Food // Full Term // Fall Festivities

This week my nesting has escalated to a whole new level!  Pregnancy has taught me more than I would have ever thought it would.  I have always known I was a planner, that’s beyond obvious.  But the thought of not knowing when baby will come is kind of unsettling.  So, in my own twisted way, being as prepared as possible is my way of planning and having some sort of control over my situation.  Because when she shows up and how she shows up is totally NOT up to me.  So, amongst a few other things, I made some more freezer meals / treats.  First I did some smoothie packets [I did this whilst training for the Bear Lake Brawl and loved using them] with spinach, avocado, and apples.  I don’t want to have any excuses when it comes to eating healthy after she comes.  Besides, I wanna be a pro breastfeeder and know that good nutrition is huge.  So we’ll see how this whole thing goes!

smoothie packets

Tuesday morning I dragged myself to the gym.  It didn’t end up being a total waste, though because I ran a 5K!  I planned to run 2 miles and just kept going.  I was so thrilled when I saw the number on the treadmill that I started to cry.  This has happened before, obviously, but not to this extent.  I think BAWLING would be a better description for my reaction.  Instantly, within a minute, I had two ladies on either side of the treadmill asking if everything was alright.  An older woman that I see often around that time of day was very concerned.  She wanted to know if she should call my husband (or 911) to come and get me.  It was super sweet.  Super embarrassing, but super sweet.  They both laughed when they found out that I was crying out of pure joy for accomplishing one of my pregnancy goals.


During the run I felt great, but afterwards my stomach turned to complete concrete!  It was the most intense Braxton Hicks contraction I have had thus far.  I took it easy for the rest of the day working from home on my laptop.  Zach also left Tuesday to go to a jet convention in Florida.  I made dinner for myself some of the nights he was gone and made a double batch of everything to freeze.  Chicken enchiladas, taco soup, homemade basil pasta sauce (I discovered if I cooked a whole crap load of angel hair pasta – al dente – all I have to do is add the sauce packets to it in a pan and it is the easiest pasta dish eva!)…

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I also made a new healthy white cheese and spinach macaroni bake – which Zach will probably hate – but it’s worth a try!

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The night Zach left I had a little progression as far as the pregnancy goes.  A few weeks prior I had gone to Walmart and purchased an old-person bed protector.  Zach and I are super obsessed with our mattress and the thought of pregnancy juice soaked all up in it when my water breaks makes me cringe.  I had a weird feeling to put it on my mattress when I changed the sheets on Wednesday night.  A few hours later I had a super glam pre-term labor sign in which NOBODY cares about other than myself because it means I am only getting closer to meeting this nugget.  My water didn’t break, but it could be on the verge as of now.  Zach called me from his hotel and I told him what happened.  He contemplated coming home, just in case, but I encouraged him to stay as planned until Friday.  It could still be days (or weeks?) before anything else progresses further.  Luckily I had an appointment with my OB Friday where I could get a little more insight…

Wednesday was Activity Days.  We had a Halloween Party and made spooky treats:  eyeballs, witch hats, and witch brooms.  The girls got to take the left-over treat supplies home, which I think they liked better than actually making the treats.

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Afterwards I drove down to Taylorsville to have dinner with my parents.  My brother even came over to visit with us on his way home from duck hunting.  We made a game plan in case my labor signs progressed while Zach was still gone.  If I started to have contractions and it was night time my parents would drive me to the hospital.  If it happened during the day time, my brother would drive me to the hospital because his work warehouse is 10 minutes away from my home.  It was so cute to see how excited they all were about my progress.  Even during the prayer where we blessed our meal, my dad prayed that the babe would be safe and all would be well with her.  When we all opened our eyes my parents were both crying their eyes out.  We all can’t wait to meet her!

The rest of the week I kept myself distracted by finishing up some work projects and deep cleaning the house.  I also got to go to dinner to celebrate my friend Jenn’s birthday with her and Lindsey.  The three of us went to Macaroni Grill and did a little shopping at Fashion Place.  A month late, but regardless…we loved celebrating with Jenn!  She is wonderful and deserves a fantastic belated birthday.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 10.23.21 PM

Friday I had my OB appointment first thing in the morning and didn’t really know what to expect.  I am not dilated yet but this babe is LOW.  As soon as she checked me my doc said, “Well there’s the baby’s head, I am touching it right now.”  I couldn’t believe it!  So no standard progress, but at least the baby is settled down into position.  My doc also is making me get another growth ultrasound.  This request didn’t make me as nervous as the first one.  They weighed and measured me like they do at every appointment and my belly hadn’t grown since the week prior.  I am not measuring on track, so I’m being sent back.  But I am not worried because I know baby girl is lodged deep back in me – I can tell by her kicks!  I am excited to see her on screen again.  Usually people don’t get to have as many ultrasounds as we have had, so I am feeling grateful.

