This week feels like a total blur.  It was mostly hanging out with Sloan, working during her nap times, and cleaning the house.  We did have a family-friend’s shower and a lunch date with friends during the week, but I managed to forget to get photos of both.

I can’t help but feel like my baby is not a baby anymore.  Pretty soon she is going to be sitting up on her own.  She prefers to stand, actually.  She pushes her legs against anything and everything until she manages to arch herself up.  We have started the whole Bumbo thing.  It didn’t go well at first.  She preferred to lick it instead of lounge in it.  We’re getting the hang of it, though.

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Naps have also become more “hands on”.  Literally.  Sloan’s new favorite thing is to put her fingers on my lips when she cuddles up against me.


Thursday I took Sloan to get her passport photos.  She hadn’t given me a smile all morning, but as soon as the guy at Walgreens whipped out the camera, she couldn’t stop grinning.  This girl doesn’t understand the concept of “stranger danger” yet.  I love that her 4-month self will be on her passport for a while…

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.37.38 PM

Friday was the first day in a long time that I didn’t have any work stuff to finish up.  So I decided to run some errands with Sloan down at Fashion Place Mall.  We got down and back before lunch time and met Zach at home for his lunch break.  Sloan loves seeing her dad during the day.  She is over her mom by her morning nap.


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Her standing gives me heart burn.  She is not a newborn anymore.  She is in fast forward.  

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Friday Sloan and I tried a jog together outside for our first time.  My sister-in-law let me borrow her single BOB jogging stroller before I commit to buying one myself.  I was really worried – Sloan barely fit into the harness – let alone the seat.  I had to find her newborn car seat pillow to keep her head steady.  I figured she would hate it a few seconds in.  It was quite the contrary, though.  She was in heaven.  She babbled and cooed the majority of the way.  As long as I kept the sun out of her eyes, she was content.  We didn’t go that far, but as soon as we turned back on our street and we rolled into the driveway she started to fuss so she must have enjoyed it.

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We later got take-out and watched the Ute basketball game.  It was a long night at our house, as you can imagine, with the loss.  We were beat and were elated when Sloan slept 8 hours and after her night feeding decided to sleep in even longer than usual.  Just like her dad, she is happiest when she is well rested.

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Saturday morning Zach took Sloan for a walk around the neighborhood while I went to the grocery store.  When I got back Zach had changed Sloan into her outfit for the day that he picked out for her…

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The Notorious BIG onesie was one of the first things I bought for Sloan before she was born.  It was too good to pass up.  But I can’t take credit for this ensemble…it was all Zach.

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We then set off for fish tacos.  Again.  I can’t turn down Lonestar.  Ever.  So when Zach suggested we get some tacos and then stop at The Store on our way home for supplies for Sunday dinner, I was down.


I totally spaced the Women’s Conference and didn’t recall anything about it until we went on a walk as a family later that evening – when I saw all the ladies in our ward walking in their church attire to our Stake House.  Ugh.  I will remember next time.  But we did enjoy our family walk to the park, nonetheless.  Sloan had her first swing experience and wouldn’t stop giggling.  We are going to have to make it a weekly adventure.  She even went down a giant twisty slide with Zach and acted like it was no thang.

Sunday we went to church and then spent the afternoon with Zach’s parents.  I got Sloan all ready in her Easter Sunday best [because general conference is next weekend].  I love dressing a baby girl.

Too bad she hated her dress.  She squirmed and whined as we tried desperately to get a Sunday photo together.  The only way I could get her to stay still was to stand her up on the coffee table.

Later we had dinner with Zach’s parents.  Zach barbecued tri-tip and grilled some corn and we visited.  Sloan missed her Mimi and Papa and we loved hearing all about their recent trip to Australia and New Zealand.

We didn’t do anything super eventful this week or weekend, but it was one of our favorite weekends in a long time.  At the beginning of the year, some of my family members picked a word to describe our New Year’s goals.  Mine was SIMPLIFY.  Sometimes the simplest of weekends are the best.  Family is really all you need.  And obviously, fish tacos.  Family and then fish tacos.

