  The market officially opened June 9th, but I was too nervous to go on the opening Saturday in fear of the crowds.  We went early and got all our items purchased before we had lunch.  The crowd was decent and the temperatures were perfect.  Zach got his tri tip, homemade tortilla chips, and a Snowie.  I picked up my favorite mango salsa, honey whole wheat bread, and fresh herbs.

Saturday afternoon we met up with the Hendersons to celebrate Fathers’ Day with Mark with some delicious Italian food in Ogden.  It was great to see all the family!

Saturday night Zach and I went to the Broadway Theater to watch Moonrise Kingdom.  The 10:00 PM show was sold out, so we decided to hang around and wait for the 11:00 PM showing.  We ended up forming a line and making friends with the people around us.  We played games like Desert Island and Your Last Meal until they started seating.

The movie was so creative and funny, we loved it!

Sunday came around and we celebrated Fathers’ Day.  I can already tell Zach is going to be a fantastic father.  He also makes really good light saber noises quietly during sacrament meeting.

I always make Zach whatever he wants for lunch on Sunday, and in honor of him being a future father, he requested Mac n’ Cheese paired with some homemade chips and salsa purchased from the Farmers’ Market the day before.  We really know how to class up Sunday lunch.

That afternoon we drove down to eat dinner with my family.  Sadly, my dad is still away on business in Wisconsin and couldn’t fly home for his holiday.  We definitely missed him, and it was even harder due to the fact that this was his first Fathers’ Day away from home and his first Fathers’ Day without his father.  Zach, Blake, and myself tried to FaceTime my Dad because he has a new iPhone, but it was too much technology for him to handle and we settled with singing and talking over the phone.

Before returning home we stopped in Magna to visit my Grandpa Ross and wish him a happy Fathers’ Day.  We discussed WWII documentaries and obnoxious teenagers who text too much.  This is his impression of people who “text”.  Yes, his eyes are crossed…and yes that is a topless sailor girl tattooed on his arm.

Happy Fathers’ Day to my Dad, father-in-law, all my uncles, and all the other men in my life who are fathers and fathers-to-be.  I think Zach is a fantastic husband.  I can’t wait to see him as a father.  Our children will be crazies.

The Big FIVE [#41] [#18] [#37] [#31] [#9]

Five items.  Five items checked off our 50 Days of SUMMER list.  [I knew it would consume our weekends, but I had no idea we would be having THIS much fun!]

Zach had an ice hockey game at the U and Zach’s parents came to watch with me! It was the most dramatic hockey game I’ve ever been to…Zach’s team’s goalie was ejected from the ice within the first two minutes of the game! So they had to play the remainder of the game with no goalie…which resulted in a loss for their team. We had fun visiting and watching Zach skate his heart out, though!

Zach and I had a lunch date at The Park Cafe. It was a bit chilly, so we opted to dine inside. The food was fantastic and we enjoyed a very rare week day lunch conversation. I hope to have more lunch dates with my husband in the future, but I fear that will only happen when I am not working.

I tried kale and wheatgrass shots. Or “green shots” as the healthy people call them. I am now sticking to green smoothies, much better than green shots. Several people asked me what it tasted like, and to be honest…it tasted like I went in my front yard, put my face down in my grass…and licked the grass. Like liking pure grass.

I went out to eat with some ladies in my neighborhood to Sawadee. Delicious as always, and we even had the mangoes and sticky rice for dessert!

[Glad I am not standing next to Trisha, Amazon Woman!]

I met up with my Logan/USU Design friends for a bite at the Blue Lemon at City Creek. I know…two nights in a row eating out with my friends. It was my first time and it was delicious! Not to mention I got to make a few quick stops on my way out at the shops at City Creek [trying to make a dent in the gift card selection that was recently rediscovered].

We went to Zach’s roller hockey championship game down in West Valley. They were victorious! Two years in a row of Zach being on a championship roller hockey team. I also got to hang out with my long lost sister-in-law [who is here from Philadelphia] and her family at the game, it is so nice to have them back for a while!

