Poor Self Protection Plan

 Two things I learned while Zach has been away:  Don’t watch Law & Order [Special Victims Unit] while alone at any time after 5 pm.  Rookie move on my part.  Also, if your car alarm goes off at 3 am while your husband is out of town – I still don’t know what triggered it – grab something on your way down to the garage other than a wire hanger to protect yourself.  Other than those two items of business, I did quite well while my husband was away.  Also, these things happened…

Family photos with dead elk – so precious!

FaceTime’n Zach whilst on a mountain top.

Dinner with my sister-in-laws [and this handsome devil] at Brio

Sushi at Sakana [thanks to another sweet Bride, Bree] for our Friday date night!

Bringing back my junior high/high school days at Jordan Landing for a late movie – we saw Cloud Atlas [well, the first 45 minutes of it] and left early pretty dissapointed.

Breakfast with family, including my Grandfather, at Eggs in the City (again) – the egg white breakfast burritos are killer

An early morning trip to Gateway for some essentials

We got all bundled up for the Utah Blackout Game – the Utes killed Cal.

Mile High Mud Pie with some friends at Red Robin until they “kicked us out”.

Sunday dinner with my DAD!  He’s finally home from Wisconsin after 5 weeks. 

Gone Hunting

I have a love/hate relationship with October.  My second favorite holiday – my least favorite season (hunting season, of course).  But here is how the week went down:

Monday we had Family Night with Zach’s parents.  We went to dinner [Kobe] and a movie – we saw Argo.  It was fantastic!  

Wednesday night we decided to take a journey to Scheels – we made a date of it, fast food and all.  It was our first time and I wanted to see what all the hype was about.

I must say, it lived up to all the chatter.  We looked at snowboarding gear, Ute wear, and spent a good 30 minutes in the North Face section.  We also explored the hunting gear to make sure Zach had all he needed for his big hunting trip.

Thursday was my last Relief Society activity – definitely bittersweet.  We had a Ghoul’s Night Out/Craft Session.  We had a decent turn-out, considering it was UEA weekend…and there were pumpkin cookies by the lovely Lindsey.

Friday Zach left to join the men in his family on their annual elk hunting trip in Montana.  I imagine they are eating like kings [Jeanene went along to cook for them], hunting all day, and watching sports all night.  The only images I have received from Zach are pictures of his guns in the grass.  So I don’t know how much “hunting” is really going on.  I do know for sure they have one elk, so no matter what – they come home winners, right?!

Saturday morning I took a drive up Emigration Canyon to meet some of my USU friends for breakfast at Ruth’s Diner.  The leaves are still around – it was gorgeous.

 It was the perfect fall morning – the weather was great, the leaves were falling around us, live music playing…and fantastic company.

 Later that night was the Fotheringham family Halloween Party.  There was a soup bar, candy, games, and a costume contest.

My cousin Trina [Army Chic], Mom [Biker Chic], and myself [nothing…but had a spider headband to borrow].  It was great to see everyone and their littles dressed in their adorable costumes.

The night ended really late with a Coldstone run and a sleep-over at my madre’s house.  My Dad is out of town as well – he has been in Wisconsin for 4 weeks, going on 5!  My mom is one tough lady, I couldn’t fathom going without Zach for more than a week.  Luckily Dad comes home this week and we are celebrating – the only way Fotheringhams know how – by going out to eat.

Sunday everyone came over to my parents’ house for our annual Halloween cookie decorating party.  We started with 10 people years ago, and as each year passes we add more families in the mix.  34 people joined us this year.  There literally wasn’t enough room inside the kitchen and dining room so we had to move the party outside into the garage.  Luckily, because my Dad designs and restores restaurants, he had three old restaurant booths in the garage.  The only time having three old, grubby booths in your garage will ever serve a good purpose.  This is about half of us…

I basically get assigned to mix the frosting colors every year – that is my task considering I can’t bake decent sugar cookies…

My cousin Ryanne has a boyfriend named Zac – we were both missing our Zac[h]s that night!

Our friend Ashley brought her newborn baby girl [SIX DAYS OLD] and my Grandmother would not let her go.

The night ended with a stomach ache from too much frosting [ironically I had to go to bed early to make it to my 7:00 am dentist appointment in the morning – not a good pre party to a dentist appointment, obviously] and watching the new episode of Downton Abbey in my bed.  Thank you Melinda!!

As for now – counting down the hours until I see Zach.

Rip-offs – Resolutions – Released.