March Madness

Monday morning we had Sloan’s 4 Month appointment.  Everything went really well.  She is 50% across the board…except 1% in weight.  She is growing well, though so he gave me the go-ahead to let her sleep 8 hours at night!

She also got her shots.  She barely made a peep and as soon as we got her dressed again and in her car seat she gave me this look…

On our way home we celebrated with sugar cookies. At 10:00 AM.  I am single-handedly keeping Cutler’s in Centerville in business.  It’s humiliating, but I don’t care.

The highlight of my day, however, was what happened when we arrived home.  I pulled into the garage to find our pest control company parked in front of our house.  They come and spray for bugs quarterly.  When I was pulling Sloan out of the car, the employee came to meet me in the garage.  He was a portly gentlemen (no – I am not being judgy, this is important to my story) who told me he couldn’t get my back gate open so he could only spray my front yard.  I told him it wasn’t locked, it was just difficult and I could open it for him.  He then told me he didn’t have time to finish it anyway and he would come back next week.

I took Sloan inside and was changing her diaper when my doorbell rang.  I ignored it.  We get a lot of soliciters in our hood, so I figured it was just that.  Then another ring.  And then a third.  I ran downstairs with Sloan and at the door was the same pest control guy.  He tells me he has time to do the inside of my house.  He told me to go and do what I needed to do and he would quickly spray inside and let himself out.  I am super weird about anyone being in my house alone roaming around that I don’t know…so I held Sloan and we listened from the top of the stairs.

I heard him walking around and then I could barely see him make his way to the kitchen.  He was spraying the perimeter and then he went out of sight.  That’s when I heard him open my candy jar on my kitchen counter.  It’s an unmistakable sound – trust me, I hear it every day.  Then I heard the rustle of candy wrappers.  I was dying. This guy was raiding my candy!  I wasn’t too sad, though. It was mostly 3 Musketeers…and who likes those?  There was a cavern in my mound of candy left by his giant hand!

But it wasn’t over, apparently.  A few moments later…I heard the crunch of plastic.  I couldn’t figure out what he was doing!  Then I heard him walk to the front door and exit.  After I heard his vehicle pull away I went downstairs and locked the front door.  It only took me two seconds to realize he not only took a huge handful of candy out of my jar….but he stole some of my freaking Girl Scout Cookies that were on the counter behind my fridge!! And not just one, FOUR!  This guy can take as many mini-sized candy bars as he wants…but he took my Samoas and that sent me over the edge.  I can’t decide if I am going to file a complaint or not.  Doesn’t seem worth my time…

Later that day I made a salmon dinner for us for dinner and our house still smells of fish.  I could cook fish every night for dinner if it didn’t make our house reek.  Also, we haven’t used real plates since before Sloan was born…

I wanted to get to bed early, so I hit the sack.  I woke up a short time later and found myself alone in our bed.  It didn’t take me long to find him – in the closet (so he wouldn’t wake me) talking to my mom about their NCAA brackets.  They always strategize beforehand.

Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day, we celebrated by filling out our NCAA brackets at dinner at Arella.  Also, Sloan’s green shamrock headband was as festive as I got for St. Patty’s.  I am not a fan of graphic onesies, I have decided.  Lame mom alert.  I didn’t dye anything green or whatnot, I figured she wouldn’t get it.  She is practically a leoprachan anyway…

Wednesday I spent almost all day down in Orem.  I had a meeting on site for the project I am designing for Alder Home Protection.  It is a huge project – literally 38,000 square feet of corporate office space.  I have been putting in a ton of hours.  The exterior colors I picked were painted this week (their company color is the blue up top) and it was so exciting to see it all taking shape.  We still have a ton to do…like endless amounts of things to do.  But it is progressing.  We would go around one floor – then I would nurse Sloan in my car – go around the second floor…and so on.  She fell asleep each time I put her in my wrap.  She isn’t the best design assistant – always sleeping on the job.

Zach keeps telling me I don’t have to continue to work, but it is important to me.  I only work when Sloan is napping or has been put down for the night.  I try never to work while she is awake.  Besides…I have to continue to work if I keep going at the rate I am at Zara Mini.

