A Dose of December

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We visited Temple Square with my family on December 1st to kick off the Christmas Season.  Seems like everyone else in a 50 mile radius also had the same idea.  We dined at the Little America and then made our way up through City Creek and then to Temple Square.  Sloan hated being in her stroller – but with the crowds it was essential.  It really was so beautiful, hoards of people and all…

We continued our tradition of Breakfast with Santa at the Grand America.  Sloan loved her meal a lot more this go around.   

Santa was a different ball game, however.  She was scared half to death and wouldn’t even look at him.  I was worried how the pictures after the meal would turn out and I wasn’t that off.

We took an intermission before they snapped a few photos to look at all the windows, the giant gingerbread house, and ransack the toy store.  Sloan DID smile for the photo with Santa and his lady – but not without her eyes tightly shut.  There’s always next year though – and hopefully she can kick her fear of this jolly guy to the curb.  

My mother-in-law gave us the most darling nativity set that you paint yourself.  We did it the first week of December so we could display it throughout the month.  Sloan was so serious, I thought she’d never be done.

Even though there wasn’t much paint on the actual parts and pieces – she had the time of her life doing it.  The angel was her favorite – as you can tell by the amount of blue paint and glitter applied.

We decided last minute to do a 3D ultrasound of baby boy one Saturday morning.  I know a lot of people say they are a waste of time and money – but we love doing it!  Sloan’s 3D photos actually resemble some of her features to this day.  So we couldn’t pass it up with baby #2.  All three of us went and Sloan LOVED seeing him wiggle, even stick out his tongue, on screen. 

I tried a new recipe that we all loved – Potsticker Soup by Designlovefest.  It’s so easy and delicious (well, if you like potstickers) and totally hit the spot on a cold night.

One Thursday morning I let Sloan wreak havoc with one of her play doh sets and I baked my favorite Christmas treat – almond Danish pastries by my sweet childhood neighbor.  They are not easy to make, but so worth it.  I have been rationing mine out for days now.

Sloan and I delivered some to my dad and brother at his warehouse as well – to carry on tradition.  My dad loves these bad boys as much as I do.  I know it’s one of the things he misses most about living in Taylorsville around the holidays.  Mine are not as good as Bonita’s – but they are the best I can do with limited time and baking skills!

One night for Date Night we got a later reservation at the Roof.  It’s a little tradition Zach and I have going.  We prefer this way of seeing the lights much more – it’s a lot warmer and less crowded.  Plus…there’s crab.

After my 36 week appointment they decided to schedule another growth ultrasound for baby boy.  I was down a few pounds and lost an inch in my belly measurement (because he has dropped).  So just to be sure – and to make sure I was not losing fluid or the baby wasn’t progressing properly – we had to take another visit to the U of U lab and get him checked out.  Luckily, the same sweet girl scanned me that did my anatomy scan at 20 weeks.  Even though they are not allowed to share details – she assured me all was well and he looked perfectly normal.  Measuring around 6 pounds.  Since Sloan was 6 lbs. 6 oz. – this seems just about right.  I’m just not meant to have big babies, I guess.  But little guy does have a set of lips on him – he’s got his dad’s lower lip FOR SURE! 

One morning we made paper snowflakes – to liven up the play room a bit.  Sloan enjoyed opening them after all the sections had been cut out – she couldn’t wait to see what they each looked like.

We’ve been slowly and surely getting ready for baby.  The nursery is so close to being done [not like he’ll be sleeping in it right away anyway] and nearly all his supplies and clothes have been washed, folded and organized.  My hospital bag is nearly packed.  We’ll see what the rest of December has in store for us.

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