The remainder of our week was kind of random, but here’s an update:

Work is great.  Not slowing down, not even one bit, but so good.  I feel so lucky to have this job.  We have a lot of big projects coming through, which makes my boss happy.  Happy enough to take me to lunch twice this week.  You’d think it would be weird for a 25-year-old woman to go out with her 48-year-old male boss, but I really enjoy his company.  It’s nice to be appreciated, especially by a bunch of hoodlum men.

Speaking of the guys at work – they have helped me form my New Years Resolution.  I know it’s early, but its kind of a bet/challenge.  You see…there’s this pipe that stretches across a hallway in the shop.  Every now and then the guys do chin-up competitions out there.  They L O V E it.  They think they are pretty hot stuff.  I laugh hysterically, and usually pull up a chair (or ladder) and watch.  They challenged me to do just one, and I couldn’t.  My legs just pretty much flailed the whole time.  In my defense, chin-ups are hard for women!!  We aren’t programmed with upper body strength, ok?!  But, they all decided that if I could do a chin-up, they would give me a cash prize.  I have decided this will be my goal – to do one, glorious, chin-up.  Then I will use all the money that I win (by proving them wrong) to buy chocolate.  Lots of Reeses’ eggs, perhaps.  Everyone has to have a dream, right?

We received an early Christmas present from my in-laws, we have Jazz tickets again this year!  We get to go to a few games, but are most excited for the Jazz vs. Lakers game!  I am so excited for basketball to start…

I had lunch with an old co-worker on Thursday – it was so great to catch up with her!  That is the thing I miss most about working at Peppertree, the people.

Thursday night Zach and I had a date at the Bountiful Temple.  It was much needed.

Saturday we cleaned out our closet.  We filled four garbage sacks full of clothes.  I hate getting rid of clothes.  As I was folding some old items Zach looked at an old green dress and said, “You can’t give that dress away!  You wore that on our first date, don’t you remember?”  How is it possible that he can’t remember to pay our utility bills, but he remembers in detail what I wore on our first date?  Another reason I am obsessed with him.  In an attempt to feel even a tiny fraction of comfort for getting rid of all those duds, we decided we would take them to Plato’s Closet to see if we could get any moolah for them.  What a rip off!  I walked out of there with a 20 dollar bill.  Zach, surprisingly, was ecstatic!  He kept talking about how getting rid of our gently used clothes would buy us brunch.  Brunch  has become a Saturday tradition for us.

We then went on an errand rampage!  After getting hosed at Plato’s we went to the Distribution Center, made a donation to the DI, printed some items off for church, went to the grocery store, and then finally went to brunch.  We decided to go to Eggs in the City – my first time!  It was amazing.  Zach built his own omelet [with a side of pancake] and I had this egg white, spinach, and avocado breakfast burrito – B O M B.

After checking off a few more items on my list, we were back at home getting ready for our night out.  We dined at Arella and then went and saw The Trouble with the Curve – you know, with JT and Clint Eastwood.  I got gelato for the movie – my favorite detail about the Centerville movie theater.

Sunday was an emotional day for me.  I, along with the other members of the Relief Society presidency, was released from my calling.  Everyone kept asking me if I was relieved.  To my surprise and to be completely honest, I was really sad.  We had the opportunity to bear our testimonies in Relief Society afterwards and I cried through the whole thing.  I am sad about the possibility of not being in Relief Society with the change of a new calling.  This was the hardest calling I have ever had, and by far the most rewarding.  I hope, that wherever I go in the church, the sisters of the Relief Society know how much I love them.  They made every second of work worth while for me, I adore them.  I also will miss the ladies that I served with.  One is moving to Logan, another has already moved to Colorado, and the rest of us will most likely end up in completely different auxiliaries in the church.  I hope I get the chance to work with them again one day…

Sunday night was spent preparing our Mexican feast – fajitas, spanish rice, homemade salsa and chips, and Zach’s favorite ice cream for dessert.  Don’t be fooled by the super classy dinnerware, this meal oozed class!  Watching Zach eat ice cream is like being punished.  It is literally excruciating.  He takes the teeny tiniest bites – it makes you want to shove a giant spoonful in his face!

We enjoyed the rest of the night watching football together.  I plan to spend all the time I can with him before he sets off on his big hunting trip in Montana.  Even if it takes him a week to eat a tiny pint of ice cream…please tell me I am not the only one who can pound a pint in on night?



Tuesday night I went with two friends, Chelsea and Melinda, for a “Ghoul’s Night Out” at Beyond Spa.  My sister-in-law always does such an amazing job on these creative spa packages she does – there was punch out of science beakers, caramel dip with apples, pumpkin cookies, chocolate-covered bat pretzels…

Not to mention the pumpkin foot soak and scrub!  It was so relaxing and fun to spend some time with those girls.  We need to do it again soon!