I rewarded her for being so amazing by reading her more than 10 books when we got home.  I read to her every day, but I wanted her to understand that she deserved some extra love.  Then when Zach got home from work he read her even more while I went for a run.  I came home to this…

“Mom, we’re reading…   …annnnd you could use a shower…” – Sloan’s face said it all.

Thursday I didn’t want to do anything.  I told myself:  we are going to have an at-home day where we catch up on laundry and eat a giant lunch.  No errands.  That’s exactly what we did.  Zach came home to dine with us for lunch and watched that INCREDIBLE Georgia State vs. Butler game.  It really jacked my bracket up…but who saw that coming?!  I have to say – embracing my husband’s love of all things sports has really made it more fun for me.  Filling out my OWN bracket also makes watching all the games more enjoyable.  Zach and I made bets with each other for the winning bracket and also entered in a contest at Zach’s work.  I can’t tell you what Zach’s winning prize will be if he beats me – not blog appropriate – but my prize has a little something to do with IKEA, Leatherby’s, and one lonnnnng bath.  With a Diet Coke and a good book, perhaps.

Friday I had some errands to run.  Since I am still nursing Sloan, a handful of errands always feels like a giant hurdle.  I have realized, though, that the hardest part of doing things with a young baby is actually just getting out of the house.  Once you’re out of the house – you can own it.  Sloan, though, killed it Friday.  We hit up the grocery store, Target, Costco, H&M, Gap, Forever 21, and made some returns to Old Navy.  We were on such a roll that we even stopped to get lunch.  All before 1:00 pm.  I felt like a supermom for the day.  When Zach got home we went on a family walk and afterwards had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  No need for movie night – March Madness will keep us entertained for the next few weeks.

Saturday we got a bunch of stuff done at home and then the three of us hit up Park City.  We had lunch when we arrived and then stopped at the outlets.  It was the worst outlet run we’ve ever had.  Usually we have some pretty good purchases at the Nike Outlet – but we left pretty empty-handed.  I did get Sloan a necklace, though.  Yeah, she won’t be able to wear it for a while…but at least someone came away with something good.  We did stop at McDonald’s on our way out to grab two soft serve cones.  I haven’t had one of those bad boys since I was knocked up.  Sloan even had a tiny taste… (I had a friend recommend giving her a bit of ice cream to beef her up, she said her pediatrician recommended it.  Sloan wasn’t getting it.  She is Zach’s child – he could pass on ice cream any time.)


After we walked in and out of a few places on Main Street before we had to head to our dinner reservation.


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We dined at the J&G Grill at the St. Regis – definitely not the cheapest date we’ve had recently, but probably the most delicious.  Since it is technically Spring Break, there were a ton of kids at the restaurant as well – which made us feel a bit better about taking a baby to a nice restaurant.


We spent the rest of the night catching up on the basketball games at home.

Sunday was my mom’s birthday.  We had planned to celebrate with dinner at my parents’ house – but they both got really sick.  The didn’t want to infect anyone (especially Sloan) so we all did our own separate thing on Sunday.  I still feel bad we didn’t do anything on her actual birthday, but at least Grandma got some videos and FaceTime love from the three of us.

Church flew by – I was elated when I realized that Sloan could fit into some of her 3-6 month clothes (we’re still in Newborn leggings….somebody has her dad’s bird legs) before summer.  Note to self:  never buy clothes for different seasons for a baby.  You may find yourself with a slew of winter clothes that your baby won’t fit into until summer.  Yikes.  


After church we decided to bust out the grill for the first time this season – we had kabobs I had planned for Monday.  And the stars couldn’t have aligned more perfectly:  somehow we had two eggs left to make brownies.  So brownies and ice cream it was for dessert.


This week we are hoping for a little more low-key time.  We even plan to spend the weekend with my family (hopefully, if they are healthy enough) and enjoy the gorgeous weather.  And, not to jinx myself, but Sloan has officially slept 8 hours straight two nights in a row…so here’s hoping for a few more REM cycles around here, too.



Fun with Friends

Monday after Sloan’s morning nap I decided to take her on a walk.  It was our first walk around our neighborhood, actually.  She loved it and the weather was perfect.  We walked for over a mile around to a park nearby our house.  I was getting mean-mugged by some other moms as I walked by.  It was probably because of my NAS sweatshirt I was wearing.  Maybe I am a little too hood for some of the moms in this area…

Sloan was completely content until she heard the barking dogs.  We just have to stay clear of a few houses on that route next time.


