Round 2

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Monday Sloan got her very first taste of solids.  For the past couple of weeks she hasn’t been sleeping her usual 8 hour stretch – but rather getting up two or three times a night.  I figured it all meant she was going through a growth spurt, but after talking to my pediatrician, he recommended I start her on solids to help her sleep a little longer at night and get back to her regular routine.

She was elated to get her first taste of oatmeal baby cereal…

…until it hit her tongue.  She was not impressed.

Tuesday I got hit with another cold.  Round two of sickness.  I find it ironic that I haven’t been sick for 11 months before this first cold, and then I get sick twice in two weeks.  I guess I deserved it.  I had been too lucky for almost a year.  So, like the week before, we laid low again.  I basically tried to get healthy and keep Sloan from getting infected.  We did venture out of the house – once to get more Diet Coke and banana bread bagels and the other to drop off a “get well” gift to my sister-in-law who had surgery this week.

On a brighter note, my project down in Orem is starting to take shape.  Carpet, paint, and a few other finishes were completed this week. I can’t wait to see the wood wall treatment when we get the custom signage installed..

We kept up with the solids – as each day went by she got more and more comfortable with the whole concept.

Wednesday [Earth Day] was my worst day – in terms of my cold.  I felt pretty miserable and had Activity Days later in the evening and when I got home around 6:00 – Zach had a bath running and waiting for me.  Complete with a candle, a good book, and a Diet Coke.  He just gets me.

Unfortunately, starting solids didn’t help Sloan’s sleeping situation.  I am convinced she is teething.  The restless nights, the slobber…

I have a feeling a tooth or two will be making an appearance some time soon.

Friday, considering I was still ill, I convinced Zach to get take-out from Brio and watch the Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer once Sloan got to sleep.  I’ll keep my comments to myself on the whole situation, but it was very entertaining to two very big Kardashian fans.  We’re still guessing what Bruce’s new female name is going to be.  Bets are on for Brenda and Brittney.  Maybe Britney [one T – like Ms. Spears].


Saturday the three of us went out to lunch for some Mexican food and did some chores around the house.  Zach had a late hockey game – so Sloan and I partied hard until her bed time.


Sunday, after our brief church visit…

 We had dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house down in South Jordan.  Clam chowder – perfect for a rainy Sunday dinner.

These last two weeks have made me extremely grateful for my health.  I totally take good health for granted and feel so lucky I have avoided sickness until recently.  I haven’t been able to exercise or have a solid night’s sleep in a while – I can’t believe the difference those make in my daily routine.

I am also grateful for a husband, and very best friend, who suffers through a week of last minute meals and a wife on low battery power.  And also…the bag of forgotten Mini Cadbury Eggs I found in my pantry this week.


Weekend in Causey

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This week was pretty low key.  We spent the majority of our days cleaning, working during naptime, and running out errands.  Monday we took a walk around our neighborhood for family night.  It was the perfect weather – and considering Wednesday was bringing us snow, we thought we would enjoy the sunshine while it lasted.  Sloan was in her zone, staring at every cloud and tree.

IMG_4139Tuesday we celebrated Gina and my birthdays at Tona in Ogden with the Hendo ladies.  It was so great to catch up and the sushi never disappoints.  FullSizeRenderWednesday the snow showed up.  Sloan has a new fascination with looking out of windows.  Every morning when she wakes up I take her downstairs and let her look out the windows into our backyard.  Her eyes grew huge when she saw all the snow so I decided to take her out in it.  She was in heaven.  She laid in the same spot for almost 20 minutes just smiling.  I taught her the motions of a snow angel and she caught on [with the arm motions] pretty fast.  We only stayed out for 30 minutes or so, but it is so fun to watch her experience things for the first time. Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetFriday we left for the Hendo cabin with my high school friends and their spouses.  Zach, Sloan, and I left a little early so we could get up there before Sloan’s bedtime.  Almost as soon as we put her down to sleep my friends arrived.

The weekend was full of good food, a dance party, long conversations, hikes, ATV and Ranger rides, hot tub time, and watching sports.  Sloan was spoiled rotten – held and cuddle with everyone all weekend.  I’m sad to say that I only took one single picture the entire weekend…

The Sloan Ranger [nicknamed by her Papa] on her first Ranger ride.