I was super relieved when Zach got home Friday.  We spent the rest of the night together doing baby errands, getting food to go, and watching football and a movie back at home.  I wanted to take it easy considering we had a crazy day on Saturday.

Along with all the baby stuff happening I have wanted to be super prepared for Christmas this year.  I have been asking Zach what he has wanted for Christmas this year and he would only keep repeating himself, “snowboard gear”.  So Saturday we went out for fish tacos [surprise, surprise] and went and did some Christmas shopping for him and other family members.

photo 1

Later, Zach also got all the items done on my list for him for around the house.  Poor guy.  He hates going to Lowe’s, but we needed some filters replaced and other little jobs done before she comes.  I finished deep cleaning the house while he was working away.

Then we were off to the Utah Blackout Game!  We went out to eat beforehand down town and then made our way up to the stadium with the hoards of people.  I must admit – I gave Zach such a hard time for purchasing these season tickets this year because I knew I would be 8 months pregnant when the season started and I thought it would be a total waste.  BUT these seats are so great [and seats really do beat the bleachers that we have been sitting on for the past 3 years] and I will never doubt him again!

photo 2


It was an intense game!  The crowd was going crazy and baby girl was getting just as rowdy inside of my belly.  I don’t know if the noise was getting her all riled up or if it was my stress/excitement of the last quarter making her go nuts.  Either way, she endured her first of many future Blackout games and we left with a victory!

Sunday after church was our annual Henderson Halloween Party at Classic Skating in Layton.  There was soup in pumpkin bread bowls, pumpkin carving…

photo 1

…and a visit from Skeletor – aka uncle Zach.

photo 4

The lights went down and Skeletor emerged from behind the video games on a scooter.  Then there was a breakdancing contest with all the kiddos.  Some are still terrified of Skeletor, but others got really into it.  Especially Georgia.

photo 3

Awards were also given out for the pumpkin carving contest.  Best eyelashes, most colorful, and so on…

photo 2

We loved spending the night with the Hendersons at our annual Halloween Party.  Zach and I didn’t carve pumpkins.  We figured this was the last year we could get away with not doing them.  Next year we’ll have a one-year-old that will get to experience all that is a Hendo Halloween.

36 weeks and feeling great!  As I type this I am technically 37 weeks, like always – I am a week behind, but that means I am full term!  A friend of mine from high school and his wife were due on the same exact day as I was.  She had her baby earlier in the week.  My sister-in-law, Siri, had her baby on Saturday [Henderson grandchild #24] and both mom and babe are doing great.  I feel so blessed to have been able to carry this baby girl until she reached full term.  I have heard my share of scary situations lately and am just thankful she stayed in until her dad got home from his convention across the country.  We will take her whenever she is ready.  Be it at 37 weeks or 40+ weeks…we’re game!

36 weeks

Every Day I’m Swaddlin’

This week we took our last perinatal class at the University of Utah Hospital.  It was a basic labor and birth / infant care class.  We went through the stages of labor, coping and breathing techniques, and the finale for me was watching Zach swaddle a baby doll.


I didn’t hate the pressure points that we were shown to counteract labor pains.  I really didn’t hate massage techniques, also…

We finished the night at Pizzeria Limone discussing our game plan.  I am grateful we have driven to the hospital a couple of times together now and have taken a little tour of labor and delivery.  It’s a few less things we will be frazzled about when it’s “go time”.

Friday I had my 35 week [plus some days] appointment which means now I will be going to appointments every single week until I deliver.  All is well with the babe.  Afterward my appointment I went straight to our clubhouse and ran 3.1 miles on the treadmill!

5k 35 weeks

I treated baby girl and myself with an ice cream cone from McDonald’s before going home.  I shared my accomplishment with Zach and he surprised me when he got home from work with these gorgeous flowers and a sugar cookie from Swig.  49er fans will get his insightful note…

photo 2

He took me on a date for dinner and to a movie I’ve been wanting to see.  Brad Pitt + WWII has me written all over it!

Saturday my USU Interior Design program friends had a baby brunch for me at Market Street Grill in Cottonwood.  Whitney made the most darling invitations you’ve ever seen with macarons on them and Martha had a friend make macaron favors that matched exactly!  Not only were they darling – but they tasted like heaven!

