She’s a Super Freak

Katie the freak show.  Yup, that’s me.  I wish I could say this week was normal, but alas…I have to be all weird and freakish.  First, our favorite FHE of 2013!

Monday night we had a combined Family Night with our friends / neighbors – the Reeds and Martineaus.  Nash, the Martineau’s little boy, has an obsession with helicopters and asked if they could stop by Classic’s hangar to see one.  We decided to make a night of it!

The boys got a big kick out of it and we even scored with having two mechanics working late so they could turn on the lights…because helicopters are much cooler with the gizmos and gadgets on, ya know.  These boys honestly melt my heart:

IMG_1327 IMG_1328 IMG_1329 IMG_1330 IMG_1331

It was so much fun – Zach and I enjoyed it as much as Nash and Crew did!  We love our neighbors, and loved spending FHE with them!

So…to explain myself a little…towards the end of last week I wasn’t feeling so hot.  I swear I have been sick more the past few months than I ever have been in my entire life.  I don’t do sick well:  I am one of those girls that refuses to take medicine – because I would rather “my body fight it off on its own”.  Because I am stupid like that.  Strange symptoms gradually starting popping up here and there and then hit me pretty heavy Monday and Tuesday of this week.  Tuesday on my lunch break I got so nauseated in Target that I had to sit down in the middle of a random aisle because the packages of Ziplock bags were swirling around me.  So embarrassing.  [To fast forward – things started to get worse as the week went on and I wasn’t feeling any better.]  I know what you are thinking – no I am not pregnant, but you better believe that I thought I was!  But that came back a negative, so I resorted to exploiting my resident brother-in-law to help my cause.  Turns out I had a bad reaction to a vaccination that I received last week – which explained the nausea, stomach aches, splitting headaches, dizziness…and a spooky rash.  Zach got the same vaccination, which is why I ruled this out at the beginning because he didn’t have a single symptom.  Those Hendersons.  They have bionic powers or something.  But me?  Looks like I won’t ever be getting another Tdap for the rest of my life and I’m totally OK with that.  Please bless I never get tetanus.  I tried to go on with my week as I would have normally – I even went to the gym three times and two out of those three times I had to sit my buns down on that gross squishy floor to let the dizziness pass.  But thanks to a lovely perscription [having an MD in the family is one of the most amazing blessings in the world] I am starting to feel better.  Thank you Dr. Henderson!!

In other news:  this week Zach and I spent some time looking at lots in North Salt Lake / Bountiful.  No, we’re not planning on purchasing one…we just like to dream about one day purchasing one.  We went from available lot to available lot – inspecting each one.  Zach is bound and determined to build our future skater children a skate park in our “future back yard”.  He would put one in our current back yard if there was ‘adequate room’.  We’ll see how that pans out…in the future.


This week in the mail I received an invitation I did for a cute girl I went to high school with.  She individually wrapped them in doilies and wrapped them with string – such a task!  Wedding invitations are so fun to receive in the mail when you become intimately acquainted with them through your computer.  She is having a vintage wedding, which explains the vintage paper look for her invites…


Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 10.45.40 AM

Speaking of design projects:  I finally finished our custom NYC subway map.  Last year I saw a blog where a woman had created a custom map for her 3-year-old son with all his favorite subway stops on it.  She framed it in his room.  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.  I decided it would be a fun way to record all our travel memories!  So I decided to tackle New York first.  I had plans to do Paris, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and London…but after the time spent on this New York map I know I will have to limit my list.  The Met took me F O R E V E R.  But we’re both excited to see it done and can’t wait to hang it in our bedroom.  Another addition to our map collection…


The weekend treated us well.  Friday we had a dinner and a movie date.  Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory at City Creek and a movie up in our neck of the woods.


I also made Zach stop at the Grand America while we were down town so I could grab a some macarons.  I have been craving them since we went to Paris in November and these are the best I have found in SLC.  Les Madeleines in Salt Lake has pretty good ones as well, but doesn’t have the selection that the Grand has.  The salted caramel are to die for [if you like macarons].  But beware…they are a little pricy.  Hence the reason only two were purchased.