Monday night was the Bachelor finale so after I got Sloan’s last feeding in for the night and put her to bed, I ran over to my friend Jenn’s house so her, Lindsey, and I could watch it together while Zach held down the fort.  For the last couple of years we have been doing a Bachelor/Bachelorette bracket.  This year I picked Kelsey for the win – pretty comical considering she turned out to be the craziest chick on the show.  I won’t explain my reasoning.  I am glad we finally got together to watch one episode…even if it was the finale.  Jenn prepared a marvelous spread including bruschetta.  I brought mini Kit Kats, Red Velvet Oreos, and a Blow Pop for myself.  Because that’s how classy I am.  

Tuesday morning I had two work meetings and Sloan was a peach for both.  We even stopped for lunch on our way back home, just the two of us. Sloan turned four months so we had our monthly photo op in her room.

After Zach got home from work I recruited him to be our third team member of our walk-a-thon.  We went just as the sun was coming down and Sloan was all smiles.  While strolling our streets we found a discarded CD entitled – RAP CiTY.

The CD was in such bad shape that it couldn’t be played…but Zach and I had a good laugh all the way home about what musical stylings were on that bad boy.  Maybe this area is more hood than I thought.

Wednesday I had Activity Days – so Sloan and I had some prepping to do.  It was her first activity she has actually attended.  Usually she stays at home with Zach.  She hung out in her stroller the entire time and babbled and cooed at all the older girls.  She loves watching people.  She also loves that terribly annoying car seat toy – the sun / flower / ladybug get-up.  Thank you to my Aunt Shaunie – she loves that thing!  She was psyched after her feeding in the bathroom just looking at that thing…

Thursday Sloan and I went to lunch with some of my neighbor friends.  Every one of them used to be in my ward, but are now no longer.  Two of them I served in the Relief Society Presidency with and live in different cities.  It was so great to catch up with Jas and Melodie – along with Lindsey – my carpool buddy and Pepper [Jasmine’s babe].  Both not pictured.

We dined at From Scratch.  Margherita pizza, you betcha!

Friday I ran some errands with Sloan in the morning and then met up for lunch with my friend Whitney.  Her mom watched her boys while we had a girls-only lunch at Paradise.

Later that night I promised Zach we could watch the Utah basketball game.  We decided to grab dinner at Noodles and Co. downtown.  Carbs make Sloan sleepy. She got that from her mother.

When we got home we put Sloan to bed and turned on the game.  It went pretty much like this, late into the night…

So I decided to work on a project.  I bought some of these darling headbands from my favorite shop on Etsy and when they arrived I realized how they were made and how easy they would be the create in my own.  Her color ways are gorgeous and her quality is amazing, but it’s hard for me to spend $9 on a headband (even for myself).

So while Zach stayed 6″ away from the TV – I cut Target nylons into baby headbands.

It’s a strange feeling – becoming a mom that makes bows.  I guess I make bows now…

They were so easy to make it was comical.  And they cost less than a dollar a piece to recreate.

Even though the Utes lost, we called our Friday night successful.  And now Sloan will know her mom cares about her (at least once) enough to make her bows.

Saturday morning we all slept in, even Sloan.  It was glorious.  Later I ran some errands while Zach and Sloan had daddy / daughter time.  He dressed her for the day, as well…

Afterwards we made our way down to Sandy for my friend Chris and Bre’s little man’s birthday party.  A Ninja Turtle party.  Sloan didn’t love her mask at first, but later that night it really started to grow on her.  Maybe she preferred to be Michelangelo over Raphael…

Afterwards we had another party to attend – our nephew’s birthday bash.  We ended the night with dinner at PF Chang’s and a trip to the grocery store.

Saturday night was also the first night Sloan slept in her nursery (the whole night).  Since my doctor won’t allow me to let her sleep through the night yet – keeping her in our room has been the most convenient because she has a 2:00 or 3:00 feeding.  Besides…Zach doesn’t mind.  He sleeps through all her noises anyway.  Maybe because they are identical to the noises that HE makes at night.  Don’t worry.  I was a wreck.  I could barely sleep.  She, on the other hand, slept amazing.

