Catching Up

A few weeks ago, the day of rainstorm we had lunch over at my friend Lindsey’s house.  Sloan was in heaven playing [aka trying to keep up] with the four boys.  She was elated to have people closer to her size to throw things around with.

Since we didn’t have ideal weather, we busted out some of our warm cozy clothes.  Just in time, too.  The girl is about to bust out of them already.  I have been putting sunglass on her when we go on drives [she honestly loves them] and she about had a coronary when I tried to take them off for lunch.  So Ms. Thang had her lunch with her sunnies on.

Wednesday Sloan and I had lunch over at a friend’s house.  Heidi was due with Rex the same day I was with Sloan, but Rex was born three weeks earlier.  It’s crazy to see them side by side – Rex has Sloan beat by 5+ pounds.  I went to high school with Rex’s dad – and it was kind of trippy to see how much he looks like Jake.  IMG_9204

This week I started prep for Sloan’s first birthday.  Zach’s warned me several times the last week or so about “going too far”.  I told him he was crazy…
IMG_9180I didn’t even see his side of the story when I started to hand-paint all the wooden cutlery…


He had a “come to” talk with me when he found me bidding on a buffalo skull on Ebay.  I decided to take a break from birthday party prep until after my upcoming girl’s weekend with my family.  Sloan has been enjoying all the fun, however.  She was especially stoked when her teepee showed up one morning.IMG_9196

I’ve loved seeing Sloan’s personality develop.  She is already really easy going.  She doesn’t even complain when blinded by her beanie for a 20 minute drive down to T-Ville.  I had no idea it had slipped over her eyes.  Not a peep…

She also loves to make friends.  Jeanene bought her a singing stuffed animal [he dances, too] and she is determined to make friends with it, despite its scary looks…Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 3.34.20 PMHer appetite has also significantly changed.  She has always loved solids – but who knew she could out-eat both Zach and I.  One night this week I picked up Costa Vida to go and decided to share my black beans with Sloan.  She ate all my black beans and half of Zach’s as well.  The girl knows what she likes…
Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 3.34.45 PM

Friday was Knowlton Elementary’s Fall Festival.  My sister-in-law Gina was heading up the whole thing and I did all the signage for the event – so Gina hooked us up hard core with some wrist bands and tickets.  I didn’t have to convince Zach to come – I just informed him that the Kaysville Corn Dog Truck would be there.  He was in.

Sloan is still a little small for the face painting and giant bubble machine, but she fell hard for the Petting Zoo.  Even though she was skeptical of the baby camel, the baby goats were a hit!IMG_9166 IMG_9168

Saturday Zach and I had date night.  We dined at the Gateway and then saw Johnny Depp’s Black Mass.  I’m a sucker for gangster movies – and a true story?  I couldn’t resist.  So Italian and mobster movie it was…

Also, while I was packing, Sloan learned a new trick.  The heave.  She basically launches herself onto anything and everything.  I don’t know if this counts as “pulling herself up” on things…but let’s just say that it does?

Or maybe she just wanted to be a stow away on our trip.  I was a nervous wreck leading up to this weekend.  I hadn’t left Sloan for more than one night before – and a long weekend seemed like forever.  Luckily, Zach took work off and watched her the entire time, which put me at ease.

It was a great week and we spent every second we could all together, just the three of us, before I left.

10 + 30

We had a week of milestones.  My baby turned 10 months and my baby daddy turned 30.   The older she gets [and chubbier] the more people comment that she looks like me.  I have to laugh – and in their defense she did get her cheeks from yours truly.  Poor Beary Sanders…he doesn’t stand a chance in our monthly snapshot anymore.

It was a nearly a full week of celebrating.  We had a lot going on including two heartbreaking funeral/wakes and tons of work things to do.  My sweet cousin Kelli passed away and I attended a wake for an angel baby, Finn.  They both really put things into perspective for me and my little family.  I held on to Sloan and Zach a little tighter this week.

Two days before Zach’s birthday I literally couldn’t wait any longer to give him his gift.  He had already received his Utah Football tickets as his real gift, but I didn’t want him to have nothing to open on his 30th birthday!  So, a few days early, I let Sloan give him his surprise.  I still don’t know what it is called – but he was completely shocked when he opened it.  He has been wanting one of these self balancing automatic skateboards since he saw Justin Bieber and the Texan’s Brian Cushing cruising around on them.zach and sloan


The two of them spent the evening tearing up our streets.  I wish I could have filmed our neighbors staring at Zach as he zoomed by them pushing Sloan in her stroller…

Friday night was the Utah State vs. Utah football game at Rice Eccles.  I threatened to wear blue – but Zach told me I couldn’t sit with him if I did.  So, out of fairness, I wore neutral gang colors.  I support my husband and his Utes, but will always be an Aggie fan! 
U game


Saturday I got to see lots of family at Kelli’s viewing.  I hate that is was because of such terrible circumstances, but it was great to be with them briefly.

