Cabin Weekend in Causey

This week at work was the big unveiling of the Vivint Home Automation Kiosk we built.  We had about 50 people visiting to check out the finished product.  We even had a little spread to welcome them.  Turns out people from Vivint only like grapes and crackers…which left more cheese and cake for us.


We were all really pleased at how the kiosk turned out and the people at Vivint were just as excited!



Later that night I met my friends at Red Rock for dinner – our friend Alison was in town from New York and we wanted to spend as much time with her as possible before it was time for her to return home.  The five of us talked late into the night, passing around baby Jase, until the restaurant officially closed up.



I adore them.  We won’t be all together again until March and I am already looking forward to it, obviously.


This week I also got to dine out with two more friends, Chelsea and Melinda, in Ogden at Bistro 258.  We also stayed until the restaurant started closing up [I think the common denominator in this equation is ME…I just can’t help but be a chatter box, I guess].  I had so much fun, and we even managed to capture this one photo of all of us together before we started getting heckled by a homeless man.


Friday my whole family drove up to Zach’s family cabin up in Causey for the weekend.  It was perfect weather and we even saw the first signs of fall making its debut with some brightly colored yellow leaves.  We played games, stayed up late, went on 4-wheeling adventures, watched sports, and went on a few wild animal chases.



My heart explodes when I watch Zach interact with little Camron.  He’s going to be such a fantastic father one day.  He got Camron all geared up with his own 4-wheeler to ride.  Zach used to ride this beauty when he was 8 years old.  Looks like it still kinda fits…



Cam was in high heaven and rode that little machine until it couldn’t go any further.


Even my grandmother ventured out for an off-road adventure…





I had such a great time with my family and am so grateful for the Hendersons for sharing their gorgeous home in the mountains with us.  My family didn’t want to leave.

Zach and I drove down to Ogden on Sunday so that I could sing in Mark and Jeanene’s sacrament meeting.  Like always, I feel so accomplished and relieved when it is over.  We drove back home and I was greeted with the sweetest gift from a friend/neighbor for helping her with some baby shower invitations:  amazing body butter and some delicious and healthy chocolate muffins.  Thank you Dena!  It made my whole day.


What made Zach’s day, you might ask?  Being sent home from his mother’s house with a whole chocolate cake all to himself.  Zach rarely eats sweets, but he can dominate a massive piece of Jeanene’s chocolate cake like it’s nothing.  Besides, he did it while watching pre-season football…so….


There is just something about being in the mountains that can totally rejuvenate you.  Zach and I are ready and excited for this week, and looking forward to Labor Day weekend!

Birthdays and Babes

This week we celebrated our friend’s birthday at Lone Star Taqueria.  It was our first time.  I had heard amazing things about their fish tacos and they did not disappoint.  It was so fun to see Zach’s Sigma Chi friends and celebrate Dave’s birthday!



I’ve been working on a lot of fun projects lately.  Helping out my family and friends with their printed media is something I really enjoy, I wish I had more time for it.  I helped my friend Kristina with her new high-gloss black business cards.


Thursday we had our friends the Lynch’s over to our house for s’mores!  It was our first time using our fire table and we are happy to announce that there weren’t any glitches.  We love Whitney, Tyler, Maddox, and their newest addition:  baby Breaker!


Just two of the sweetest boys you ever will meet…


Saturday was full of errands but did include brunch at Eggs in the City.  The Mama Burrito is my favorite [ask for egg whites instead, it will rock your world.]

eggs in the city

We also went to a matinee movie – Jobs.  Incredibly inspiring and sad all at the same time.  Just goes to show that ‘people that are crazy enough to think they can change the world…actually do’.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 11.24.03 AM

We also had our first Serge Party.  Let’s not talk about how it took me three attempts to thread my serger for the first time, but rather how I refashioned my overalls with said serger.  Can’t wait to sport these once the weather starts cooling down.


I also received a piece I did for my friend Whitney in the mail – her baby announcement for her little man Jase!  We are so excited for the Allens: their newest addition couldn’t be more adorable.


Sunday we were lucky enough to see the Lynch family again for baby Breaker’s blessing.  He was an angel.  He even has customized kicks…


Whitney sure knows how to throw a party – thanks for inviting us!

We ended our Sunday with root beer floats at the Fotheringhams and watched our two favorite TV shows.  Summer [in my opinion] lasts until Labor Day for these Hendersons, so we plan on getting in a few more activities in on our summer list before we have to pull out the boots and sweaters.