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They spoiled me with such nice gifts and it was so much fun catching up!  We don’t see each other often enough.  I was explaining to them that I worry about going into labor because I am concerned Zach will not recognize the girl he married.  Zach and I get along really well and it is very seldom that we fight or argue.  This group of people have seen me have worse freak-outs that my own husband!  That’s when you know your friends are tried and true, I guess:  loving you after they have been with you for all-nighter after all-nighter.  I’m so grateful to have them!

market street

Late Saturday night Zach went to Wendover with his friends for a Bachelor Party.  I got restless so I went and ran a bunch of errands.  I got everything on our health list for the babe – medicine, hand sanitizer, batteries, all that stuff.  Then I went to the grocery store and got a bunch of food for Zach and I.  I have already stocked our pantry with a bunch of non-perishable food items [including Zach’s revolting favorite – Velveta Cheese & Shells] but decided to stock up on some other stuff to make some freezer meals.  Zach didn’t get home until the wee hours of the morning from his man extravaganza which left me with plenty of time to make some healthy frozen stuff.  I made two dozen breakfast muffins and a pile of egg white/spinach/avocado breakfast burritos.

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At our birth class she talked to us about signs that the baby is close to coming.  There were the gross and revolting signs and then there was the whole nesting thing.  She told us it could happen up to a week before the baby comes.  Zach told our instructor that I had been nesting since I was 14 weeks, so this was not an accurate gauge for us at all…

35 weeks.  This is not my finest weekly picture.  Let’s just say it was a last minute pic taken to fulfill said weekly picture update.  Let’s hope 36 weeks looks a little bit better!  I will say that I have come to realize that everyone is so different.  I keep waiting for this bump to evolve into a cute, round bump like all my friends and family members have had.  But thus far it hasn’t happened.  I am literally an egg.  I am carrying her low and far back, so instead of a cute, round bulge I have an egg for a belly.  It slopes upwards from my belly button and kind of dissipates.  I envy those cute knocked-up mamas who have perfectly round, orbs for bellies.  Because mine is starting to blend into my boobs at this point…

35 weeks

34 // Shower Power

Zach and I have started a little tradition.  At least until the baby comes.  M and M – Mexican and a movie.  Tuesday nights we go get Mexican [fulfills a current craving and Zach never minds] and go to a $5 Tuesday movie at the Cinemark.  It’s a win-win for both of us.  This week we went to Lonestar for some red snapper fish tacos.

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We were also the only ones in the theater – which meant we could lounge out and had the best seats in the house!

Wednesday was my Henderson family shower at my sister-in-law Gina’s house.  My mother-in-law and sister-in-laws went all out!  They decorated the house from top to bottom in the most darling Halloween decor.  It was a “Welcome Little Ghoul” theme.  My only assignment was to wear a pumpkin shirt…

photo 2


The food was delicious and baby girl got seriously hooked up with some amazing gifts!  Darling and beautiful clothes and awesome gadgets.  Babies come with a lot of gadgets, I have discovered.  Also, not pictured, were the amazing favors Aunt Wendy and her daughters made – Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory apple pie caramel apples.  They were darling!

photo 3

The Hendersons have done so much for Zach and I.  We feel we can’t express our gratitude for the support that we have received.  I am so lucky to have married into such an incredible family…

photo 4

Thursday was my neighborhood/ward shower thrown by my two neighbors and BFFs.  Lindsey hosted it at her house and her and Jenn went all out with the most darling theme and decor!  The colors matched baby girl’s nursery, they had a crepe bar for refreshments, and the favors were French macarons!






I get super emotional when I think about these two.  People ask me why I love living in North Salt Lake so much.  The location is great, yes, but the people are what have made this neighborhood so amazing.  Jenn and Lindsey have blessed my life so much already.  They answer my awkward mom-to-be questions, give great advice, and make me feel like I have two amazing people in my corner always.  I love them.


So many sweet women in my ward showed up, even some that used to be in the ward before they moved away and before our giant ward split.


I got some very useful and practical gifts [which I am so grateful for] because I seriously have no idea what I am doing!  Any advice – and an ice pack from Trishia – was so appreciated!


My sweet friends from up north also came, which meant so much!



I hope one day I can repay all these amazing women in my ward for all they have done for me!  I love living in Foxboro.

Friday Zach had a whole evening planned for us in Park City.  He surprised me by getting off work a little early, taking me to the outlets, and taking a ride up to the resort to see the changing leaves.


That night we dined at the Grill at the St. Regis – one of the best meals I have had in a long time.  If you have a chance to go, please get the fried mac n’ cheese.  You won’t regret it.  Zach got that along with a giant pork chop.  I got a hawaiian fish over spaghetti squash.  Even though we never order dessert, we ordered the salted caramel sundae [with popcorn] and ate the entire thing.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

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Saturday morning was my Fotheringham family shower at my Aunt Sharon’s house.  Sharon made this adorable diaper cake with the cutest headband and shoes on top!



