Walk the Walk

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Something that people don’t really tell you about the transition from crawling to walking: you sweat a lot more.  Not the baby…you as the mom.  Now that Sloan is walking and nearly running it’s getting harder to keep up with her.  I feel like I am constantly sweaty from chasing after her.  I remember the early days – when I was so proud to see her holding her head up by herself during tummy time.  I didn’t think I could possibly be more proud of her…until she started walking.

She’s not a baby anymore – although you would still believe it if you saw her short little self wobbling around.

This week was a busy one.  I have been slammed with work stuff – so during naps and after bedtime I work on all my work projects and deadlines.  During the rest of the day, we cram as much action in as we can.  Unfortunately I haven’t been great at taking pictures or documenting our day-to-day.

We visited the bookstore to gear up for our upcoming family trip [with just the three of us].  I bought a pile of new books for Sloan to enjoy and am storing them away until the flight.  She could have stayed in that bookstore for hours.
FullSizeRender I had some returns and errands to run down at Fashion Place Mall – so after Zach got off work earlier this week the three of us drove down to Murray to check some things off my list and do get a bite to eat at Brio.  We were seated towards the back – near the kitchen – and Sloan kept waving to all the staff, including the chef.  The chef then gave her her very own chunk of pizza dough to play with.  It kept her busy throughout our meal.  Compliments to that chef, he must have children of his own…IMG_1888

Sloan has not had it easy this week, either.  Zach’s had her in training.  Practicing her snowboarding balance skills inside on the carpet.  I have had to have several pep talks with Zach – explaining that she might not love snowboarding as much as he does…and that he can’t get disappointed.  Turns out she DOES love it as much as he does, and it’s more and more evident each day.  IMG_0544 Along with her walking and other milestones – girlfriend is finally getting some hair.  It’s almost transparent because it is so blonde – but it’s there…and it’s getting LONG. IMG_1887Saturday Zach wanted to test Sloan’s skills out on the real snow.  We bundled her up and Zach took her back and forth on a tiny patch of snow that hadn’t melted in the back yard.  She seriously loved it.  She has incredible balance, like Zach.  She squealed, gave us high-fives, and had a smile the entire time.  We completely wore her out and she loved every second.  When we took her back inside and took off her snow clothes she wasn’t quite ready to be done.  She walked back and grabbed her snow suit and beanie and dragged them back to the door and waited for us to take her back out.
IMG_1886 IMG_1893


IMG_0552We had our date night Saturday night.  Sushi at Tsunami and CREED the movie [a must-see if you are a Rocky fan].  I love being with Zach on Saturday nights.  Even if it is just for a couple hours of conversation.  

Sunday was madness.  Zach had to speak in sacrament and I had to teach Gospel Doctrine.  Luckily, my parents joined us for those first two meetings.  They helped me corral Sloan and then got to hear me teach while Zach took laps with her.  After Sloan’s nap we drove up to Ogden to have dinner at Mark and Jeanene’s.  It was delicious, as always, and Sloan was in heaven playing with all the toys in Mimi and Papa’s playroom.  FullSizeRender-1

Sometimes I get so caught up in my “to-do list” that I forget to stop and enjoy the tiny little things that make my mom heart sing.  Like watching Sloan carry around a single sock for almost an hour – wiping it on every surface she can reach.  Maybe my OCD is rubbing off on her.  Or watching her in the bath – you’d think it was Christmas morning all over again.  Nothing makes her happier than splashing in the tub.
IMG_1892I’m starting to funnel some of my work projects and pick and chose what I want to work on.  It’s so nice being able to do that and I have promised myself that for the next few weeks I am going to take on less so I can get to bed at a decent time for once at night.  But by far my favorite job, and the most important, is being a mom to this little girl – who is my entire world and more.  I hope I’m teaching her that hard work is something she’ll never be able to be given, she’ll have to earn herself…