IMG_1365 IMG_1363

Saturday we had a brunch date at the Park Cafe.  The whole city was buzzing.  Down town was packed and the Liberty Park was exploding with people!  It was so nice to sit outside in the amazing weather.  Zach never strays away from ordering French toast.


That night we had a double date with our friends the Treasures.  We dined at Ginza for sushi [first timers] and then returned to our house after for what we do best:  talking.  Talking forever.  Sometimes Angie and I talk so long that our husbands fall asleep.  Literally.  But before there was any sleeping we had some pie – to celebrate Jordan’s graduation on Friday from Weber State!  This Wildcat is going to be attending PA school soon, and we’re so happy for him!  They just can’t move too far away…


We love Gordo and Angie – always a good time with these two!

Sunday we made the trek up to Layton to attend baby Clark’s big day!  Zach’s brother Chad gave the sweetest blessing.  Benny [Clark’s older brother] and I got to cuddle with Clark for a while after the meeting.  Definitely the highlight of my Sunday afternoon.

photo 1

Sunday after we returned home from party central in Layton, we had our big Sunday dinner.  Zach had been asking for Surf N’ Turf night [thank you Jersey Shore] and that’s exactly what he got.  Hendo Surf N’ Turf night with delicious steak grilled by the “Crazy Legs” Grillmaster and fish broiled by yours truly.  We make a pretty good team when it comes to Hendo Surf N’ Turf Night.

photo 2

The weekend couldn’t have been better.  Friends, family, too much food, and dreamy weather.  We could get used to this.

Tragedies // Triumphs

Like everyone, I was glued to my computer / television on Monday.  I had two friends running in this year’s Boston Marathon – both were safe and unharmed, including their friends and families there to support them.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 1.05.44 PM

We had spent a lot of time that day watching the news coverage of the tragedy and when we got home we decided instead of watching more of the news or viewing social media, we would watch a movie in bed on my laptop for Family Night.  We decided on a French film based on an incredible, uplifting, and true story.  Just what we needed.


Tuesday, bright and early, Zach and I had our immunization appointments at the Davis Health Department.  Probably my least favorite place in Davis County.  It was, however, informative.  I guess.  We had actually reserved the appointment for both of us to get a Yellow Fever vaccination and that’s the only vaccination we didn’t get.  Apparently we didn’t need it…but we did both get updated Tetanus shots, Typhoid, and prescriptions for both antibiotics and anti-malaria medication.


Wednesday was not my favorite day at work + the Jazz lost their shot at the playoffs.  Zach ended up at hockey and I ended up scrubbing my floors and taking a bath.  I rarely bathe [to be honest, it kinda grosses me out] but sometimes you just have to light a candle, pop open a can of DC, and read a good book.  Zach knows the only two things that keep me sane after a rough day is a good cleaning and reading session.


Thursday after work my mother and I had plans to do a session at the Jordan River Temple.  My dad returned home from his business trip and decided to join us last minute.  I felt we all could use some spiritual uplift.


Too bad my recommend had been expired for TWO WEEKS so I wasn’t allowed in for our session!  Yes, my parents and I turned right back around and walked back to the car – my head hanging in shame.  We all were a little disappointed – and it was all my fault!  So we decided to go to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Taylorsville and eat our feelings – my brother even joined us!

Later at my parents’ home I got to open my Saved to be Sealed can.  Did anyone else ever do this as a 14-year-old in YW?  It was this project where you write down all the qualities you want in a husband and goals you want to accomplish in your future and then you are supposed to open your can when you are to be sealed in the temple.  I forgot to open mine – which was hidden in the back corner of my childhood closet.  My mom is doing this project with the girls in her YW soon and thought it would be the perfect time for me to open mine.


