Swiss Days and Such

Monday we made even more progress on the nursery.  I apologize.  I feel like I talk more about the nursery than I do about my pregnancy…

I hung up the bracket shelves I spray painted from IKEA and framed all of the prints – a few go on the shelves, and the rest for a gallery wall [surprise, surprise – I think I have a gallery wall in every single room in my home] that is going to go above her changing area.

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Our house is slowly turning into a baby’s home.  I have to smile when I see new “furniture” additions in different corners of our home…

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Tuesday was a day I have been waiting for for months.  Years, if I am being honest, but months for this specific date.  It was the Madewell Grand Opening at Fashion Place Mall.  My favorite store on the planet (with the exception of Zara, which has yet to come to Utah…please let that be next on the list, retail peeps).  I showed up 10 minutes before the doors officially opened and by some stroke of luck I was the last person in line to be handed a gift card!  I never win anything, so I was on cloud nine.  It pays to be a super fan, I guess…

photo 1

My friends Jenn and Chelsea met me there and it was so enjoyable that it required a picture outside of the doors, obviously.  I managed to have $50 on my mystery gift card!

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The rest of the week was crammed with work projects.  Since Zach and I were to leave over the weekend for a vacation which we have deemed our “babymoon”, I had to finish up a lot of work stuff and tie up some unfinished projects.  I was basically shut up in my little home office for three days – only taking a break to watch my dad paint the dressers to go in the nursery.  Long story short – I ordered two dressers from West Elm [with an incredible and generous discount from my sister-in-law] and I was told they were white.  Yes, I even called their distribution department and the lady swore up and down they were white.  The second dresser arrived Tuesday – they were both cream.  So my dad came over with his paint sprayer and repainted both dressers white.  He didn’t complain once – other than to tell me that buying brand new furniture and painting it is like purchasing a car off the lot and repainting it…but I love him for that.  He is right.  I just couldn’t put cream furniture in an all white room.  Call me a nursery narcissist…

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Once the dressers were painted we moved them upstairs so I could replace the hardware with brushed brass pulls.  If you ask me, it was a good call…

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Thursday I left for Park City to meet up with my sister-in-laws and mother-in-law for Swiss Days.  I stopped at the outlets before everyone made their way up.  I didn’t know at the time, but I would purchase more from the outlets than I did at Swiss Days.  We shared a room at the Montage for the night before waking up at the crack of dawn to hit the booths.  Luckily the beds at that place are like sleeping on a real cloud – because we only got like 4 hours total of shut eye.

My favorite items at Swiss Days were these darling wood signs from the Salty Buffalo booth.  My sister-in-laws purchased several.  I can’t wait to see them in their homes – mostly in the rooms of their kidlets.

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I purchased one item – a bib for baby girl.  We dined at our regular spot – the pizza and pasta place across the street from all the action.  It was a great (almost) 24 hours with the Hendo girls.  Thanks to the ladies who planned it all and made it all happen!


And to finish up another random post…I hit my 28 week mark – which means I am officially in my third trimester.  (Photo cred to my sister-in-law – filling in for Zach’s weekly dad duty).

28 weeks

(For the record, I am documenting personal things in a book – food cravings, “firsts”, weight gain, crazy pregnancy dreams…)

Just a couple of things I will say though – now that I have embraced pregnancy attire, the pregnancy leggings from Pea in the Pod are the best purchase I could have made.  I have 4 pairs – black, navy, grey, and another black pair – and they are all I want to wear.  I got them on a two-for-one sale and it has been my favorite purchase this entire pregnancy thus far.

I don’t sleep with a pregnancy pillow, just with my regular pillow still.  I have gained 11.5 pounds, don’t have any stretch marks (yet – knock on wood), and sleep great.  It is very rare that I get up in the middle of the night – but when I do, it is usually around 4 in the morning to use the restroom.