On a personal [slightly obsessed] note  ZARA Home is finally shipping to the US.  I have adored this shop from afar,  obviously obsessed with their clothing as well, knowing that I could never actually buy anything.  Now you can order their gorgeous products and have them shipped right to you!  You must check out at their website,  ZARA Home!

I also finished my last bits of Halloween Decor – I have now promised Zach that I am done, I think I pushed him over the edge…

I got the idea of the “Trick or Treat” “Smell my Feet” and the “Good to Eat” – over my candy bar – from Pinterest.  The “candy specimans” idea was from Martha Stewart, but did my own tags.  I know…there’s no candy in there.  Yet.

If you want to print out your own copy of the “Trick or Treat” signs, I have the two links below for all three!  All you need to do is to print them at 12×19 – I used Alphagraphics, they are my favorite (or an 11×17 if you don’t mind them a little smaller).

Trick or Treat-Smell my Feet

Good to Eat

I also made these plates for my family members [some large – some small], so easy to make!  We always give each other little bits of Halloween Decor each year, thus the reason I have accumulated so much…stuff.

 It feels good to have all my Halloween DIY Projects completed – and since we won’t be around for Thanksgiving I am already zoning in on Christmas Decor ideas!

I don’t have “time” to make my husband dinner every night, but I do have “time” to decorate or home every holiday…I know, pathetic.

Enter October

My favorite time of year – fall is here!  October – December are my absolute favorite.  We started off the new season with a crazy week.  Here is the breakdown:

Monday night I met up with some girls in our neighborhood to say goodbye to a neighbor and friend.  We met at Orange Leaf for some frozen yogurt.  I am going to miss Ashley so much!

Tuesday we met up with Zach’s family at the Salt Lake Temple to be a part of the sealing of my newest nephew, Will.  It was so special, and I’m so glad that he is stuck with us forever!  In true Henderson form, we met for dinner afterwards.  We grubbed at PF Changs with near 30 people.  Which means 8 orders of lettuce wraps.  Congrats to Lori and Trav, you have such a beautiful family!

Yes, this little guy is only 6 months old…[notice his kicks!]

His sisters were so darling in their white outfits!

Wednesday Zach and I decided to have a night out.  We went out to dinner and then rushed to catch a late movie – turns out nobody goes to movies on Wednesday nights…there were four people in the entire theater.

Thursday, HAZMAT was sent to our office to clean up the fortress on top of our fire escape.  Apparently a homeless man had made a cardboard structure up there and had made the place his home.  The crew was sent to clean up his….waste.  Pretty gnarly up there, that structure.  I kind of feel bad for the poor guy – he builds this killer home out of cardboard, probably wasn’t bothered one bit on our fire escape, had the shade of a giant tree…and then the po-lice came and ruined everything.

Speaking of work, we are pretty short handed in the design department around here.  I have been working like a mad woman to get all of our upcoming and perspective projects going.  My computers weren’t rendering as fast as I needed them to, so my boss upgraded me a machine so I could have four screens and render more efficiently.  We have named my office Quatro – I feel like Bruce Wayne in my high tech lair.  I’ve got a 42″ TV, a 24″ monitor, my 15″ lappy, and my original 32″ monitor.  One of those screens was used to watch Downton Abbey Season 3 while at work [thank you Melinda!!!] but my boss doesn’t care what I do or watch during work as long as I get my shizzle done.

Thursday night was the Utah vs. USC football game.  We had a great time with our friends and family, and even though the Utes didn’t win…I would say we still gave a them a pretty good show!

Friday after work, because we didn’t have a big enough dose of football already, we attended the USU vs. BYU game down in Provo.  I love to think that Zach really wanted to support the Aggies with me, but truth be told…I think he would go to any game opposing BYU and enjoy it.  He did, however, wear Aggie gear with me.

We made the journey down to Provo and couldn’t believe the traffic!

It was my first time in Cougar Stadium.  At half time Zach and I made our way to the concessions.  He got a Cougar Dog and I ordered a Diet Coke.  In all seriousness, I had no idea they only sold caffeine free beverages.  That did not bode well with me.  I asked if they had any regular Diet Coke and was pretty dramatic.  They all laughed in unison.  I thought I was being punk’d.

Needless to say, we both left the stadium dissapointed.  The Aggies lost by 3 points and I went without a DC for nearly 3 hours.

Saturday was much needed – we spent the day watching the sessions of Conference and getting a lot done at home.

I had my first experience with fresh, homemade peanut butter.  Why is everything homemade 10x better than store bought?

I finally put up our Halloween Decor.

This year we have a few new additions.  Pretty sure this thingy used to be a fondue server, but I spray painted it black and made it a “cauldron”…kind of.

