A Bit of Vegas + Halloween Happenings

At the beginning of the week I went with Zach and some members of his family to Las Vegas for the NBAA Convention.  We flew there Thursday morning and while the men looked at jets all day – we explored the shops all day.  We hit up the Miracle Mile and then the Forum Shops at Caesar’s.  We didn’t meet up with the men until later for dinner at STK.



After dinner we walked the strip for a bit before heading back to our hotel to play a little 21.


Ironically the cheapest tables were in “The Pleasure Pit”:  a lovely little area of our hotel’s casino with live professional dancers.  How fortunate for Zach that the cheapest tables were located right in that central area?  We both had a pretty good time…until we started loosing.


We decided to quit while we were ahead [technically not ahead, but who’s counting?] and we walked to the Sugar Factory to get some ice cream cookie sandwiches.

ice cream sandwich

The next morning all of the ladies let the men return to the expo while we slept in.  We met up for lunch and then went shopping at Fashion Show Mall.


Our last stop was the Venetian.  Rachael wanted to pick up some of her favorite bath bombs and I convinced her we couldn’t leave without some macarons.  The pumpkin flavor was my favorite.


Later we met up with everyone for our dinner reservation at the Cosmopolitan.  We shopped a bit before it was time to eat.  Zach and I were particularly fond of the giant ice cream sandwich pillow.


We ate dinner at Milos – a Greek restaurant that was popular for it’s fresh fish.  Before you order from the menu you get to view the menu.  Our waiter took us on a tour of their fish market.




When you decide on the fish you will have cooked for you meal, you get to see the fish.  For your approval, I guess?  We felt a little guilty about the whole thing.  Meeting your main course before you eat it seemed a little barbaric.  So Zach and I gave him a name:  Peter.  The most delicious fish I’ve ever eaten…and known.


After dinner we had to rush over to the Belagio for our show.  We saw the Cirque du Soleil show, “O”.  It was the very first show I have ever seen is Las Vegas.  Since the entire production is preformed in [and above] a pool, it gave me a whole new respect for those who can dance, dive, and swim whilst performing.  It was pretty incredible.

O theatre

After we decided to explore the Belagio a bit.  They had put up all of their fall decor and the entire placed looked really festive.



We were only there for two days and had to return home early Thursday morning.  We loved spending time with Zach’s family and to experience the warmer weather for a bit.

The flight there and back was the perfect time for me to catch up on my reading.  I finished “THE FAULT IN OUR STARS” later that night after we had unpacked and settled in.  Definitely on my top 5 favorite books of all time.  Warning:  It’s a tear jerker.  


Friday we had a double date at Tona with Zach’s sister and brother-in-law.  Afterwards we went to see a movie at the Megaplex.

Saturday morning I went shopping with my mom, aunt, and cousin.  We were on a mission to find some new boots, but spent the majority of our time at Ulta.  Later that night we attended two Halloween parties.  I am pathetic and didn’t even manage to get one photo.  We had a fabulous time, though, and enjoyed seeing some of our friends!

After church on Sunday we had our annual Henderson Halloween party.  We all met up at Classic Skating to eat breadsticks and soup and carve pumpkins.



Most of the littles were more entertained by playing with baby Clark than finishing their pumpkin projects.



And some were more fascinated with the fact that their pajamas could glow in the dark…


After the carving had concluded Papa gave each grandchild a “ghost finder” aka finger flashlight to find the spook.  This year it wasn’t a friendly ghost.  They were assigned to find SKELETOR, a family-friendly skeleton who lives and haunts the rink.


Mimi and Papa led them on an expedition to find SKELETOR [stalling, mostly] and when they had searched the whole rink they decided to turn off all the lights and hope SKELETOR would find them.



SKELETOR emerged from the mini bowling alley with a bag full of treats!


The rules were that you had to dance [or skate] out to SKELETOR to Thriller to get your treat.  All of the younger kids were timid…with the exception of Georgia.  Nothing can phase those skillz…

Georgia and Skeletor

Sunday was also pretty exciting due to the fact that our ward was split.  I have mixed emotions.  Some of my closest friends will no longer be in the 7th Ward.  I am trying not to get too down about it, because I know that I will still see them considering we all live so close.  Also, Zach received a new calling:  Assistant Ward Clerk.  I haven’t officially been released yet, but I will miss being a ward missionary with Zach.  We can’t wait to see what happens with this little switch!

