Calvin Zach Henderson | Birth Story

I went to my last scheduled doctor’s appointment on Dec 18th.  I was 38 weeks and 1 day.  I had zero progression so my doctor scheduled my induction to be Dec 28th.  She was going to be out of town until the 26th for the holiday, so that was a sensible time for both of us.  Since I didn’t dilate on my own last time – we figured I would have to be induced anyway.  And with the holidays I got to choose if it we before Christmas or after.  I chose the latter.  I remember my doctor saying a few weeks prior – “If I had it my way, you’d go into labor on your own at 38 weeks.”  She was just two days off, we’d find out.

That night I got up to use the restroom around 4 am and noticed some development of the labor process.  I’ll just leave it at that.  I decided to go back to bed and see what would happen.  Around 4:30 my water broke as I was in bed.  I felt it coming and jumped out of bed just in time.  [For some reason my biggest fear was my water breaking in our bed and then having to deal with a disgusting mattress when we got home from the hospital.]  I woke Zach up and told him my water broke.  I’ve never seen him spring out of bed so fast – I swear he got two feet of air off the mattress before his feet hit the ground.

Luckily our hospital bags were already packed.  I decided to get in the shower and get ready before heading to the hospital.  I called my mom around 5 am to head up to our house to be with Sloan.  I shoved a few things in a bag just as my parents showed up.  Zach gave me a priesthood blessing – assisted by my dad – and we were out the door.

Zach said something in his blessing that caught me a little off guard.  I asked him about it when we were alone in the card together and he told me he didn’t know what it meant, just that he was meant to say it.

As we made our way to the hospital I had a few big contractions – so I told Zach we didn’t have time to stop at McDonald’s for a sausage egg and cheese McMuffin like our last go around with Sloan.  We pulled up to the University around 6 am and they made us wait to be admitted until someone could confirm that I was actually in labor.  The on-call midwife confirmed my water had broken and then did a little monitoring of the baby’s heartbeat.  It was then that she told us that his heart had an arrhythmia.  Considering we had been at the hospital for all of 12 minutes, I was a nervous wreck.  She told us it wasn’t a big concern – but that she would have to alert pediatrics and cardiology.  Since I had high blood pressure towards the end of my pregnancy with Sloan – they kept monitoring my blood pressure while we were waiting.  Once we got the news about the baby’s possible heart problem my blood pressure was sky high on every single test.  There weren’t any delivery rooms available at the time – so we continued to wait to be officially admitted and moved over.  Zach and I used the time to talk and say a prayer together.  He felt great about it all – and I was still worried sick.  I had a fantastic pregnancy with zero complications.  I wasn’t sick even one hour of my entire nine months.  I knew that there had to be a catch, and this was it.  Our baby had a heart problem.

Zach was starving and made his way downstairs to get a sausage and egg biscuit from Starbucks.  If there is a will, there is a way with Zach.  He managed to stink up our room in a way which only that exact breakfast sandwich can.  At least this time he brought me a hot blueberry muffin.

An hour or so later we were officially moved over to L&D.  They hooked me up with an IV and I met my nurse who I adored instantly – Sandy.  We went over my birth plan and Sandy explained that pediatrics was going to have to stop by and have a chat.  I never dilated on my own with Sloan, so I didn’t think my body was even capable.  I was at a 3 when Sandy checked me, which was a surprise considering I thought I would be Fort Knox.  But since my contractions weren’t progressing, they decided to start me on Pitocin.  Right after that the pediatric and cardiology teams stopped by to talk to me.  They apologized – but told me I probably wouldn’t get to hold the baby right after he was born because they would need to asses the situation with the arrhythmia.  I just tried the entire time not to burst into tears, and kept my mind busy with asking questions.  They left and told me they would see me when it was go time.  Then anesthesia came around and asked if I would like to get my epidural going.  Last time with Sloan my epidural was a complete disaster (the worst part of the labor process if you asked me) and I was hesitant. I told him I wasn’t feeling any contractions, but to “Check back in, say…30 minutes.  Nothing can happen in 30 minutes.”  As I said those words he started wheeling his cart out of our room and a massive contraction hit me.  It was so intense that I stopped him as he was going and told him to turn that little cart around and come back.  He laughed and said he knew from the moment I told him nothing could happen that it WOULD in fact happen.  He administered the epidural – and this time Zach was sitting in front of me in a chair, holding my hands.  With Sloan’s delivery he got really sick at the sight of the needle and nearly passed out.  Our guy, Adam, was a pro and administered the epidural without a hitch.