Sunday we had church and afterwards we waited patiently as the brackets for the NCAA basketball tournament were announced.


Zach made nachos and we dressed Sloan in her Ute gear [thanks to my friend Jenn] to celebrate.

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Later we went to the Fotheringhams’ for Sunday dinner.  My parents had just returned from St. George and I basically forced my mom to stop at The Sugar Cookie to get me some…sugar cookies.  She brought some home for us to try.  I can’t believe I am saying this, but I think I liked their original sugar cookie more than Cutler’s.  The Sugar Cookie > Cutler’s > Swig.  But I think I will need another cookie to decide for sure.

Also, this week:  Sloan laughed.  A real laugh.  Not a giggle or a little chuckle.  A full-fledged belly laugh.  Second favorite moment as a parent, right there.


Sloan Appreciation 

It felt good to be home after being out of town for two weekends in a row.

I had a ton of work stuff to finish up and loads of laundry to catch up on.  Sloan loves to watch me fold laundry.  She is excellent at sorting socks.  Obviously, I have a problem.  Target socks are our favorite.  Seriously, buy yourself some CG athletic socks.  Heaven on earth.

My work projects have been all over the map lately.  I am still helping to design a corporate building down in Orem and the progress has been so fun to watch.  I also helped them develop some motivational social media ads (over 20 of them, actually)…

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 10.44.57 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 1.54.14 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 9.35.25 AM

Along with some fun info graphics…


I have also been designing some POPs for a local spa product company, which has been so refreshing.

POP Render

Wednesday night the three of us went out to run some errands and get some sushi.  1 of my 2 dates fell asleep (honestly, story of her life) half way into our dinner.

I know I am cursing myself, but Sloan has been an exceptional baby the last few weeks.  She is always great, but especially these past few weeks she has been stellar.  Sleeping pretty much through the night, taking regular and long naps during the day, and happy as ever when she is awake.  Zach had a brilliant idea – we were going to have Sloan Appreciation Day on Friday, to show Sloan how grateful we are for her being such a trooper these past few weeks.  Sounds crazy, right?  Well not according to a fancy shmancy parenting book I read before Sloan came.  I guess even babies understand positive affirmation.  So that is exactly what we planned to do.

Thursday night Zach and I went out just the two of us.  My parents watched Sloan and we went over to Jordan Landing (because it is convenient from their house) for dinner and a movie.  And by dinner I mean In N Out Burger by street lamp light.

Then we caught our movie. Smelling like two greasy cheeseburgers.

Friday we had Sloan Appreciation Day.  I finished all my work stuff during her morning nap and when she woke up we were all business.  Reading her favorite books 10,000 times.  Playing with Sophie the Giraffe and her favorite rattle until she hit herself in the head with it because she was so tired.  Then she took another long afternoon nap – with Sophie and my hair in hand.

When she woke up I painted her toenails.  She has been obsessed with her feet lately and I thought it would be funny to paint her teeny toes to see her reaction.  It blew her tiny little mind.  She wouldn’t stop staring at them.  When I put socks on her to go out she had a mini melt down!

We had another carpet picnic for dinner on Friday and gave Sloan a long bath before putting her to bed and watching a movie, just the two of us.

The next morning I begged Zach to go with me to Lonestar for fish tacos.  He obliged and so the three of us got ready to drive down south.

As soon as we got there, Sloan was fascinated by all the people and the loud Latino music.  She wouldn’t focus on us for more than a couple of seconds – she was in heaven.

Afterwards we stopped at The Store to get Zach’s favorite turkey roast and other supplies for Sunday dinner.

Daylight Savings threw us off a little bit (more me than Sloan, actually) and we barely made it to sacrament.  Sloan is finally fitting into some of her church clothes…

After church I cooked dinner for the three of us.  I had a meeting and Zach attended our neice’s harp recital.  But making a full meal that didn’t involve anything frozen was an accomplishment if you ask me.

I still trip out at the fact that a baby lives in our house.  Lives with us, in our house.