Saturday evening we had our regular date night – but on Zach’s actual birthday.  He asked to not break tradition – Benihana and a movie.  I’ve celebrated with him for the past 8 years this exact way, and not even for his big 30th Birthday did he wish to break the streak.  When we arrived the dinner crowd hadn’t really shown up yet so we sat at a table all by ourselves.  Zach would later tell practically everyone he knew that we got a “private table at Benihana” for his birthday.  He was as happy as could be with just the two of us celebrating – and other than my entire body smelling like chicken fried rice – I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way either.  Benihana

Sunday, even now, was a total blur for me.  I had to teach my first Gospel Doctrine lesson that morning – so much of the morning was spent preparing for that and secretly hiding all of the supplies for Zach’s surprise party.  I still can’t believe I actually kept it a secret for so long – I’ve never lied to my husband and the whole thing felt like it would eventually blow up in my face at any moment.  After church Zach and Sloan played and watched football while I packed all of the gear and food in my car.  Luckily Zach is totally in the zone when a game starts so he didn’t even realize I was packing veggie trays, fruit bowls, crock pots, and party decor in and out of the garage for 45 minutes.  Then I left with Sloan – claiming to have an appointment to get her pictures taken.  I know…that’s the best I came up with.  He totally bought it.  

Zach was totally surprised when his dad asked him to help him with a problem at the skating rink, he didn’t have a clue until he pulled into the parking lot and saw everyone’s cars in front of the entrance.

I can’t thank my family and friends enough for all the help they were to me to make it happen.  We served all of Zach’s favorite things – chips and salsa, popcorn, fruit chew candies, ham fried rice, sushi, rice crispies, peanut butter blossoms, and in lieu of a cake – strawberry cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Tons of family and Zach’s friends came all the way up to the Layton skating rink to celebrate with him.  That night he told me it was the best birthday he’s ever had.  Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetHappy 30th birthday, Zach.  I can’t wait to spend 30+ more years celebrating you!



Labor Day Weekend 2015

Monday night for Family Night we ate dinner down town before driving up to the University.  We wanted to gear up before the first football game of the season.  We strolled around campus and then each bought some Ute attire.IMG_2189


Sloan scored a multi-pack of t-shirts and wore them pretty much all week – she looked like a die hard fan.  IMG_8938

Speaking of a big score:  I found the most exceptional thing for Sloan at Target this week.  She’s outgrowing her beloved PUJ tub and I’ve been trying to find some way to transition her into bathing in the big tub.  As soon as I saw this yellow monstrosity in the baby aisle at Target – it was all downhill from there.  Zach was totally mocking my purchase until he saw how ecstatic she was bathing in it.  Besides, Zach’s nickname for Sloan is ducky [because of the long hair she was born with on the back of her head that resembled a duck tail] so it was a match made in heaven. IMG_8991


Progress is slowly but surely happening at my Alder project.  The majority of the furniture has been delivered and placed.  The custom reception desk I designed was installed as well.  It finally feels like everything is coming together…IMG_9009-1

Thursday was the long awaited football game.  My mom volunteered to watch Sloan for the night.  We put her in her red Ute tee for good football Zach and I then met his sister and our brother-in-law at Rice Eccles for the festivities.  They scored Crimson Club dining passes for us – so dinner with a view – as the people started to flood in.  Zach ate two red velvet cupcakes.  TWO. IMG_9003

The night ended with a victory for Utah.  I kissed Zach goodbye and Gina and I drove up to Park City to meet the rest of the Hendo ladies for our weekend up in Park City [and Midway] for Swiss Days.  My very first night away from my baby.  It’s no secret that I am not a big fan of Swiss Days and all that it entails – I go for the family time, not for the shopping.  A girl’s weekend with the Hendersons is always a good time though – so I put my big girl pants on and left Sloan at home with Zach.

To my surprise – I kind of crushed Swiss Days.  I have never spent more than $20 at their booths…until this weekend.  Let’s just say that Sloan’s supply of slouchy beanies has grown exponentially.  Plus they had Diet Coke in can form, so you can’t lose in a situation like that.

After we hit the booths and had our traditional lunch at the local pizza joint – we returned to our hotel to shower and nap.  A nap in the middle of the day.  It felt like Christmas, kind of.  If I had spent Christmas checking my video monitor in my baby’s room 40 times a day…

That night we had dinner at the Riverhorse on Main Street.  The sea bass rocked my world. seabass
We drove back to our hotel just in time to roast some mallows at the s’mores bar and enjoy a free concert in the hotel lounge.  IMG_9005-1The finale of the night, though, was a dip in the hot tub outside.

The next morning we slept in, got a work out in, and checked out of our hotel.  We kept the party going with lunch in Park City, shopping at Fashion Place Mall, and dinner at From Scratch before a movie at Station Park.

The long weekend was a total success.  When I returned home – Sloan had left me a note and my favorite treat on the dining table.
IMG_9011One thing I have learned about being a parent is to never say never.  I have had to eat a giant slice of humble pie [multiple times, actually] when it comes to the things I vowed I would never do.  For instance:  smothering my child with kisses and loves to the point where I could eat her face.  I could have cared less about the cookie.  As soon as I walked through the door all I could think about was mauling my child to death.  Though the time away was relaxing and fun – nothing beats coming home to a gummy grin.

I missed Zach, too…of course.