Sloan White

At the beginning of this week, Zach was determined to get Sloan snowboarding.  There wasn’t that much snow [most of it had melted in our backyard] so he settled with indoor sessions.  She’s really starting to get the hang of it and loves being towed around all evening by Zach.  She claps for herself and gives us a million high-fives!  The poor thing is going to enjoy snowboarding whether she actually wants to or not…
IMG_1815On Tuesday we got to visit Max, or new nephew.  He’s Hendo baby number 26 and his arrival has been much anticipated.  My sweet sister-in-law and brother-in-law have been trying to adopt their fourth baby for…years.  I think she stopped counting on their 12th failed adoption.  Finally, after so many prayers and tears, Max came along.  We’re so grateful and thrilled for Lori and Travis.  We know Max is already the perfect addition to their household.

Sloan was enthralled with baby Max.  She kept pointing to him all night long and trying to touch his feet. FullSizeRender-2 us and max

By the end of the week Sloan was cruising around on actual snow.  We both still can’t believe how fast she has picked it up – and I’ve never seen Zach as proud as he was seeing her out there on that teeny tiny purple board.  We have our own mini Shawn White.  Or Sloan White, you could say…IMG_1814

She also has taught herself how to do “head stands”.  It’s the strangest thing, and we can’t figure out where she learned it.  Maybe she’s a future Chiron?!  We’ll never know…


Saturday was the day of my brother and sister-in-law’s Grand Opening.  Their new Fiiz is in Taylorsville just off of the 4700 S. exit on 215.  We were the first “unofficial” customers of the Grand Opening – ordering sodas and sugar cookies at 9:00 am.  I am so thrilled for them – it has been a long road.  They’ve spent countless hours putting it all together and I was so relieved for them to watch them cut that red ribbon.  FullSizeRender-1I didn’t do much to help – but they did let me pick out some of the furnishings and Sloan’s favorite hang was in the red molded Eames chairs.  She is my child, after all…
IMG_1813Tons of people came out to support them and it couldn’t have gone better in terms of a Grand Opening.  Can’t wait to make this one of our spots.  It’s too bad my parents no longer reside in T-Ville.  FullSizeRender

Life as I know it has changed since Sloan is now completely mobile.  I used to be able to put her in tights on Sundays and she’s kind of stay put, but now she’s combated the slipperiness and just powers through it.  She’s on the move and goes wherever she pleases – with a plastic macaron in hand.  
IMG_1825Soon she’ll be talking back and saying that I’m the “worst mom in the world”.  So for now, I’ll take the riffling in cupboards, smearing of all food groups, and kamikaze attempts to dive headfirst off of everything and anything.  I’m going to miss the wobbly new stage already when it’s over.

New Year

I have seen a pattern on social media lately.  I feel like everyone has had a tough year.  It’s made me evaluate our year, as a friendly.  This year has been one of the best of my life.  Has it been the easiest year?  NO WAY!  But it’s been a great year.  Good growth, good memories.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  I started my holiday with a long list of resolutions.  I do this every year.  Drink more water, run more, blah blah blah…

Basically a ton of random goals – but mostly to make better healthier choices.  So what did we do on New Year’s Eve?  Chow down on my favorite dessert, obviously.  It was the “last supper” of sorts for me.  We had plans to spend the evening at our friends’ house – but Zach wasn’t feeling well.  So we enjoyed our brownie sundaes at home together just the three of us.  

We stayed in our comfies all night and watched the ball drop.  It wasn’t a rager, but it was pretty great.

New Year’s Day was just as relaxed.  We had lunch together at Pizzeria Limone and ran some errands.
IMG_1573Later that night I went to dinner with my high school friends.  Alison was in town from New York and so all of us girls ate at Finca (and some of our spouses – Zach stayed home because he still wasn’t feeling well).  It was so great to catch up with these ladies, they never disappoint.

I also got to dine out with my SBO friends at Tsunami over the holiday.  I haven’t seen some of them in almost two years – so it was a long time coming.  I also got to meet Bryson’s new baby – Sloane.