Almost as soon as the epidural kicked in – my contractions took it up a notch.  I started to feel some big time pressure and they checked me.  I was at a 5 – which I could have sworn was wrong.  I felt a little bummed that there wasn’t more progression.  They told me they would check back with me in an hour.  As they walked out the door everything switched gears.  I had the biggest contraction yet and started to feel the urge to push.  I pushed my call button for the nurse and told them to come back in. I told Zach, “He’s coming.  I can tell.  It’s time.”  They checked me again and saw that I was complete.  I went from a 5 to a 10 in 2 minutes.  They all were completely shocked.  Then, as Zach explains it, “an entire basketball team rushed into our room”.  Including the pediatric team.  As they were prepping for the delivery I explained that I have never been able to hold my babies as they came out.  I’ve always had to wait to get them checked.  My doctor was doing clinicals in the hospital that day, but I didn’t see her in the room with us.  I asked if she had been paged, and they told me she would be here as soon as she could.  I remember thinking – she’s not going to make it, again.  I really wanted her there considering how worrisome it all was with the baby’s heart issue.  The on-call resident started to give me instructions and got all geared up.  Sandy, our nurse, asked Zach, “Alright Dad, want to grab a leg?”  Zach switched over to my left side and grabbed a hold of my leg.  I started pushing and right in the middle of my second set of pushes my doctor ran in, huffing a puffing.  She explained she ran all the way up here and I couldn’t have been more grateful to see her.  I remember I said, “Welcome to my vagina!” As she settled into position.  The whole crew of 10+ people burst into laughter.  I told Zach not to look down – to focus on my face, but I could see him staring down into the gaping abyss that is a woman wide open – with a baby’s head crowning.  Then another round of pushes.  On my second big push I heard Zach say, “Guys, I’m going to need some help here.”  He loosened his grip on my leg and passed out cold on the floor.  He dropped down to his knees and then I completely lost sight of him.  A few people rushed over to help him and another nurse rushed to my left side to grab a hold of my leg.  I lost focus on pushing and was calling out his name, asking if he was ok.  He didn’t respond for quite a while.  The nurses urged me to switch my attention and focus on the task at hand.  Someone got Zach some smelling salts and he finally awoke.  I kept asking someone to get his orange juice [which he had acquired at Starbucks as well] and Zach kept telling me he was alright.  “I’m ok, K.  Just keep pushing.” After another set of pushes I checked in on Zach.  He was soon by my side and staring only at my face.  I vividly remember him patting me on the head like a dog – telling me that I was doing a good job.  He was still as white as a sheet.  We’ll work on his labor coach skills some other time, I guess.

On my fourth round of pushes I heard the nurse saying, “That’s it!  He’s almost here!” And then someone said to me, “Open your eyes – it’s your baby!”  I looked and there he was – screaming his guts out!  I’ve never been more grateful to hear a piercing cry like that in my entire life.  My doctor, who likely hadn’t been briefed on his heart situation, placed him right on top of me.  He was still hollering and wailing, which apparently was a good sign.  The pediatric team seemed a bit flustered that they didn’t get to inspect him – so they all came to me.  Using stethoscopes they all determined there was no arrhythmia after all – that his heart and lungs were more that perfect.  I burst out in tears.

What Zach said in his blessing all made sense at that moment.  But it sure didn’t to me at the time.  I got to hold my baby, Zach got to cut the cord.  Then the basketball team left, my doctor congratulated me, and it was just the three of us.  If I could bottle up a feeling – it would be the moments right when your baby comes into the world and into your arms.  I never feel the spirit as strong as those moments.

Calvin Zach Henderson  |  6 lbs 2 oz  |  19.75″ long  |  3:19 pm

We are officially a family of four.



Our Hospital Stay

The three of us stayed in the hospital a little under 48 hours after Sloan was born.  Our nights were long and sleepy, but our days were filled with visitors.  We loved seeing so many family members and friends!

I can’t even express how grateful I am to the staff of the Maternal Newborn Recovery.  Yeah, the U is a little strict about some things, but the care and attention you get is beyond incredible.  Since I found out I was pregnant a very important goal of mine was to be able to nurse Sloan.  So many of my family members and friends have struggled with this, and I assumed it would be difficult for me as well.  Day two was when everything started to click.  My angel of a nurse, Kara, taught me a few of her tips and tricks and Sloan and I got into a serious groove.  It’s all been downhill since then!  My girl is just like her mother – LOVES to eat and is a breast feeding champ!  Don’t get me wrong, it is still really hard, but I have discovered Sloan’s little triggers so I can trick her into feeding.  It’s hilarious to me that the four books that I read and the breastfeeding class that Zach and I took were not even close to as helpful as the sweet little spunky nurse on call that second day.