My ‘Picture Perfect Husband’…


Apparently my 14-year-old self really wanted these qualities in a spouse:


My favorite things?  1.  My use of gel pens  2.  “Loves Lake Powell/Boating”  3.  “Good driver (Boats & Cars)”  

Zach is in fact ALL of these things except two items on my list:  tall and handy/fixes things.  The tall thing is never going to change, but he has plenty of time to learn to be handy.  Wink wink.  We laughed about this for a good 30 minutes.  Also, apparently I wanted only two children which were to be named:  Keaton and McKenzie?  Also my dream colors for my wedding at that time were black and purple.  Apparently I was going through a dark phase or something…


This week I got some budding branches [from Trader Joe’s] and welcomed them to our dining room.  The buds are starting to bloom and it makes our whole house smell and feel like spring!


Friday Zach and I went out to sushi and a movie.  We usually go right before the rush, but were once again glued to our television with the stand-off of the second bomber in his boat hide out.  Once ‘the suspect was in custody’ we rushed over to Sugarhouse.  By the time we got there the wait to be seated for dinner was 45 minutes. We happened to see some friends already seated and decided to make it a double date!  It was so fun to chat and catch up with the Kimballs – thanks for letting us crash your party!


After dinner we went downtown for our flick.  We were a bit early for our showing so we walked around the little shops and galleries in the area that were still open.


Our favorite was a strange antique store with old hand painted metal signs and odd antler trophies.  We even stopped at the Waki Paki food truck.


We ended up enjoying our movie at the Broadway Theater [which has the BEST candy selection of any movie theater in Salt Lake] along with some European chocolate.

Saturday I had a bridal shower to celebrate a friend’s upcoming wedding down in Taylorsville, had a late lunch with Zach, and then watched our 4-week-old nephew, Clark.  I was a little nervous to watch such a new baby, but the majority of our time together went like this…


For the brief time that he was awake we read him poetry by Tupac Shakur…he was impartial.  Maybe he is more of a East Coast kinda guy and preferred Notorious B.I.G. instead?


We fed him his dinner…




and snuggled on aunt Katie and uncle Zach’s bed.  Clark loved our faux fur blanket [Zach calls it the Bear Blanket].


I could get used to cuddling a baby whilst getting a foot rub.

We had take-out for dinner and spent the rest of the night dancing in our kitchen and making banana splits.  Ya know, just a normal night in…


Sunday after church we had dinner at my aunt’s house with my family and then had dessert at our friends’ / neighbors’ home.  The Reeds not only treated us to apple crisp, but homemade Swig sugar cookies.  We loved spending our Sunday evening with the Reeds and the Martineaus!


When tragedies happen, it makes you realize how grateful you are for your loved ones.  Zach and I are lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives.

Lone Wolf Wife

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This weekend I was a lone wolf.  Normally I would say I have no problem being alone; I consider myself to be quite an independent person.  But this weekend seemed extra long considering Zach was out of town with his friends and my entire family was in Bear Lake.  But I kept myself busy over the weekend and got a lot accomplished.  First…some things that made my week:

While re-loading tray 1 at work I discovered my boss had purchased Dunder Mifflin Paper [by Quill].  It completely made my day.  It’s the little things that get me through the work.


To be completely honest, I have been in a rut lately with my health.  I’ve been eating healthy, exercising…and nothing is changing.  I think that’s the worst part about it – I seem to be doing the right drill, but nothing is happening.  Yes, I did have three chocolate chip cookies up at the cabin this weekend…but that’s not my point!  I decided this week I would eat super clean, exercise every single day, and see if anything happened.  Did you know that an average healthy weight for a 5’3″ female is 115 pounds?  Kill me now.  I found this food challenge on a health blog I read often, and have been following it religiously.  This better freaking work.


Tuesday I found out my husband was going on a golf trip with his friends.  So when my plans fell through for Wednesday night, Zach asked if I wanted to go out.  He took me on a “themed date”, if you will.  Dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant – Caffe Molisse [I always get the spaghettini pomodori – this time vegan, thank you food challenge – and it was still amazing].