Now that it’s the new year, we have switched to 11:00 church.  It’s basically the best thing that has happened to us all year.  Literally, it’s only the second week…

That first Sunday we had my family over to our house for Sunday dinner.  I made my mother-in-laws crock pot turkey roast.  It was a hit (and easier than I’d like to let on).  IMG_1586
I don’t know why, or how it’s even possible, but Sloan has grown up so much over the past few weeks.  She’s started walking confidently now.  She can walk anywhere and everywhere.  There’s no stopping her now [unless she is wearing tights…those are slippery].  She’s also a very good eater, and has started to do it all on her own.  Seeing a plate full of “real” food in front of her makes me feel like I actually have a toddler living in the house.
Sloan has to have her nutrition on point – because she is now a swimmer.  Well, she’s in Mommy and Me Swim Classes.  She loves the water.  Floating on her back she does NOT love, but we’re working on that…
FullSizeRender_3 Sloan loved her swimming lessons so much that I decided to take it a step further.  My dad has been certified to teach Survival Swim Classes for years, so I conned him into spending his Saturday morning at the SDRC with Sloan and I.  She did better than I excepted.
IMG_1662 IMG_1668 IMG_1670 Being underwater is not her favorite, but she’s getting used it.  It eases my mind that she will be able to learn what to do if she ever falls into a pool or lake.  Considering we have a family vacation planned for my birthday where we will be staying near water, I am glad we did it sooner rather than later.  Give her a few more weeks and she’ll be a pro!IMG_1679

We’ve also picked a family motto for the year.  It’s not glamorous – but it fits my intent for the upcoming year.  JUST DO IT.  Yes, Nike coined it first…but we have a different perspective.  At tithing settlement our Bishop gave us a quote from President Uchtdorf, “Don’t let a day go by without doing something to act on the prompting of the Spirit.”  It struck me and has stayed with me.  Too often I push aside simple promptings because I have my own agenda and to-do list.  I’ve decided that if I feel prompted to do something…even if it seems ridiculous, to DO IT.

My first experience happened just a few days ago.  Sloan went down for bed and Zach stayed home while I ran to the grocery store.  Going to the grocery store at 9:00 at night alone is much more productive than with a wee one in the middle of the day.  So, there I was flying through the grocery store and getting my list checked off in record time.  I had one more item to grab and was on my way down the corresponding aisle.  Right then a man walked by me (he must have been over 70 years old) walking on TWO crutches.  The poor man was moving in slow motion as he passed me and I pulled into a check-out lane.  Something inside of me told me to help him, but I had two other errands to run and it was already getting late.  So I began checking out.  Then I remembered my OWN MOTTO that I had chosen.  Just FREAKING do it.  So I asked the cashier to continue checking me out and then asked if she would watch my cart for me while I helped that man (she had seen him as well and her heart had ached like mine for him).  So the young girl guarded my cart while I ran to the back of the store.  I couldn’t find him.  I ran up and down the aisles until I finally spotted him in the health supplement area.  He was trying to reach something on the bottom shelf – which you can imagine is nearly impossible on TWO crutches.  So I approached him, asked if I could help him, and he obliged.  He had me grab 10 Five-Hour Energys (berry flavor) and helped him find a newspaper at the front of the store.  He told me that he also needed a powdered supplement because his wife can’t eat solid food.  That hit me the hardest.  This man, who probably needs a hip replacement, was caring for his wife who was in worse shape than he was.  While we were walking to the front of the store [it took a while] he talked to me about politics and current events.  For a second I thought I was walking with my Grandpa Fotheringham, who has been gone for a while now.  I helped him check out – I didn’t even catch his name – and he thanked me.  It was simple, took only 15 minutes, but he let me know that without my help it would have taken him double the time.  I got out to my car, loaded my groceries, and cried my freaking eyes out.

So, in short, I’m just going to do it.  Whatever that may be.  Call a friend if I feel like I should.  Drop off dinner if it feels right.  I feel like acting on these feelings will only help me be a better…and maybe eating a few less Cutler’s sugar cookies.  That won’t make me a BETTER person, but will possibly make me LOOK BETTER in a swim suit.