Sloan passed all her requirements so we could go home a little early.  Our favorite was watching her get her first bath!  Zach has been looking forward to bath time with Sloan for the last nine months!  Zach takes his bathing very serious [Hendersons are big “tubbers”] and we’re hoping she enjoys it as much as her father does.

photo 3

All of the outfits I brought to take her home in completely drowned her.  Even the tiniest of them all made her look like she had on grandpa pants.  Side Note:  I totally over-packed for the hospital.  Poor Zach had to get a giant cart to drag all of our stuff outta there.  Not to mention that I cleaned the place out!  I literally shoved every supply possible in some re-usable shopping bags and made Zach take them all down to our car.  After Zach and I got cleaned up we were all ready to go home!

photo 4

photo 1

Then we took our first family photo together.  Yes, this is the best one we could get of Sloan.  She was only interested one eye’s worth for this photo op.

photo 3

It’s pretty wild to think about.  One minute you have a tiny human inside of you and the next your strapping her teeny tiny self into a car seat to drive home.  She looked like a doll in that giant seat.  I can’t rave enough about how appreciative I am of all of those nurses and other staff members at the University Hospital.  We loved our time in recovery, but were elated to come home and sleep in our own bed.

Sloan Henderson

Monday morning I was scheduled to be induced at 8:30 am.  Labor and Delivery wanted me to call an hour before then to check and see if there was availability for us.  I called at 7:30 and the nurse asked if I could wait and come in at 10:00.  We took our time during the extra hour or so doing some last minute things.  We packed up the car and before we left I had Zach give me a priesthood blessing.  I have received a million blessings over my lifetime and never had I felt this calm afterwards.  It was like everything changed right then and there.  All my anxiety, all my doubts about this scheduled induction, and everything else that was whirling around in my over-stimulated brain went away.

Zach took these last few photos – my 39 week picture – before we hopped in the car.

photo 1

photo 2

On our way to the hospital I made Zach stop and get himself breakfast.  I wanted him to have something to eat beforehand so he wouldn’t be starving by the time we were officially admitted.  So McDonald’s it was, for a bacon egg and cheese biscuit.

photo 3

When we arrived at Labor and Delivery they were all ready for us.  We went straight to our room and unloaded our stuff.  We met our nurse, Colleen [who we later learned lives near Zach’s sister Lori and knows their family really well] who was an absolute dream.  She turned the AC way up in our room because I was sweating to death almost immediately.  I had a very sweaty pregnancy, to be honest, so a sweaty labor was imminent.  After I got all hooked up to the monitors they started up my IV.  This was one of the worst parts of my whole birth experience, to be honest.  It took four times to get a good vein [apparently I have crazy veins that move all over the place] which meant I had bruises all over my arms and hands before I even had anything to show for it.  Once we did get it all squared away though, I could relax.  I had Zach run and get me a Diet Coke from a nearby vending machine and they gave me a pill to place under my tongue to start the whole process.