Weekends Done Right

The week days seem to be flying by lately – I don’t know if it is because summer is coming to an end or if we are trying to spend as much time as possible enjoying what is left.  This weekend we spent our Friday night at one of the most gorgeous weddings I have ever attended.  Our friend Rose had her reception at the Grand America and we enjoyed some delicious food, dancing, and took advantage of the photo op.


She was the most stunning bride!  Dessert was macarons from the boutique bakery – strawberry and salted caramel, as usual.


Saturday morning was spent doing chores and anxiously awaiting our boating trip up to Pineview with the Treasures.  We met up in Ogden and then made our way to the reservoir to spend the afternoon.

Gordo, shredding on the wakeboard…


Me, taking the dip of shame…thank you Gordo for this glamorous photo.  We were only an hour into it before I had to pee.  But hey, when ya gotta go…you gotta go.


I didn’t just pee.  I surfed a bit…



…and tried to keep up with Gordo at his wakeboarding skills…


Ang, killing it on the surf board…



The lake was extremely crowded.  I was really grateful we had another experienced boater on board so that Zach could get pulled by a decent driver.  Gordo and Angie might get stuck with us boating every single trip if they keep up their helpfulness…


Zach dazzled us with his surf skills.


And since we both had already been in the water, Zach convinced me to attempt the double surf with him.  It has only been done [to our limited knowledge] by an adult and a child.  But since Zach and I are both small, he was convinced that we could do it together.  Does this look like the face of a trusting wife:


You bet!  We got up our first try and managed to cruise a bit while waving at the boaters passing by.



Gordo gave surfing a go as well.




We snacked, lounged, and talked until the sun went down.


We packed everything up and pulled the boat off the water so we could enjoy a late slice of pie at Lucky Slice.


We love the Treasures, and are so glad they are so willing to go along with our last minute weekend plans.  Thanks Angie and Jordan for being such fun boating buddies!

Sunday after church was spent dining at Mark and Jeanene’s for a summer feast.  After dinner we stopped by Classic Skating to celebrate our nephew Tommy’s 8th birthday!  It was great to see some family and visit with our nieces and nephews.


We hope to participate in a few more summer activities before fall arrives, but are looking forward to some cooler temps!  Fall will be welcomed with open arms.

Family Fun

Speaking of family…Monday for Family Night we went to a local nursery to look for plants to put in our planters.  Unfortunately, all the plants we were looking for were either sold out or “out of season”.  I guess our planters will be lonely until spring.  On the plus side:  there were bunnies.  Zach had a bunny named Oscar once, but it hopped away.  Literally.  So Zach has a soft spot in his heart for all the Oscars out there in the world…


Wednesday was the Zagg Golf Tournament up in Midway.  E2 sponsors the 8th hole, so my boss let his daughter Hayley, Darrah, and I man the event.  There was a contest to win awesome Jazz tickets, tons of food, and we even scored some great free gear!


We ended the day with a really late lunch at Tarahumara – fantastic Mexican food with an amazing salsa bar.

Friday night was Zach’s play-off ice hockey game at the Oval.  They were victorious and Zach is officially the highest scoring player in his entire adult league.


High-fives through the glass were well deserved:  I am his number one fan!


Saturday was a long day.  On my agenda for Saturday morning was to attempt my very first triple activity day.  I woke up way too early for a Saturday – swam at the South Davis Rec Center, rode my bike [actually Zach’s bike] up and down the Legacy Trail, and ran around my neighborhood.  I survived.  I now feel a little more confident about this whole thing coming up in September.  My only two goals are to: not drown and to finish.  The first is by far the most important of the two.

Around lunch time Zach and I made our way over to City Creek to check out the release of the new [kind of] Jordan’s.  Just call us Kim and Kanye:  we left with a pair for each of us.


After more Mexican food at the food court we drove home to meet my family at our neighborhood splash pad.  My cousins were in from San Diego and we decided to get together with the kids and have some fun.  We spent a good two + hours at the Foxboro North splash pad and then had a finale of Hot N’ Ready Pizza and some serious playground action.



Sunday my cousin Brady [Corporal Brady Fotheringham, to be exact] blessed his baby boy Cody at my Grandma’s ward in Magna.  Soooo many Fotheringhams came out to celebrate.  My Grandma shared the sweetest testimony during the meeting as well.  I wish I could have recorded it or written it down somehow.  We spent the rest of the afternoon eating lunch, Texas sheet cake, and going though old family photos.  We discovered that even though my brother doesn’t want to admit it, he is an identical clone of my father.  Photos from my Dad’s mission in England prove it.


Also, my mother weighed 98 pounds on her wedding day.  Is she even serious?  I haven’t weighed 98 pounds since middle school…so…there ya go.


It was great to see family that lives so far away and to spend so much time with the ones we are so lucky to have close!