Movement has been so crazy lately.  She has moved up higher and has officially started kicking my ribs.  It doesn’t hurt terribly, but just surprises me more than anything each time.  I am still craving the same things – ice cream cones from McDonald’s and nectarines.  Zach doesn’t even ask anymore if I want to stop at McDonald’s when we are out on a date.  If he spots those golden arches, he immediately pulls through the drive through and gets me a cone.  No questions (or requests) needed.  I don’t have any food aversions at all.

I have been having Braxton Hicks, however.  The first couple of times they scared me to death, but now I know what they feel like and they don’t shock me anymore.  It isn’t painful, just feels like my belly turns to cement.  When they come on I usually take it easy for a bit, drink more water, and relax.

My belly button is still in, but is becoming smaller and smaller by the day.  I feel like life is pretty much the same pregnant as it was before I was pregnant – with the exception that I can’t sleep on my stomach.  That is the only thing I really miss.

At week 28 I am still running on the treadmill.  I can’t run outside, the heat is too much.  You can find me in our neighborhood clubhouse gym, running on the treadmill, with a fan going full blast.  I hope to continue running and lifting weights for as long as I can, but am not going to push myself too far.  At my 27 week appointment my doctor told me I could continue to run because when it was time for me to stop – I wouldn’t need to ask, I would just know.  She says my body will tell me and it won’t be questionable.  She’s cool like that.  I really like her.

So that’s it, pretty much.  I am trying to be better at documenting the typical pregnancy stuff, but I don’t want to bore anyone with my useless information or facts.  So that’s the best I will ever get to doing a pregnancy survey, I guess…

As for this week, Zach and I will be heading out of town for our make-shift babymoon.  Getting home just in time for my baby brother’s wedding.  Not ideal timing on Zach and I’s part, but sometimes you have to roll with what you’ve got schedule wise!

I’m gonna crush this third trimester business, bring it on! 

27 at 27

This week was project nursery.  Monday my parents came over after work and helped us paint.  Luckily I chose white for the walls and ultra white for the ceiling, so it wasn’t that difficult.  I bribed my parents with dinner at Cafe Rio as payment and they even stayed with us late cleaning up.  My Dad has been working at my brother’s new house non-stop for the last three weeks.  I know he was probably so sick and tired of painting, but he still came and helped us.  I am so grateful! 

Once the walls were painted I could get to work on some simple things on my own.  I hung book ledges and some other shelves by the time Zach got home from work on Tuesday.


Also, I scored at the killer sale and picked up two winter buntings for baby girl.  Since she is going to be born in the middle of winter I figure if we plan to escape the house at all, we better be prepared.  She definitely won’t be chilly…  Zach rolls his eyes constantly at me when it comes to this little lady’s wardrobe.

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I really haven’t craved anything this entire pregnancy (with the exception of Costco nectarines).  This week I had to eat my words because all I could think about was soft serve cones from McDonald’s.  I had one almost every day this week.  I figure it is better than hitting up Coldstone every day – on my wallet and on my calorie intake.  I looked at my online bank statement this week and couldn’t help but laugh at all the $1.08 charges…

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Speaking of sugar – I had my glucose test this week.  I chugged that Fruit Punch flavored drink and didn’t think it was that bad, honestly.  It tasted like a melted snow cone.  The baby is measuring right on track, heart beat was strong, and I got my results back.  I “passed with flying colors” says my amazing OB and my blood work looks good, too.  I was dreading the test and I have to say, it wasn’t that terrible at all.  I have drank worse things in my life…

The midget’s glider came this week as well.  We had to take off the door to the nursery to get it in there, but nonetheless it is in there now.  It’s my favorite piece of furniture thus far (as it should be – I am going to be spending a lot of time on that thing).  Zach also installed a reading sconce for me above the little reading/nursing corner.  Who knew I married an electrician?!

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Wednesday was my soon-to-be sister-in-law’s shower on my mom’s side of the family.  I helped with invitations and favors.

photo 3

My favorite part were the individual strawberry shortcake desserts in mason jars!