photo 1

As soon as it dissolved I felt the contractions starting to get more intense.  They kept checking me but I wasn’t progressing any further.  I stayed at a 1 and was effaced 70 percent for the first four hours of the process.  I kept texting my family members telling them I was having no progress and told them to stay home until I got a little closer.  Around the fifth hour my contractions got really intense.  I am always a chatty Kathy but when one of the contractions would start rolling up I would go completely silent until it subsided.  It surprised Zach to see me so motionless and quiet for such a long period of time.  It was then that I decided to get an epidural.  The contractions were coming and they were coming on stronger and stronger.  Our nurse paged anesthesia but they were administering to another patient.  It took 45 minutes for them to make it over to us, which is when I started progressing rapidly.  A resident administered my epidural and wasn’t successful the first time, so the big daddy anesthesiologist had to re-do it a second time.  During my epidural my doctor came in to check on me.  She told me that because I was progressing so slowly that she would just come check on me in the morning.  I said goodbye to  her and we finished the whole epidural business.  Zach had a hard time watching that giant needle two times in a row and had to grab a seat in front of me as he started to get woozy.  He admits this was the only time during the whole delivery that he felt this way.  As soon as the epidural kicked in, with that popping sensation, I felt my water break.  My nurse turned me back over on my back and checked me to see how I had progressed.  I was at a 4!  The nurse left the room and Zach and I were left alone.  I texted my parents telling them they could head on over to the hospital.  Then, about twenty minutes later I felt a ton of pressure.  I called the nurse to come and check me and we were all shocked I was at an 8!  In less than 45 minutes I had gone from a 4 to an 8 and 100 percent effaced.  Zach updated my parents, who were stopping at McDonald’s as well to get some dinner on their way up to the hospital.  Then it hit me.  This enormous amount of pressure – even more intense than before.  I kept telling the nurse I had the use the restroom immediately and couldn’t stop shaking in fear that I would not make it to the bathroom in time.  She checked me and told me that it wasn’t the restroom I needed, it was to push!  Apparently the doctor on call had called my doctor to let her know I was ready to go.  My doctor was only 10 minutes away, but they knew she wouldn’t make it.  Nobody tells you that when it’s time “to push” they mean “everything is going to get super chaotic”.  Instantly there were 12 people in the room gloving up and pushing carts around.  Zach and I looked at each other and both of us had “is this normal?” looks on our faces.  The on-call doctor showed up and quickly introduced himself.  They got me into position and I started to push.  As soon as I got a break from my first couple of pushes the baby’s heart rate started to drop.  I did a couple more pushes and it dropped again.  The doctor told me that the baby needed to come out immediately.  He said it was either a c-section or I would have to have an assisted birth with a significant tear.  I decided to go for the latter.  The next two pushes were it and baby girl was out!  It was the most incredible feeling.  Like a burning and bursting feeling all at once.  Because her heart rate had been so low they didn’t instantly put her on my chest, like I had requested.  The umbilical cord had been wrapped around her shoulder, causing the drop in her heart rate.  Zach cut the cord and she was rushed away to be checked out.  I heard her cry for the first time and I couldn’t help but sob.

photo 3

Zach was close by, watching them monitor her and clean her off.  Sloan Henderson was 6 pounds, 6 ounces and 19.5 inches long.  Perfectly healthy and happy.  She only cried the one time, immediately after she came out.  Zach observed her getting measured and checked out and she was as peaceful as could be.

photo 4

photo 3

A few moments later my baby girl, along with Zach, were back with me.  They put her on my chest, skin to skin.  Everything you hear about giving birth before you experience it for yourself seems so heightened and dramatized.  That moment was everything.  That moment when I saw my baby girl for the first time was the most spiritual and sacred experience I have ever had.  She looked up at me with her giant eyes and reached her tiny hand right up on my face.  I remember the first thing I said to her was, “I missed you!”  Because that’s what it felt like.  Seeing someone after being apart from them for so long.  I already knew her.

photo 4

photo 2

photo 1

There were other things that happened after that, but it all seems so trivial now.  I delivered the afterbirth, they stitched me up, and then they were gone.  Zach and I had a few moments alone with her before we let my family come in and see her.

photo 2

photo 4

My parents and brother came in the room and got to meet her and moments later Zach’s parents arrived.  Having our families there right after was so special.  My mom and I cried together while my dad and brother passed her around and took 600 pictures.  I remember the first thing Jeanene said when she came into our room, “My baby had a baby.”  We were all crying.  It was one of the happiest moments for us – our families both with us when we became our own little family.  Not long after they took us to the recovery room and our crew followed.  They stayed for a while, passing the baby around and visiting, and then they left.

photo 2

photo 4

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2

Zach and I looked at each other, both feeling completely exhausted but overcome with happiness.

This little girl has been in a hurry to get here since day one.  From conception to delivery – she has been in fast forward.  Even though hospitals totally creep me out, I never want to forget that feeling I had in our delivery room.  Even with all the people, beeping monitors, and scary metal instruments – I have never felt closer to heaven in my life.

38 // The Final Countdown

Both Monday and Tuesday night brought my first real contractions.  Both nights they came, they stayed for a while, then they left.  The second night I thought, “this is it, as soon as they start getting closer together – I am going to wake Zach up”.  Almost as soon as the thought was completed, the contractions started to taper off.  Baby girl is a jokester!

Wednesday night when Zach got home from work he took me out.  We dined at Brio at Fashion Place and did some Christmas shopping.  Also, there was Coldstone…photo 2

Thursday night brought more contractions, but they didn’t progress past 5:00 am.  I remember saying a prayer.  I prayed that whatever was supposed to happen was supposed to happen.  That if I am meant to have contractions every night until I’m 41+ weeks, then let it be.  If she was supposed to come sooner, then let her come sooner.  I didn’t have to wait very much longer for my answer.