[Accepting their trophy!!!]

Us ladies accomplished a 50 Days of SUMMER item…#41 – Girls’ Craft Night! My aunt, cousins, and myself helped my mom do some projects for Girls’ Camp. It was so nice to see my cute cousins and chat with them.

[Don’t be jealous of my REO Speed Wagon shirt I borrowed from my Dad!]

We ordered pizza, talked, and tried delicious Jolly Rancher suckers my cousins made.

I even finished up my asymmetrical maxi skirt! My Aunt Patty let me borrow her supplies and I did it all by myself people. I can sew. Not GREAT, but I can sew.

I was in charge of our neighborhood Ice Cream Social at our splash pad. Just in time for the weather to get really warm again, too!  I wore my skirt and it was SO comfortable.  I am going to have to make another!

Yes, that’s almost 400 pieces of ice cream in our car. Zach also hung out with his baby BFF, Millie.

After the activity was over, Zach and I grabbed a bite to eat before his 10:00 pm ice hockey game down at the Oval. We accomplished #18 – Eat at Cucina Toscana.  Many of my friends had been telling me how incredible it was and we had been trying to go for months. Finally, it happened.

No lie, the food was some of the best I have had in Utah. The only thing we didn’t like about the whole experience…was the bill. Definitely not somewhere we could go too often, but I understand why people go there for special events and anniversaries!  I loved the atmosphere and how they plated your food right in front of you as well.  A large table next to use ordered fish, so the restaurant owner brought out the fish for the guests to see before he served it to them.  The whole cooked fish – eyes, skin, and all!  After dinner we went to Zach’s ice hockey game – they won by 4 goals!

We accomplished all of our Saturday errands in time to make an appointment for #37 – Get pedicures [both of us]. Zach was super skeptical but his feet needed it…bad. Hockey and Classic Water Slide injuries over the past few years have left him with some disgusting bruised and broken toenails.  He acted uncomfortable the whole time, but I know he loved it, secretly.

After our pedicures we decided to do #31 – Sushi and a Dollar Movie, just like old times when we were dating. We ate some amazing sushi at Tsunami in Sugarhouse and then watched an early flick.

We decided to walk around down town after – with a quick stop at the Green Ant and some other small boutique stores.

[Singing my favorite songs in his ear…all night long.  I don’t know how he puts up with me.]

We even ventured into the new Harmon’s at City Creek where we purchased ingredients for our Sunday Dinner.

Towards the later part of the night, we made a perfect compromise. I would watch the Pacquiao fight if he ran me to Coldstone for a “fight refreshment”. I can watch anything with a cup full of ice cream.

After church on Sunday we drove down to my parents’ house.  My dad is out of town on business for almost three weeks, so we decided to make my Mom and brother dinner.  Plus, it was crossing a FIFTH item off our list this weekend…#9 – Family BBQ.

We had kabobs, twice baked potatoes, Texas Roadhouse rolls, fruit, and my Grandpa’s homemade zucchini bread.  We ended the night visiting and lounging, too full to move.

Last year we barely put a dent in our summer list, and this year…we are taking it pretty seriously.  This weekend was a blast – can’t wait to see what next weekend brings!

A Mighty Ducks Miracle [#27]

This week’s events definitely put a damper on our summer list, but we still got one item checked off!  And we still did some fun things too:

Tuesday Zach had an ice hockey game up at the University of Utah.  They played an excellent team, and the time ran out with a tied score.  I really dislike ties.  All that work, to call it even?  Seems unfair.  So when the buzzer went off, the refs were discussing something.  As a joke, I yelled “Shoot-out!”  The two girls next to me were giving me dirty looks and one even informed me, “They only do shoot-outs in high school, not adult leagues.  They will call it a tie and we can all go home.”  But nothing was happening, the refs were still chatting and the players were just looking at each other.  Like I couldn’t be anymore obnoxious, I started chanting, “Shoot-out, shoot-out, shoot-out!”  Soon the opposing team fans were chanting with me, and then everybody was chanting…except the two bizzles giving me dirty looks…still.