Only three days left until Halloween!  

Fall is for Family + Food (Cookies, Mostly)

Monday, I drove down to Provo to help Zach out with some work stuff.  I worked down at the airport for a couple of hours and felt that my hard work deserved a cookie on the way home.  I stopped in American Fork because I wanted to see how Slurp compared to Swig.  There was a line 9 cars deep, but I braved it for a sugar cookie.



In my opinion, which isn’t saying much, Swig takes the cake [or cookie] on this one.  I thought it would curb my cravings for their sugar cookies, but instead made me want one even more!

Since I am working from home now I have made an honest effort to make more of our meals.  We are also trying to eat on the healthier side [with the exception of the giant sugar cookie, obviously].  This week I tried a “one dish” meal, which has been added to our list of dinner favorites.  And I only had to clean one dish, so it was really a win for me!


In the middle of the week my dad dropped off my Christmas present from last year at our house.  He has been waiting on some parts to install it and when they arrived he decided he would get it all ready to install by dropping everything off at our house.  The perks of having your brother and father in the restaurant business is that you get sweet gifts like a commercial sink in your garage.  No more muddy shoes being tracked through the house.  Zach says it is a perfect place to rinse off his goat…when he gets one.


We later decided to switch it up and go to dinner and a movie, randomly.  Zach chose to dine at Noodles and Company and I got to chose to see Captain Phillips.


We both thought the movie was fantastic, although I admit it wasn’t the best decision on my part considering we are leaving for Africa in just over a month.  Truth:  I have had a nightmare about being kidnapped already.

Another exiting thing that happened this week is that one of my products was featured on Etsy!  Ok, it’s really not THAT exciting…but for someone who is new to this whole “selling things online” thing, it was pretty cool!

[My witch’s brew ingredient labels are in the bottom right corner]


Thursday my grandpa ended up in the hospital.  The poor guy can’t catch a break!  He’s had quite a long list of health problems lately and it was hard to see him lying in a hospital bed.  I went to visit him at IMC and showed up at the perfect time:  when he was trying to speak to a sweet nurse with a unique accent.  Grandpa thought the nurse would understand him better if he talked louder…and there was quite a bit of shouting.  It made my day, honestly.  It let me know he was back to himself after all the pain he has been feeling.


The end of the week my dad and brother spent in my garage installing my sink.  It was quite the task with all the plumbing they had to do, but I loved having them over and spending time with them.  Also, not surprising for anyone that knows him, my dad made a new friend!  I went on a run for an hour around my neighborhood and by the time I got back, there was another little helper working in my garage.  When I walked in my dad introduced me.  “This is Braden”, he said.  “He’s your neighbor and he’s been helping me out in your absence.  Braden, hand me that Allen wrench.”  I had never seen this child in my life!  The little guy followed my dad around for a good two hours.  And in case you are wondering, yes…his fly is down.



Blake and my father are the only people I know that will do manual labor in exchange for pumpkin cookies.  Seriously, they love them.  I cranked out a couple dozen to keep them happy while they slaved away.


They finally finished and in true “Fotheringham fashion”…they couldn’t do it half-way.  They had to go all out and install stainless steel flashing all the way up the wall.  Also, the giant commercial sprayer is taller than I am.


The weekend brought a surprise for me!  Zach planned the whole night.  Friday we ate dinner at Market Street and then he took me to Thriller!  I hadn’t even mentioned that I wanted to go, he just decided to take me on his own accord.  The guy really hates choreographed dancing, so I was completely shocked when he told me that is what we were doing.



I absolutely loved it!



And to reward Zach for sitting through a few hours of song and dance, he got his very own twist cone.