Friday morning I had my weekly OB appointment.  We did another non-stress test and baby girl passed again with good marks.  I even had a couple of contractions in the middle of my test.  After discussion and a lot of questions, my doctor told me she wanted to induce me on Monday, the 10th.  I think she was surprised at my reaction.  I was extremely reluctant.  The plan [my plan] was to go into labor on my own, naturally, obviously.  But after a discussion with “the boss”, she informed me I would most likely have to be induced at 41 weeks anyway because I am not thinning or dilating on my own.  My lady parts are basically on lock down.  She figured there was no real reason to keep this babe inside beyond 39 weeks.  She told me basically to get over my bad self and feel excited that I get to meet my baby maybe on Monday, but most likely on Tuesday.  It just goes to show that my whole birth plan isn’t even worth the paper it was neatly [and aesthetically laid out] printed on.  Even though I still have concerns, I realize it’s not up to me.  It never was.  And I am ok with that.  Because I get to meet my baby girl on Tuesday at the latest.

So what would you do if you found out you had one more weekend – just you and your spouse alone?  We dated – hard core.  We went to lunch, we ran errands, we slept in, we took naps IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY, we ate out for almost every meal.  Some of our highlights were the pollo tacos from Alamexo and lunch at Eva’s.

photo 1

photo 2

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Saturday morning I woke up early to have my last run at the gym before my delivery.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but running made my pregnancy.  It helped me focus, it relieved my stress, and kept me healthy.  If you would have asked me three years ago if I thought I could ever run multi-mile runs up until 39 weeks I would have died laughing.

Saturday night Zach went to the Oregon vs. Utah football game – he took his dad in my place because I decided not to go.

photo 2

I ended up going out to dinner with my parents and then watching the game at their house.  We looked through my baby book while my mom was finishing up a blanket she was making for her.  My version of the game was much more relaxing…

photo 1

Since everything was done on my list that I had to complete before the baby came, I basically relaxed all weekend and got my work stuff all squared away so I could not think about anything for a couple weeks after she came.

Sunday we went to sacrament and then drove to Ogden to have dinner at the Hendersons.  Our last meal together, just the two of us.  Sunday night was spent spot cleaning, packing last minute items in our hospital bags, and making sure everything was good to go.  I realize my newborn child will never know if our house was clean or not when she arrived home – but it was more for me than anything.  I didn’t want to come home to a hectic house.

38 weeks

38 weeks

And because I only did one of these questionarres my entire pregnancy, I thought I would do a last one to round up to my 39th week.


How far along: 39 weeks

Total weight gain: Gained 20 lbs. total

Maternity clothes: All day, erry day.  Leggings are my jam.

Stretch marks: No new stretch marks.  I already had some on my thighs and such from my adventures in college with the freshman 15, but no stretch marks on my belly.

Sleep: By my 39th week I was getting up about two times a night to go to the restroom, but still was sleeping well.  I never ended up purchasing a pregnancy pillow.  I just slept on my side curled up in a tight ball.

Best moment of this week: Finding out that we were being induced, obviously!  We had an official date to meet our baby.

Miss anything: Sleeping on my stomach.  It was my favorite sleeping position pre-pregnancy.

Movement: Baby girl has always been a mover and a shaker.  This last week was no different.

Food cravings: Mexican food, but that’s been going on for months prior to this week.  It was my go-to cuisine of choice!

Anything making you queasy or sick: No.  I can honestly say I made it all the way through this pregnancy without ever losing my lunch or feeling nauseous.

Gender: Still a girl, hopefully there are no surprises!

Labor signs: Contractions on and off – but they come and go as they please and are never consistent.

Belly button in or out: It is now officially flat.  It’s not poking out at all, just looks like it doesn’t exist any longer.

Wedding rings on or off: On.  I haven’t had problems with swelling.  I attribute that to making sure I consumed as much potassium and water as I could handle.  I know it helped.

Happy or moody most of the time: Totally and completely happy.

Looking forward to: Seeing her face for the first time.  I never had any crazy pregnancy dreams, but this last week I have been dreaming of a little blonde hair, blue eyed little girl running around our house.


The last full week as just a couple.  So exciting and terrifying at the same time.  We can’t wait to meet you, Sloan!

The Week of Halloween

I have been bamboozled.