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 8.31.50 AM

So many people came and Britt was showered with so many fantastic gifts.  We have less than three weeks until the wedding day!

Also not pictured (why do we never get pictures?) was our neighborhood Girl’s Night at City Creek.  We dined at Brio and I dragged Jenn along to a few shops with me as well.  It was so fun to see these girls – they are always great dinner dates!

Something that also came later in the week that is totally non-essential but completely necessary in my opinion were the lights I ordered from Bright Lab.  They are a local company and make the most amazing light garlands.

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Zach came home to me stringing the lights.  He first thought they were for Christmas (prepping for Christmas in August is actually common for me) but when I informed him they were going to be decor in her room, he was puzzled.  He’s been worried our baby won’t be able to sleep due to the giant marquee letter and now a 24′ string of lights.

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He actually loved them once I got them all set up, however.  HE is the one eating his words now…

Over the weekend we saw the 100 Foot Journey,  dined with Zach’s parents at Market Street, made another very eventful trip to IKEA for some more baby swag, attended a viewing, went maternity clothes shopping, and had a date just the two of us out for a steak dinner.

This week (at 27 years old) I hit 27 weeks.  As I type this I am 7 months pregnant.  For some reason this week I felt really old.  I am one of the oldest people that I know having their first baby.  27 in Utah is like ancient when it comes to starting a family.  But Zach and I do things a little differently, which can be a good and bad thing, and this one we feel great about.  Maybe that’s why she came so fast – she had been waiting for Zach to knock me up all these years!

In terms of typical pregnancy symptoms/side effects I still have nothing to complain about.  I am still sleeping great at night, still not sick (knock on wood), and feel pretty normal – other than the fact that I have a belly full of cement.  This little nugget is compact.  My tummy is as hard as a rock.  For some reason I thought that it would be softer?

27 weeks

I have given up on my “rubber band pants trick” and have resorted to wearing either leggings or maternity pants. I was hoping I could continue to wear some of my regular pants, but to no avail.  I am officially in what Zach calls “EXPANDO BANDOS”.  Not the most attractive pants, but comfort is winning over style right now.

We are excited.  We are nervous, but way excited.  The earliest she could be here is 8 freaking weeks.  Let’s not talk about the latest…because my doc already scheduled my 41 week appointment and I have a feeling I might just make it to that appointment with baby still on board.  I don’t care how long she takes to make her debut – I just want a healthy little babe.

Babyland, BFFs, Baptisms, + Bear Lake

This week seemed like the busiest of the summer thus far.  At the beginning of the week my high school friends [including Alison all the way from NY] met up with our significant others for dinner at Alamexo.  After dinner we made our way over to Nostalgia for some treats and games – a puzzle, actually, which we made pretty good progress on.  My favorite people and puzzles.  What more could a girl want?

photo 3

I went thrifting this week.  I haven’t been for the longest time.  I miss my college days up at the Logan thrift stores with my thrifting buddies.  For some reason I have terrible luck at stores like TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack, but when it comes to Savers and the DI, I never leave empty handed.  I found a handful of items, but my favorite was this little bitty scarf for baby girl…

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Throughout the week I completed several items on my “to-do” list for the nursery.  One of the first (and easiest) was spraying some IKEA brackets for some shelves.

photo 1

I tested out several gold spray paints, trying to accomplish a brushed brass finish, and found Krylon’s Short Cuts to be my favorite.

photo 2

The last Sunday we spent at my parents’ house for dinner I found an old shoe rack that I used in my dorm room up at Utah State.  My mom practically loaded it in my car for us in an attempt to clean out her basement.  I cleaned it all up one night – I plan to use it for little midget shoes…

sloans shoes

Our master bedroom roman shades came months ago, but I’ve been so distracted with work and baby stuff that I haven’t had a chance to hang them.  I finally got them all mounted and adjusted.  Zach was completely surprised (and probably relieved) that I finished them myself and was impressed that I managed it with my growing belly in the way.