To my surprise, the refs called for a three on three shoot-out!  The girls next to me kept saying, “They can’t be serious.  This isn’t high school!”  I, on the other hand, was completely ecstatic!  Three players were selected, but I couldn’t tell who.  Suddenly I got sick to my stomach thinking I did this to my poor husband if he got selected to be a part of the shoot-out.  The only experience I have with shoot-outs is from what I have seen on the Mighty Ducks anyway, and it was always INTENSE!  The first few players skated out and made their goals, and then the score was tied up.  Then, Zach skated out on the ice by himself.  Just him and the goalie.  I started TRIPPING OUT!  I was literally hanging over the guard rail (at Steiner you sit up on a balcony over the ice) and screaming my guts out.  Even under his helmet, I could tell Zach was embarrassed.  I was yelling ridiculous terminology that I had learned from my only resource (yes, Mighty Ducks again) like “Triple Deke!”  Zach made his goal!  He totally faked out the goalie and scored the last goal.  I lost it.  I was screaming and nearly fall off the balcony from fist-pumping into the air.  All the next team had to do, was miss their goal for our team to win.  Luckily, their last shooter choked and Zach won the game for the Vigilantes!  It was the highlight of my whole week [although I would have to say that it was Zach’s worst nightmare].  He definitely had the loudest and proudest wife in the crowd.

Wednesday I went to lunch with my friend Angie down town.  She came down from Ogden and we ate at 9th Deli.  It was such a nice break from the work day.  Thanks for the date, Ang!

Way back for my birthday Zach asked me what I wanted and I told him a popsicle maker!  So in February (when it is too cold to think about popsicles) I received my techie new ZOKU with future plans to make delicious pops!

Now, with the proper equipment, we accomplished #27 – Make our own popsicles.  We made pina colada with pineapple, coconut milk, banana, and vanilla.  Thank you Pinterest for this recipe!

Thursday I decided to try another recipe I found on Pinterest.  “Strawberry Candy” is basically dried strawberries, but not the gross crispy kind that are dehydrated, these babies are soft and chewy!  It was super easy, it just took three hours to actually dry the berries in the oven.  I also got to use my favorite kitchen gadget, the strawberry huller from my mother-in-law.  She gave all of us girls one last summer when we had our jam-making party and I have been in love with mine ever since.

The recipe calls for you to salt and pepper the sliced berries before you dry them…I would suggest NOT doing this.  Or maybe I just over-season everything?  Regardless…just go light on the salt and pep if you decide to season these babies.

It’s been an exciting week at work – my first booth I designed was fabricated in our factory in China and sent via boat back here to have a test set-up before the actually trade show this week.  It was so fun watching the guys put it all together.

It’s huge!  This picture doesn’t do it justice…and this is only a fraction of the whole assembly!

Friday night, after I got off work we met Zach’s brother and sister-in-law for dinner at Trio and Men in Black 3 at the Gateway.  We were actually in New York last year when they were filming this movie.  It was great to see them and catch up!

Saturday morning I caught a mean cold.  That’s what I get for saying, “I haven’t had a cold in years.”  It was like the universe was laughing in my face. All day Saturday I was so miserable I barely left my bed – once to do a batch of laundry and the other when Zach took me for a ride to get dinner.

Although we had to cancel our original plans, it actually felt good to stay in the whole day.  We haven’t done that once since we have moved into our home.  I did miss being outside, especially now that it finally feels like summer but it was great to be together.  We talked, ate dinner, and had a movie marathon.

Zach basically took care of me all weekend – no surprise there.  And it’s still no surprise that I am crazy about him.  Here’s to a healthier week to come!