Unfortunately, not all things pumpkin are delicious.  I made Zach one of his favorite dinners of chicken and rice on Monday and decided to treat myself to some pumpkin brownies.  Literally it is the same exact thing as those 3 ingredient pumpkin spice cookies, just with brownies.  All you do is add a can of pumpkin to a brownie mix.  I was so anxious to try them, but it took 15 extra minutes to bake them because my trusty toothpicks weren’t coming out clean.  After 40 minutes of cook time we busted out these bad boys.

photo 3

They look fudgy and perfect – am I right?  They were TER-RI-BLE.  Zach thought I was playing a practical joke on him.  Trust me – the joke was on me.  I spent 40 minutes of my life waiting on these that I can never EVER get back.

photo 2

Speaking of brownies…I’m back to brown.  Back to ma roots, actually.  My natural hair color!  I must admit that before this I wasn’t quite sure what my natural hair color looked like, but I am glad I found it.  I plan on staying here a while…

photo 1

Tuesday morning was my second growth scan.  Zach came with me for this one considering it will be the last ultrasound [I hope?] before we get to meet her.  Everything went well for the most part.  Baby girl is perfectly healthy – with the exception of her abdomen and femur are measuring a bit small.  The femur didn’t come to a surprise to anyone considering both of her parents are 5’3″ and she has no chance of being above average in height.  Other than those two things, everything is perfectly normal.

Wednesday morning I went on a little trail run with my sister-in-law Gina.  We met at the Centerville movie theater and went up and down the Legacy Parkway Trail.  It was nice to switch up running on the treadmill with running outside.  I only ran 2 miles [those hills are harder than I remember] but Gina kicked my trash and ran 4 while I walked the opposite direction to catch up to her.  We spent the last hour walking a few miles along the trail.  The leaves were falling and the temperature was perfect.  It felt amazing and it was so refreshing to have someone to jabber with to pass the time.  Everyone on the trail couldn’t help but stare at my giant belly.  Just three girls, hittin’ up the Legacy Trail.

photo 2

My doc let me know in the middle of the week that she wanted me to start doing stress tests each visit to monitor the babe.  The only thing that was stressed, however, was me.  Even though these tests are pretty common, I was so worried that something was wrong.  I didn’t sleep very well for a couple of days and was constantly thinking that I had already jacked my baby up.  She is not even here and I am a sucky, suckity suck suck parent.  Zach was not worried at all and cheered me up by making me a treasure hunt around the house with all my favorite things.  He basically rules my world and I don’t deserve him…

photo 1

As for work updates, I took on a really large project a couple of weeks ago and have been right in the thick of it this week.  I have been hired to design a 40,000 sq. foot corporate building for a company down south.  It has been so much fun and creating furniture and design concepts has been something I have missed.  Not that I don’t love graphic design, just that it has been so much fun to switch it up!  This week was mostly concepts for their new spaces.  I have seven spaces done.  Only ten more to go!

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 10.10.24 AM Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 10.10.46 AM

Friday was my weekly OB visit.  No new updates other than I did this so-called stress test and all is well!  And it wasn’t that stressful at all.  It was actually quite reassuring.  My doctor warned me that if the test didn’t give good results that I would most likely have to deliver early.  That part stressed me out the most.  Good thing baby girl did her usual routine of bouncing off the walls of my insides and passed her test with flying colors!  So in she will stay for at least two more weeks.

That night we left a giant bucket of candy on the front porch for the trick-or-treaters and we drove up north for a costume party at a friend of Zach’s.  We didn’t dress up, because we are incredibly lame.  Actually, I did have a pretty good costume idea:  being pregnant was the perfect opportunity for me to be a giant blueberry so I was going to dress up as Violet Beauregarde and make Zach dress up as Charlie Bucket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Zach wasn’t feeling it.  So we went to said party in our usual attire.  Afterwards we decided to catch a late movie at the AMC in Layton – Dracula.  Festive, right?  We’ve both been completely spoiled by the recliners at that theater.  No other movie theater compares in my opinion.

Saturday was perfect.  We slept in way too late, I went for a nice walk on the treadmill at our clubhouse, and we had a little lunch date down town.  Later in the afternoon we had a couples massage at my sister-in-law’s spa in Layton.  I called ahead and asked if we could do a couples massage – but requested that mine be a maternity version.  We literally went to the spa dressed in our pajamas [who wants to get oil all up in your nice clothes anyway?] looking homeless.


It was amazing.  How have I waited this long to experience a maternity massage?!  Especially because Zach’s sister OWNS a spa.  I have had no excuse.  They had this special pillow with a hole cut out of it so I could lay on my stomach.  I haven’t laid on my stomach for over nine months, so the feeling was blissful.  Unfortunately, my child hated it.  She immediately went bonkers and wouldn’t quit, so I switched over to my side.