I also completed a little Halloween DIY project I have wanted to do – a monogram pumpkin.  Probably the easiest Halloween craft on earth.

Later that evening, Zach set off for the Preisthood Session of Conference and I drove down to Taylorsville for a long time friend and USU roommate’s surprise birthday party.  Her sweet husband put everything together for her!  It was great to see some old friends and celebrate Kelli’s [belated] Birthday!

After the party I met up with some ladies in my family to do a Girls’ Night since all the men were still at Conference.

We dined at Applebee’s and then went to our “activity”.  My cousin Cassidy and I planned it and kept it a secret from my mother.  I knew that if she found out we were going to a Haunted House she would refuse to go.  As we pulled up, she had a mini spaz attack, but agreed to go in with us.  We went to the Castle of Chaos in Taylorsville.  After waiting in line amongst some pre-teens and high school sweethearts, we finally entered into the attraction.  My mother…screamed the entire time!  As we would make our way into each new segment of the house, she would duck/hide/burrow behind me.  The four of us held hands the entire time and I actually kicked one of the spooky empolyees.  The highlight was in the “insane asylum” portion, where we had to take a break in the corner because we were laughing so hard we though my mom would pee her pants.

After we exited, we made our way to Leatherby’s for some dessert.

 My mom always orders extra hot fudge, consumes the entire thing…and then gets on a crazy sugar high.

For example – we decided to stop at Harmon’s for some last minute purchases before returning home.  She started to get fussy.  She usually goes to be around 10, so it was way past her bed time.  She said she was “exhausted” and “didn’t want to walk anymore”.  So Cassidy, my Aunt, and I set off to get our items.  Two seconds later, she comes zooming down the aisle, laughing so hard she had tears streaming down her face…in this:

And Zach wonders where I get my “personality”….

 The remainder of the weekend was spent watching more sessions of conference, eating a delicous Sunday dinner at my Aunt’s house, and visiting with family and friends.

Conference was amazing.  It is by far the best way to offically kick-off the fall season!

Last Week of September

September flew by – I can’t believe it’s officially October!  This is how we spent the last week of our month:

We tried a new recipe – Baked Mini Chimis.  They were delicious.  So good that Zach didn’t even notice that they were made from ground turkey instead of ground beef.  They were fairly healthy, although Zach kind of defeated the whole purpose of our healthy meal by applying half the bag of shredded cheese on top.  All well, baby steps…

Our Wednesday nights just got better – The Challenge is back on television and we look forward to watching our friend Chet compete every week.  We are hoping he makes it all the way to the final challenge, we are rooting for him!

Our nephew Ben has a birthday in October and I got to design him a skateboard for his big day!  He is obsessed with Batman – so naturally that was the theme.

Our neighbors had their twin girls this week and I got to visit their parents and meet them on Friday.  Less than a week old, these little bundles couldn’t be more beautiful.  They have had such a long awaited arrival, and we are so glad they are here and healthy.

Zach left to go hunting with my family up at our cabin at Bear Lake, so Friday night I spent the night at a friend’s house helping her move.  She lives on my street and is one of my closest friends in our neighborhood.  I cried a bit as I wrapped shrink wrap around all her furniture.

I got to attend a friend’s baby shower and got to catch up with some friends I haven’t seen in months!

Saturday, after the shower, I drove up to Bear Lake to join my family for the hunting/crafting weekend.  The boys were hunting – the girls were Halloween crafting.  I feel like I could make the drive up to Logan/Bear Lake in my sleep, I’ve done it near 1,000 times.

The leaves through Sardine Canyon were incredible – it looked liked the mountainside was on fire!  I even stopped in Logan to grab a bite to eat – Grist Mill, obviously.

Driving the rest of the way through Logan Canyon, I witnessed the aftermath of a motorcycle crash.  It must have happened mere seconds before I turned the corner.  Luckily, nobody was critically injured, but it was so horrible and scary.  On an even stranger note…I also got stuck driving behind a man with a flat bed trailer that had a dead horse on it.  Literally the dead horse was tied down to the trailer and I had to stare at it for 30 + minutes.  Obviously the most gruesome drive to Bear Lake I’ve had….ever.  I finally made it to the cabin, just in time for dinner and to join craft central.

We made Halloween wreaths made of DI frames and yarn.

Sadly, the boys didn’t get their prize buck – but at least the girls scored hard core in the decor department.

Sunday was our nephew’s blessing – Will is officially part of the family and received a name and a blessing on Sunday.  He couldn’t be a happier and chunkier babe.  I adore him.

I am excited to get to witness this little guy get sealed to his family this week!

Farewell, September.  You’ve been so good to us.