Saturday morning I had my first experience with Crossfit at Firehouse Fitness.  I have taken a Crossfit class before, but didn’t enjoy it very much at all.  I decided to give it a second chance and went along with a friend in my neighborhood.  The class kicked my trash, but I enjoyed being there and getting a work out in bright and early.  Later, as a reward for not puking in the class, I made Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’s apple pie caramel apples and got ready for the Fotheringham family Halloween party.

IMG_5223 copy

The part was down in Salt Lake and we had such a great time.  There was face painting…


…games of all kinds [that is my mother doing an impeccable leap over the finish line]…


My mom and I even won the mummy wrapping contest!  She was a champ and was voted “Most Likely to Last a Thousand Years”.


After the party we went over to some of Zach’s friends’ house to watch the Utah game.  It was pretty intense.  I love Zach’s friends.  They always have me busting up laughing the whole night.  The laughter ended, however, with the final score.  It was a sad drive home.


So we decided to treat ourselves to some cookie sundaes – a very thoughtful gift from a neighbor that I helped do some invitations.


Sunday after church we went to visit my grandpa.  He is finally home and on the up.  Afterwards we drove to my parents for dinner and cookie decorating.


Zach decorated two cookies and two cookies only.  One was a very happy pumpkin and the other…a ghost rap artist.


My brother, out of the kindness of his heart, decorated a cookie with a goat on it for Zach.


Everyone’s cookies were fantastic, but my dad trumped them all.  On the left [in the center] was a trout he decorated.  On the right is his “One-Eyed Witch”.  With a red dress.


As usual, we loved spending so much time with family this week.  I feel like October has flown by and I can’t wait to celebrate Halloween with our friends and families.  Hopefully we can eat a few less cookies this upcoming week…but I’m not holding myself to it!

The New & The Scary

A lot of new things happened this week.

Since the majority of the week was cold and rainy, we opted for soup.  Three times this week, actually.  Making some new soups were on my list of things to do this fall, but we always stick to what we know.  Turkey Taco Soup is our favorite.


And better late than never, I finally put up our Halloween decor!


Our newest addition is the floating witch hats.  I’m glad I procrastinated big time and have left those sticks up since last Christmas.  They have proven to be pretty useful over the last few months.





Zach and I also decided to experience Wild Game Fest at Rodizio Grill with my mom, brother, his girlfriend Brittany.  It was Zach and I’s first time.  I think the only item that truly weirded me out was the frog legs [pictured on the right]…


Work has been pretty exciting the last few weeks.  Among other projects, something new I am working on is a pre-training supplement line called Warrior Fuel.  I got to proof some of the foil labels I designed this week.  I can’t wait to see how the project turns out!


Speaking of trying new things…I met a friend [and old co-worker] for lunch in Salt Lake this week and experienced pho for the first time.  I can’t believe I have gone 26 years without trying it.  I am hooked!  I am making Zach go back with me some time this upcoming week, especially if it continues to rain the way it has been.


One of my favorite things the entire week was going out to dinner with a bunch of friends in my neighborhood to a [can you believe it] new restaurant in Farming Station.  The food at Twigs was awesome, as was the conversation.  I am so lucky to have the friends that I have made in our neighborhood.  I adore them.

Friday was dinner and a movie night for us.  We ate dinner at Trio before seeing a movie with our friends Chet and Danielle in Salt Lake.


Any movie with Justin Timberlake is enjoyable to me.  Just sayin’.

Saturday morning I met my grandma and mom at IHOP for breakfast before seeing the Saratov Approach.  Such an inspiring movie.  The kind of movie that makes you have faith in humanity again, if you know what I mean.  After the movie I forced my family to take Camron to the Touch-a-Truck event at Valley Fair Mall.  They had dump trucks, fire trucks, police cars, and even a helicopter.  I am pretty sure Cam enjoyed himself…


Later that afternoon was the Utah vs. Stanford game.  The weather was perfect and the game couldn’t have ended better!


The Utes really needed the win and we decided to celebrate after!


We opted for sushi at Tsunami and it really hit the spot.


The last new thing this week is that I finally got my website for my new business to the point where I feel I could tell people about it.  It’s not perfect, but it is slowly coming along.  My new business is called BASH Studio.  I am selling custom invitations, party printables, and other party decor.