He then took me to a movie at the ghetto theater in Salt Lake – where they were having a temporary showing of the Godfather [the original].  My husband knows me too well.  Gangster / mobster movies are my ultimate favorite and I have never seen the Godfather on the big screen – considering it came out in the 70’s.



Thursday night I helped Zach pack for his trip – which included mounds of laundry and went to his back-to-back roller hockey games at Hollywood Connection.  He plays on two different roller hockey teams and both teams won their games!  He scored multiple goals and had several assists.


Also, there was a mother with her five little children [there watching their father, I assume] and the youngest boy jumped off the metal bleacher seating and cut his leg.  Really  bad.  Blood oozing down his leg.  So the little boy’s older sister [mayyyyybe 9 years old] went into the restroom with him and helped him clean up.  He came out with brown paper towels wrapped around his wound and tied in a knot.  They sat right back down where they were before in the row in front of me, and continued watching.  Blood seeping through the brown paper towel bandage.  It was really distracting.


I continued on my clean meal quest the entire week.  My new favorite things from Trader Joes:  multigrain baguettes, “simply” roasted chicken, and their frozen herb packets.  Amazing. 


Friday after work Zach left for his golf // man trip // extravaganza.  Every time Zach leaves to go out of town I make a huge list of things to do to keep me busy…


Zach had been gone for four hours and I accomplished everything on my list.  Every single dumb thing.  I ran all my errands, stopped at City Creek, scheduled our appointments, did my chores around the house, I even framed my newest project for our bedroom:  quotes from some of my favorite notes, letters, and birthday cards from Zach.  Maybe a little sappy…but my husband’s sweet notes make my whole day.  So I decided to frame them in a gallery on our wall in our bedroom.  Don’t worry, none of our guests will have to see it…


Since I had no more items on my list, I ended my night with a run outside on the legacy trail and the Jazz game.


Saturday morning I had a freelance design consult down in Lehi for a new-build home.  I loved seeing all the darling new craftsman homes down in that area.  My dream has always been to build my own home from the ground up…but I am realizing dreams are really expensive.  Such a darling area with kiddies all over playing outside.


Meanwhile, in Entrada…Zach and his golf team won first place in their golf tournament!


I spent the rest of my night shopping at the Traverse Outlets and catching up on my favorite shows thanks to Apple TV [best gift ever…especially when your husband is out of town].


Sunday morning felt like spring.  The sun was shining through my bedroom windows so I spent the morning in my chair reading my stack of magazines, Pinteresting, and doing some research for an upcoming vacation.


Sunday after church Zach returned home.  I had prepared his favorite meal [roast chicken with carrots, potatoes, and gravy] so he would remember how much he had missed me.  My plan worked.


I went a little overboard.  Literally enough food for eight people and he was the only one eating it.  [I had chicken and brown rice – clean eating is super bland, by the way].  This is also the time I chose to tell him about a particular purchase I made at City Creek…he didn’t seem to mind with a mouth full of meat and gravy.


All is right in the world again.  Zach is home alive.  Am I the only wife who worries their husband will get injured, lost, or severely sunburned while they are away?  These are things you worry about when you have a fair-skinned husband.  Unlike Zach’s weekend [one word:  Mesquite] my weekend was quiet and low key – but I must say that my house is a little cleaner, more organized, and I am well rested for a big week ahead!  So glad to have him home again.

Conference Weekend // Easter Revisited

Our week leading up to conference weekend at the cabin was typical of Zach and I:  random and full of food.

Monday was drizzly and cold.  We went out for warm, greasy Chinese food and drove around looking at modern homes.  It’s this weird thing we do.


[My fortune tells me to ‘remember three months from this date – Good things are in store for you.’]


 We ended the night with chocolate shakes at In N’ Out.