Instead of a game, my family members decorated pages of an ABC book to be laminated and given to baby girl!  It was such a fun idea and I am sure she will love looking at all the hand-drawn pictures.  I got “D” and drew a picture of Zach for “DAD”.


The rest of Saturday was spent running errands.  I had some gift cards to spend and Zach braved Target and Walmart with me to get some last minute things on our baby list.  We dined at Setebello afterwards in Farmington and afterwards grabbed a bag of movie theater popcorn [Zach’s dessert].


34 weeks done and gone.  Two more weeks [because apparently you aren’t full term until 37 weeks nowadays] until I am full term and five weeks until my due date.  I really can’t complain about pregnancy at all.  My symptoms compared to others are nothing.  Other than the occasional tongue and lips numbness and bulging veins, things are great.  I’d rather have bulging veins than swelling, to be honest, so I can’t even count that as a bad symptom.  And I am sure Zach secretly loves when my tongue and lips go numb.  He gets a break from his chatterbox wife every now and then.  I have, however, decided to take a real break for “maternity leave”.  Although I work from home and have my own schedule, I’ve decided to do a couple weeks of radio silence.  AKA email silence.  I feel like baby girl and I will only benefit from it and it will give me some time to figure out what the hey I need to do to get this whole mom thing down.  I will have plenty of time later to catch up on emails and work projects.  Bringing a new baby home only happens once [or a few times, I guess] in your life.  I’m going to enjoy it!

34 weeks

Gonna Be a Mummy // 33

This is my absolute favorite time of the year.  It’s starting to cool down, there is pumpkin flavored everything, and all is a little bit cozier.  We spent a lot of time this week with family because of General Conference weekend and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mid week I had a lunch date with my grandpa and cousins at Johnniebeefs.  My grandpa is obsessed with this place.  He says the hot dogs are authentic, just like the ones he had in Chicago in 1945.  Unfortunately, I opted out and got a chicken burger.  But they looked delicious!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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I also spent some time each night this week washing baby girl’s clothes, blankets, and sheets.  It took hours.  Probably the most time consuming part of prepping for baby so far.  It didn’t help that I have been a little exsessive in the clothing department.  Zach and I put the rest of her room together between conference sessions.  Now all we need in that crib is a little person…

photo 2

We also went out twice this week on a date to dinner and a movie – once again, trying to get those date nights in before she comes is one of Zach’s priorities.

Saturday while all the men were at Preisthood Session we had my Pollock/Ross family shower.  It was a “mummy-to-be” theme and everyone dressed up!  My aunt and cousins made all this delicious food and had everything completely decked out in Halloween decor.  It was so much fun and baby girl was spoiled again.  Not only with amazing hand-made gifts but with pumpkin cupcakes (her and I had two).


My favorite costumes were my mom’s cousins (my second cousins) who dressed up as biker chicks!  They wore all that leather the majority of the night, which alone was impressive!


I love my family and am once again humbled by the support they have shown Zach and I.  I couldn’t ask for better people in my life.

Sunday was lazy and glorious.  No make-up and dressed in our “comfy cozies” – that’s what my nieces call pajamas.  I let Zach sleep in until the first session of conference while I worked on a person project.  It will eventually be for baby girl.  I haven’t done any watercolor for a while and Sunday morning was the perfect time to get going on it.  My skills are rusty, but I enjoyed it so much.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Sunday afternoon my mom and dad came over to our house for the last session of conference.  We listened while folding all of the bambino’s clothes that I had spent all week washing.

photo 2

After the session the guys turned on the 49ers game as quickly as possible and my mom and I finished up dinner.  We had manicotti – Zach’s request – and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  We also did an estimated arrival date for baby girl.  Each family member [including Zach’s parents via text message] guessed a date.  If Zach or I win, we get to be taken out for dinner.  If anyone else wins, we take them out to dinner – the three of us!

Please notice my own father’s date – Nov. 25th.  That puts me at 41 weeks and when I will have an induction scheduled, most likely, if I go that long.  Thank you to everyone else who had a little mercy on me.  Zach seems to think that if my due date is the 18th, she will come on the 18th and that day only.


Week 33.  Seems like work stuff and baby stuff have consumed my life lately, as it should.  I spend my daytime hours working on freelance and other work projects and my afternoons and evenings [with Zach’s help] setting up all the baby swag.  I have this mega master baby-to-do checklist and there are not very many things left on it.  In less than a month I will full-term and it’s tripping me out!

33 weeks

Here’s to being 8 and a half months knocked up tomorrow!  34 weeks, here I come!