I made myself a promise that if the wee one isn’t here and by the time I am 40 weeks, I am getting another one of those bad boys.  Best 50 minutes of my pregnant life…

We ended our night with the Utah football game.  Even though we weren’t victorious, we both slept like babies that night.

I just had one request about when this baby would come – that she wouldn’t be born on Halloween.  So now that we have passed that milestone, she can come whenever she pleases!  I didn’t even put up my extensive Halloween decoration collection.  Not that I was being lazy or didn’t have the energy – but because I was terrified I would go into labor and then have to take a newborn home to a haunted house.  See that little white pumpkin on our porch?  That was the extent of our Halloween decorating this year.  We took my 37 week picture a little later than usual – on the actual evening of Halloween.

37 weeks

Since I haven’t progressed over the last two weeks [even after my little scary/gross discovery last Tuesday] I feel more than ever like I might go 40 + weeks.  I’ve had a feeling since day one of being pregnant that I would most likely go over my due date, and to be honest, I am totally ok with that.  This pregnancy has been so easy.  I will be grateful and lucky to have her bake as long as possible at this point.  Now if I can just get my hands on one of those special pregnancy massage pillows…

Food // Full Term // Fall Festivities

This week my nesting has escalated to a whole new level!  Pregnancy has taught me more than I would have ever thought it would.  I have always known I was a planner, that’s beyond obvious.  But the thought of not knowing when baby will come is kind of unsettling.  So, in my own twisted way, being as prepared as possible is my way of planning and having some sort of control over my situation.  Because when she shows up and how she shows up is totally NOT up to me.  So, amongst a few other things, I made some more freezer meals / treats.  First I did some smoothie packets [I did this whilst training for the Bear Lake Brawl and loved using them] with spinach, avocado, and apples.  I don’t want to have any excuses when it comes to eating healthy after she comes.  Besides, I wanna be a pro breastfeeder and know that good nutrition is huge.  So we’ll see how this whole thing goes!

smoothie packets

Tuesday morning I dragged myself to the gym.  It didn’t end up being a total waste, though because I ran a 5K!  I planned to run 2 miles and just kept going.  I was so thrilled when I saw the number on the treadmill that I started to cry.  This has happened before, obviously, but not to this extent.  I think BAWLING would be a better description for my reaction.  Instantly, within a minute, I had two ladies on either side of the treadmill asking if everything was alright.  An older woman that I see often around that time of day was very concerned.  She wanted to know if she should call my husband (or 911) to come and get me.  It was super sweet.  Super embarrassing, but super sweet.  They both laughed when they found out that I was crying out of pure joy for accomplishing one of my pregnancy goals.


During the run I felt great, but afterwards my stomach turned to complete concrete!  It was the most intense Braxton Hicks contraction I have had thus far.  I took it easy for the rest of the day working from home on my laptop.  Zach also left Tuesday to go to a jet convention in Florida.  I made dinner for myself some of the nights he was gone and made a double batch of everything to freeze.  Chicken enchiladas, taco soup, homemade basil pasta sauce (I discovered if I cooked a whole crap load of angel hair pasta – al dente – all I have to do is add the sauce packets to it in a pan and it is the easiest pasta dish eva!)…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I also made a new healthy white cheese and spinach macaroni bake – which Zach will probably hate – but it’s worth a try!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

The night Zach left I had a little progression as far as the pregnancy goes.  A few weeks prior I had gone to Walmart and purchased an old-person bed protector.  Zach and I are super obsessed with our mattress and the thought of pregnancy juice soaked all up in it when my water breaks makes me cringe.  I had a weird feeling to put it on my mattress when I changed the sheets on Wednesday night.  A few hours later I had a super glam pre-term labor sign in which NOBODY cares about other than myself because it means I am only getting closer to meeting this nugget.  My water didn’t break, but it could be on the verge as of now.  Zach called me from his hotel and I told him what happened.  He contemplated coming home, just in case, but I encouraged him to stay as planned until Friday.  It could still be days (or weeks?) before anything else progresses further.  Luckily I had an appointment with my OB Friday where I could get a little more insight…

Wednesday was Activity Days.  We had a Halloween Party and made spooky treats:  eyeballs, witch hats, and witch brooms.  The girls got to take the left-over treat supplies home, which I think they liked better than actually making the treats.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Afterwards I drove down to Taylorsville to have dinner with my parents.  My brother even came over to visit with us on his way home from duck hunting.  We made a game plan in case my labor signs progressed while Zach was still gone.  If I started to have contractions and it was night time my parents would drive me to the hospital.  If it happened during the day time, my brother would drive me to the hospital because his work warehouse is 10 minutes away from my home.  It was so cute to see how excited they all were about my progress.  Even during the prayer where we blessed our meal, my dad prayed that the babe would be safe and all would be well with her.  When we all opened our eyes my parents were both crying their eyes out.  We all can’t wait to meet her!