I’ve got my business cards, a Facebook page, and even set up an Etsy Shop [with only 4 things, but ya know].  Like I said, slowly but surely.  I’m really excited…and scared…to see how it goes.  I’ve been doing this kind of stuff for years, but finally decided to do something about it.  Maybe I won’t sell one thing, but I won’t regret trying it!

So here’s to new (and really scary) things!

Conference + Fall Festivities

This week it was Zach’s turn to plan Family Night.  So you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that Monday we went snowboarding shopping…

…and had tacos for dinner at Lonestar Taqueria.  It’s all good though, because all my FHE plans involve ice cream.  I guess we are both pretty predictable.


It also won’t surprise you to hear that I made a list of things that Zach and I are going to do during this fall season.  One of these things was to make raspberry butter.   It was convenient that we had been to Bear Lake two weekends in a row where there was a raspberry stand around every bend.  I found a copy cat recipe online for Maddox’s flavored butter and we have been enjoying it on toast all week.



Zach I were lucky enough to score fantastic seats next to his sister and our brother-in-law for the Utah vs. UCLA football game.  It was cold and wet but it was a pretty exciting game.  Zach even made a new friend, who happened to love his choice of concessions:  a corn dog submerged in a bucket of stale popcorn.  He calls it the “combo meal”.


And because we didn’t get our football fix with just the Utah game, we decided to drive up to Logan for the Utah State vs. BYU game after Zach found some tickets for sale for a killer deal.  Sometimes being a procrastinator DOES pay off.  He purchased them from a 90-year-old man who told us “the crowd was just too rowdy for him these days”.  They were on the 5th row!  We ate dinner at our local favorite, Le Nonne, before the game and then rushed off to the stadium.





We were both heartbroken when Chuckie got injured.  My Aggie’s best chance at a winning season tore up his knee in the first quarter of the game.  Our fellow fans were irate and weren’t shy about it, either.  We didn’t score another touchdown after the incident and we left Romney Stadium pretty down.  We decided to pick up some Coldstone on our way back to our hotel to help ease the pain.  It helped.

The next morning I made Zach get up early to take a drive up Logan Canyon to see the leaves.



We listened to the morning session of conference and then afterwards ate lunch at a new Logan addition:  Hu Hot at the recommendation of some of our favorite friends.  Zach loved it because it reminded him of his hometown favorite, Lee’s Mongolian.  Thank you Mike and Lindsey!


We stopped at a few antique stores on the way out of town, fought the temptation to buy more raspberries, and then made our way back home.  Zach watched the second session of Saturday conference from the comfort of our sofa while I peeled and cored apples for my first homemade apple pie.  Another task on my fall list has been to make a pie completely from scratch.  Maybe not my brightest idea, I will admit.  It actually wasn’t that hard with the exception of the dough for the crust.  That was my least favorite part.


photo 1

I am pretty sure I had more flour in my hair than in the actual dough, but it turned out pretty good!  Yeah, she’s not the prettiest…but it is what is on the inside that counts.

photo 2

I drove down to my Mom’s house afterwards to go out to eat and see a flick with the ladies while the men were at the Priesthood Session.


We literally saw the worst possible movie:  Baggage Claim.  Please, for the love of all that is holy…do not go see this movie.  We should have known that with a plot of “a flight attendant looking to find love” it would have been a dud.  We sat through the whole thing, however.  Why?  Because my mother wanted to see if the girl ended up with the guy.  Spoiler alert:  SHE DOES!  I can’t believe we each wasted over $9 [movies are $9 dollars now!?] on that flick.

Afterwards we drove back to my mother’s to shove pie in our pie holes.

photo 3

Nobody hated it!  Even my brother approved…soooo….

Sunday was spent watching more of Conference in our pajamas, eating breakfast, and lounging.  We had Sunday dinner at my grandma’s house with my uncles and cousins and looked through more old family photos.  Oh the joy of those awkward phases in our childhood.  My mom really should have limited my Cool Ranch Doritos consumption.

Conference this weekend was pretty incredible.  It’s amazing what you can learn from such inspired messages.