New this week [for a little work update] one of my mall kiosks I designed was installed – always a relief to have a project built, delivered, and installed.  Now, on to the next one…


What’s new with Zach?  Well…he bought new roller blades for roller hockey.  Here he is googling how to “bake” his skates in the oven so they will mold to his feet better.  He was not happy when I told him he was not allowed to “bake” his skates in our oven.  You wouldn’t let him either if you would have seen what he did to a Tostino’s frozen pizza last week…


Friday after work Zach begged me to go to Market Street.  I told him we could go under one condition:  we went to IKEA first.  Zach despises IKEA.  He thinks the store is a joke and their products are horrible.  But I needed frames for a gallery wall in our hallway, and I don’t have any issues with IKEA…so we went.  Zach carried a pile of frames through the maze of the store and was a great sport.


Then we had dinner at Market Street.  At which my husband told me that I looked, and I quote, like a ‘high class ho’ with my hair braided around the side and back of my head.  He said I looked like Beyonce, to which normally I would be completely flattered because I am obsessed with her…but he was referring to my ‘ghetto hair’ and spiked necklace.


We planned to see a movie – “Parental Guidance” but I had heard from a friend it was awful, also Zach thought that Rick Moranis was in the film…and when I informed him it was Billy Crystal instead, we both decided we would go home and watch a movie.  Zach talked about Honey, I Shrunk the Kids all the way home.

Zach bought me a calendar I had wanted from Rifle Paper Co. for Christmas – but I didn’t want to actually use it as a calendar, I wanted to frame the gorgeous maps of my favorite cities for our hallways upstairs.  Hence the frames.  I thought I was being super creative until I read this post on this blog – she had the same idea.  She even used the same frames – no idea is sacred anymore thanks to blogs and Pinterest, I guess.



Saturday morning Zach and I packed for our over-nighter up at the Hendo cabin and then watched the first Saturday session of General Conference.  Since I have severe ADD, I watched while working on some sewing projects.  My sweet neighbor let me borrow her serger to fix a costume of ours and then I used it to skinny up some pairs of Zach’s old church pants.  We couldn’t believe the difference:  over 4″ off each leg was removed.  [Left is the fixed leg – right was the existing leg.]


I also finished my second maxi skirt with the help of my trusty Singer.  The material had been sitting in our office for almost a year – that’s why it was SO wrinkled.  Also, once ironed the asymmetrical part was much better, I promise.  I also altered a chambray top for summer, altered a peplum top, and so on.  I completed six projects while watching/listening to the first session.


After that first session was over we set off for the cabin.  We only made one stop on the way up there…at which Zach purchased a corn dog, a chicken strip, and two potato wedges.  How is he not 300 pounds!?  I want his metabolism.


We arrived just in time for the second session and watched it with Zach’s family.  Afterwards we ate dinner and then all the men went off to the Priesthood session.


The ladies and the kiddies watched movies, played games [almost 25 games of Tic-Tac-Toe on aunt Katie’s phone with Kate], and snuggled with baby Clark.





We had a late night and were up bright and early the next morning [technically the kids were up bright and early, Zach and I slept as long as long as possible] for breakfast.  Then it was time for one of my favorite traditions with the Hendersons:  the Easter Bunny visit and the egg hunt.  Zach’s mom had the bunny costume stored near the garage – so we got Zach all dressed up and he rode an ATV out in the trees.  Meanwhile, Mark [Zach’s dad] was handing out carrots to all the kidlets.  Mark told them if they waved their carrot in the wind the Easter Bunny might smell them and come visit us!  Sure enough…the Easter Bunny came zipping out of the tress on the 4-wheeler.  He even did a couple of tricks.






Then it was time to hop down to the basement for the egg hunt.



The kiddies searched for their eggs and when the hunt was over it was time for the bunny to go back into the woods.


After the Easter festivities and between the Sunday sessions we returned home.  Thank you Mark and Jeanene for such a fun and fantastic weekend!

We decided to make dinner at home and try out the new fancy rice maker my parents got me for my birthday – recommended by my darling Chinese co-worker.  It cooked our rice to PERFECTION!  [Zach is a rice snob and doesn’t like minute rice, he prefers a long grain white rice.]  We made Zach’s favorite – stir fry, and my favorite – brownie sundaes.