The rest of the week I kept myself distracted by finishing up some work projects and deep cleaning the house.  I also got to go to dinner to celebrate my friend Jenn’s birthday with her and Lindsey.  The three of us went to Macaroni Grill and did a little shopping at Fashion Place.  A month late, but regardless…we loved celebrating with Jenn!  She is wonderful and deserves a fantastic belated birthday.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 10.23.21 PM

Friday I had my OB appointment first thing in the morning and didn’t really know what to expect.  I am not dilated yet but this babe is LOW.  As soon as she checked me my doc said, “Well there’s the baby’s head, I am touching it right now.”  I couldn’t believe it!  So no standard progress, but at least the baby is settled down into position.  My doc also is making me get another growth ultrasound.  This request didn’t make me as nervous as the first one.  They weighed and measured me like they do at every appointment and my belly hadn’t grown since the week prior.  I am not measuring on track, so I’m being sent back.  But I am not worried because I know baby girl is lodged deep back in me – I can tell by her kicks!  I am excited to see her on screen again.  Usually people don’t get to have as many ultrasounds as we have had, so I am feeling grateful.

I was super relieved when Zach got home Friday.  We spent the rest of the night together doing baby errands, getting food to go, and watching football and a movie back at home.  I wanted to take it easy considering we had a crazy day on Saturday.

Along with all the baby stuff happening I have wanted to be super prepared for Christmas this year.  I have been asking Zach what he has wanted for Christmas this year and he would only keep repeating himself, “snowboard gear”.  So Saturday we went out for fish tacos [surprise, surprise] and went and did some Christmas shopping for him and other family members.

photo 1

Later, Zach also got all the items done on my list for him for around the house.  Poor guy.  He hates going to Lowe’s, but we needed some filters replaced and other little jobs done before she comes.  I finished deep cleaning the house while he was working away.

Then we were off to the Utah Blackout Game!  We went out to eat beforehand down town and then made our way up to the stadium with the hoards of people.  I must admit – I gave Zach such a hard time for purchasing these season tickets this year because I knew I would be 8 months pregnant when the season started and I thought it would be a total waste.  BUT these seats are so great [and seats really do beat the bleachers that we have been sitting on for the past 3 years] and I will never doubt him again!

photo 2


It was an intense game!  The crowd was going crazy and baby girl was getting just as rowdy inside of my belly.  I don’t know if the noise was getting her all riled up or if it was my stress/excitement of the last quarter making her go nuts.  Either way, she endured her first of many future Blackout games and we left with a victory!

Sunday after church was our annual Henderson Halloween Party at Classic Skating in Layton.  There was soup in pumpkin bread bowls, pumpkin carving…

photo 1

…and a visit from Skeletor – aka uncle Zach.

photo 4

The lights went down and Skeletor emerged from behind the video games on a scooter.  Then there was a breakdancing contest with all the kiddos.  Some are still terrified of Skeletor, but others got really into it.  Especially Georgia.

photo 3

Awards were also given out for the pumpkin carving contest.  Best eyelashes, most colorful, and so on…

photo 2

We loved spending the night with the Hendersons at our annual Halloween Party.  Zach and I didn’t carve pumpkins.  We figured this was the last year we could get away with not doing them.  Next year we’ll have a one-year-old that will get to experience all that is a Hendo Halloween.

36 weeks and feeling great!  As I type this I am technically 37 weeks, like always – I am a week behind, but that means I am full term!  A friend of mine from high school and his wife were due on the same exact day as I was.  She had her baby earlier in the week.  My sister-in-law, Siri, had her baby on Saturday [Henderson grandchild #24] and both mom and babe are doing great.  I feel so blessed to have been able to carry this baby girl until she reached full term.  I have heard my share of scary situations lately and am just thankful she stayed in until her dad got home from his convention across the country.  We will take her whenever she is ready.  Be it at 37 weeks or 40+ weeks…we’re game!

36 weeks