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I also painted the giant marquee S lamp we purchased for baby girl’s room.  I wore a mask, of course.  I didn’t want to asphyxiate my child ..

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I was going to paint it blue, then bright yellow, then citron.  It went back and forth so many times that I was starting to think that I was just going to paint it white and call it good.  I made a trip to Lowe’s to get the paint for the nursery and found this melon color.  It wasn’t coral, not salmon, but melon – the swatch pretty much levitated off the rack into my hands.  I guess it was meant to be…

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It was not a professional job by any means, but nothing in this nursery really is.  I was pleased how it ended up!

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I also started organizing her stuff.  Organizing her clothes and folding her blankets and such…

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Thursday of this week Zach and I attended our nieces’ baptisms.  All three of them turned eight within a couple of months, so my sister-in-laws decided to do a triple baptism.  I imagine it was so special for them, something they will never forget.  They all looked so adorable in their matching dresses…

triple baptism

We also got to attend the beautiful wedding of our friends Chet and Danielle.  It was such a gorgeous reception.  I also created their letterpress wedding invitations, complete with a pressed honeycomb pattern.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 8.31.34 PM

Immediately after their reception Zach and I had to make the drive to Bear Lake to meet up with my family (and our family friends) for our annual summer weekend.  But first, Zach begged me to stop at Noodles and Co. for some macaroni and cheese.  Turns out the mini glove box in his car makes a perfect tray table…


We spent all weekend up at the Fotheringham Cabin with the Caywoods, Swensons, and Websters.  We had so much fun lounging, playing on the beach, and being out on the boat.  Even Dax (two years old) did his share of wake boarding…

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.31.49 PM

We stayed up late, ate tons of unhealthy food, and enjoyed the scenery amongst great company.

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.33.38 PM

It was the perfect way to end my 26th week.  Since I am technically now 27 weeks – I have one more week left until I am in my third trimester.  Nothing new has happened this week other than she just continues to become more and more active.  I feel like I am on repeat when I say that, but it is true!  Every single morning she wakes me up around 6:30 – kicking and punching with all of her limbs.  I can feel her move in all four corners of my abdomen.  Sometimes it looks like a dog is shaking off inside of my belly.  My Google search history reads:  “Rapid fetus movement”  “Can babies have seizures in the womb?” “Do fetuses spasm in the womb?” – all within days of each other.  I know these next couple of months will fly by, so I am enjoying all this movement while I can.  Soon she will be out and I will be able to see what she has been doing inside of my gut each morning.

26 weeks

T-Minus 99 Days

Monday we celebrated a really late Father’s Day at Mark and Jeanene’s house.  Sean and Siri are still in town from Philidelphia and it was the perfect time to get everyone together to celebrate Mark.  In true Henderson fashion, there was swimming, eating, and competition.  Mark bought this WIPEOUT inspired rolling log that stretches over the pool and the older boys [or uncles, I guess] took advantage of a little brotherly challenge.  Sean won…but technically he is the farthest from the water [tallest] so I don’t know if that counts?


It hit me this week that I have 99 days (at the most) until this child graces us with her presence.  I feel like I still have a year’s worth of prepping to do, so I made myself a checklist week by week.  One of the items on my list was to clean out her future closet.  It was filled with Zach’s old mission stuff, Christmas decorations, and so forth.  In a box of Zach’s old things I found a book entitled “SPORTS CLIPS” with football players all over it.  Inside were a few baby photos of Zach – there are not many considering Zach was the 7th child and even his parents admit they were over documenting every detail of his childhood.  But these were absolute gems…

photo 1

The microwave photo is my favorite.  What child can fit into a microwave?!  Most likely my child, I guess…

photo 2

I got a little extra family time on Wednesday when I went up to Lori and Travis’ house to help them layout their basement.  The highlight was when Lola showed me her chicken, Carla Salad.  Yes, she named the chicken herself.  Carla. Salad.  Carla Salad likes to swing, apparently…

photo 4

Friday was my night to pick the movie for our date night.  Zach picked Tepanyaki for dinner and then we went to the AMC in Layton with the reclining seats where we saw Ninja Turtles!  It was totally cheesy, but I loved it.  But I’ve had a love for the TMNT since childhood.