Conference was so wonderful.  I wish I could be this uplifted each weekend – it gave us such a fresh start for this week.  Even better to mix in holiday festivities and family.  Zach and I are very blessed.  Our religion, our families, and the moments we have with each other are the most important things in our lives.


It felt so nice to be out and about this week!  I quarantined myself last week from basically everybody while I was sick.  Even Zach created a barricade of pillows around me while we slept at night.  So glad that’s over with.  Luckily Because of the holiday we were able to spend lots of time with family and friends!

Zach and I went on a double date with our friends Whit and Tyler – including their son Maddox.  The love of my life, this child.  If my children could be as sweet and good as this little guy…

Ty and Whit will be having their second little guy in three months!  It’s a strange feeling for your friends to have babies…but even crazier when your friends have their second and THIRD child!  I love watching my closest friends become mothers.


I finally got some exercise this week – which was long overdue.  I even took another hip-hop class and brought my friend Whitney along.

We also are actively working on our yard [both front and back] for spring.  We hope to complete the landscaping in our back yard this season – we can’t wait!


At work I have been spending the majority of my time working on a new Proactiv mall kiosk.  It’s going really well [possibly the biggest job our company has ever had] and they sent me a lovely package in the mail this week:  over a year supply of Proactiv swag.  This picture doesn’t do it justice…there are two more towers of the stuff.



I am trying a new Spring Cleaning challenge – thank you Pinterest!  [There are technically only 34 items on my list, some of Pinterest’s suggestions didn’t apply to Zach and I].  Obviously the easiest ones I checked off my list first.  It’s going well, so far…


This weekend Zach and I finally got to visit our brand new nephew, Clark!  He is grandchild number 23 in the Henderson family.  Zach’s brother Chad and our sister-in-law Rachael had this beautiful babe last Monday and he couldn’t be more perfect.


When we left their home, Zach said to me “I liked that baby, he was nice.”  The baby slept the whole time, so I’m pretty sure that’s one of the many reasons he liked Clark so much.



After we had a date at Tona, again…we both are obsessed with the garlic edamame.


After dinner we met up with Zach’s dad at their Ogden hangar to check out some aircraft.  Zach was in heaven.


We ended our Friday night at the latest possible showing of the Host in Bountiful.  A very…unique movie – we both agreed.

Saturday was spent at [wait for it] Zach’s cousin’s wife’s baby shower.  It was fun to see family and visit.  After the shower my mother-in-law and I conveniently stopped at Nordstrom on the way home…because it was on the way home, ya know?  Zach was at the Spring Mobile park watching the Mariners play with my brother, so he didn’t miss me at all.

Later we met up for some Easter shopping [I don’t pick out too many of Zach’s clothes these days, he is getting picky in his old age] and dinner at Rodizio Grill.


We drove around the valley looking at landscaping, trying to hunt down my dream modern home [no luck, but we’re giving it another go later this week], and stopped at Sweet Tooth Fairy for some treats.


Sunday morning I made Zach ‘hunt’ for our Easter gear.  I promise the Panama hat is mine, Zach wouldn’t be caught dead in a hat that wasn’t sports affiliated.


Then we were off to church in our duds.  This is the best photo I could get of the two of us while using the self timer app on my iPhone.  All well…


This year the Hendersons decided to celebrate Easter a week later so we could all celebrate with our other sides of our families over the holiday.  Hence no bunny suit this weekend…but it’s definitely coming.

We spent Easter at my parents’ house – where we discovered the Easter Bunny had left us stadium chairs and delicious caramel-filled eggs.

We had tri tip, homemade rolls, pasta salad, and fresh fruit for dinner.


I made Cadbury Cake for dessert – which nearly sent my relatives into a sugar coma.  Sorry guys, it didn’t phase me at all.


We are excited to celebrate Easter next weekend with the Hendersons and get a visit from EB.

We are both so grateful for our loved ones and for our Savior.  We both feel so blessed to have such wonderful families and the gospel in our lives.  Hope you all had a bomb Easter!