photo 2 copy

Saturday Zach had two bachelor parties to attend – my brother’s and his friend Chet’s.  He was literally gone all day and night.  This left my mom and I to attend my cousin’s shower out in Magna.  I about died at the diaper cake…which was a diaper motorcycle, actually.  It would make more sense if you knew that all my cousins from Magna rode hogs with giant ape hanger handle bars…  I am related to the Sons of Anarchy, basically.

photo 3

We ended our wicked awesome Saturday night with a crazy time at IKEA.  I got all the items on my checklist for the nursery.  We met up with my Aunt for dinner at Noodles and Co. where the majority of the meal went like this…

photo 4

Who let these two have smart phones?!

We ran a few more errands, including a stop to the Nike Outlet Store, before returning home to assemble some Swedish nonsense.

photo 2 copy 2

Sunday after church we had dinner at the Fotheringham’s.  After dinner my dad mentioned casually that he had a metal detector and Zach overheard.  This resulted into digging said detector out of storage and having an expedition in the back yard.  They were out there for over an hour.  I ventured out after about 45 minutes to find them DIGGING in the grass.  Zach couldn’t stop laughing.

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Their spoils were 53 cents and a screw.  An eventful Sunday, if you ask us.

25 weeks – 99 days to go!

25 weeks

6 Months

This week was jam-packed with family and friends.  So much, in fact, that I totally failed at taking adequate pictures of all that went on.

I have been working on a lot of fun work projects lately.  One that was released just this last week was a new supplement product I have been working on all the graphic design on.  Along with all the other supplements that Warrior Fuel Supplements creates, we have been working on a new BCAA product.  It is so fun to see the labels in some local gyms!

photo 1

I think one of the questions I get the most whilst pregnant is “what are you craving”?  Besides peanut butter Oreos, I can’t get through a whole day without a nectarine.  It has become a daily treat for me.  My mother-in-law picks them up by the crate for me at Costco.  Zach caught this blissful moment one day on his way out to work…

photo 2

Wednesday all the girls in the Hendo family met at Hearth on 25th Street in Ogden for dinner.  Even our sister-in-law Siri is in town from Philly.  It was fun to have all of us in one place.  I wouldn’t recommend Hearth…it was my choice (I saw that they had won some dining awards in a food magazine) but we were all kind of bummed with our entrees.  The truffle fries, though, were a hit!

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 8.24.16 AM

Friday Zach and I went out with our friends Angie and Gordo.  We went to dinner at Trio and then saw a movie at the Tower.  Both Angie and Zach made friends.  Angie, with Gary…

photo 1

Zach, with a raptor in someone’s front yard…

photo 2

Saturday we had my future sister-in-law’s shower at my house.  It was thrown by our Fotheringham extended family.  I totally failed by taking zero pictures of the decor.  But at least we had a great group and Brittany got so me killer gifts!  We are so excited for my brother.  Our family is literally doubling this year!

Blake and Britt

Sunday we went to a sweet baby blessing of our friends and neighbors.  Lindsey and Mike blessed Tagg and it was one of the sweetest blessing I have ever heard!  It made me super excited for baby girl to get her wiggly self here.

Speaking of baby…this child is all out!  This week my bump feels like it has doubled in size.  I don’t know if she had a growth spurt or what, but she has grown significantly this week.  Also, another milestone for me, was feeling her move.  Not just jabs and kicks, but actual fluid movements.  I can feel her rotating around or swinging her arms (or legs?  I don’t know which?) across my belly.  She also likes to bunch up all on one side of my abdomen!

24 weeks

We are working on some major baby stuff as well:  planning a baby moon, scheduling maternity photos, and getting our last big items for her nursery.  I know I have 3+ months left…but you never know when these bambinos decide to show up.  We’ll be ready for her!