Processed with VSCOcam with s2 presetWe are so grateful to Zach’s generous parents for letting us use their cabin.  The weather was a dream and we enjoyed a few days away with some of my favorite people. 

Then we made our way to Ogden to visit family.

When we came home Sunday evening we all were exhausted.  Zach held Sloan for over an hour while she and I took a nap.  

IMG_4178Weekends like these make me appreciate Zach so much.  Sloan gets her mellow personality from him.  He is so easy going and up for anything.  I always thought Zach and I were so alike, and we are in many ways, but in this aspect we are polar opposites.  I am learning (and working towards) being more mellow, less OCD, and spontaneous.  I hope Sloan grows to be more like her Dad.  All her good qualities already come from him.  

X infected X

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This week my cold stuck around for a bit longer than I was hoping it would.  By Wednesday I started to feel better.  I can honestly say that my saving grace was our humidifier.  I didn’t realize your options for medicine are very limited while nursing.  Not much more variety than when you are pregnant, actually.  So that dang humidifier [that I always tell Zach is a bunch of hocus pocus] totally saved me.  If you don’t have a Crane Humidifier – go buy yourself one.  Best purchase ever.  Luckily, Sloan didn’t really get sick.  She had a runny nose for a bit and a tiny cough for 24 hours, but that was it!  Nursing really is magic.  I never thought I would be one of those breast-feeding nuts, but the more we continue – the more I appreciate it.

Monday was probably my worst day in terms of being sick.  That morning I met my cousin at her house in Bountiful to help her pick out some finishes for her remodel.  Afterwards the NCAA championship game was on and we had plans to watch it.  So I ran to Papa Murphy’s and grabbed a pepperoni for Zach and a chicken artichoke for myself.  A perfect game-time meal.   Obviously, my bracket was toast long before the championship game.  In fact, thanks to Notre Dame, by bracket went downhill rather rapidly.  Zach beat me by 10 points.  So a visit to Leatherby’s is not in my future, unfortunately.

Tuesday I had a client meet me at my house for a wedding invitation consult.  I haven’t done too many wedding invitations lately because of my project down in Orem.  Sloan, again my design assistant, watched patiently as I met with this soon-to-be bride.  I think new people are her favorite thing.

Wednesday we had Activity Days.  We had a service project planned outside, but the weather was awful.  So we improvised and tie-dyed pillowcases at the church instead.  Sharpie markers + rubbing alcohol.  Who knew?  The girls had a good time [and not because they were a little hopped up on Sharpie fumes] and we called it a successful last-minute project.

Thursday I still wasn’t feeling 100% and my mom had the day off.  She convinced me to drive to her house, even though I warned her I would infect her.  My mom had my brother’s old walker ready for Sloan when we arrived.Even though her feet barely touch the ground, she loved it.

Friday, Sloan turned 5 months old.  Her face says it all.  Say whaaaat?!

She celebrated by taking a THREE HOUR NAP in the afternoon.  I couldn’t believe it.  My angel baby.  I finished all my work projects and didn’t know what to do with all my free time!  Later, the three of us celebrated some more when Zach got home by driving down to Fashion Place Mall to see the new Apple Watch.  Zach’s been pining for one for as long as he heard they were creating one.  After we tried them on we went to Hot Dog on a Stick for dinner.

Really, the limeade is the only thing I like at that joint.  I did make Zach stop at Mrs. Fields on our way out, though.

Later that night Sloan and I went to my friend [and former roommate] Kelli’s baby shower.  She is expecting a baby boy at the beginning of May.  It was fun to catch up with some of my old high school friends.

Saturday Zach and I went into spring cleaning mode.  Zach did a handful of chores outside and I cleaned out our closet.  Later that afternoon I went for a run and Zach watched Sloan.  When I came back, he had her in her Megablocks wagon again.

Zach thinks it is hilarious that she can fit so perfectly inside this wagon.  It’s not meant to hold more than blocks, but Sloan doesn’t seem to mind.

We had Cheesecake Factory to go later that night and rented a Red Box.

Sunday, after church, we went to Ogden to have dinner with Zach’s parents.

We ate, watched the Masters [and my boyfriends Rickie and Rory], and visited until it was time for Sloan’s bedtime.  By Sunday night I felt 100 percent cured of my cold.  I’ve never been more excited for a Monday – cold free is da way to be!

Easter 2015

Even though we were a little late to the game, we got our Easter decor up Monday.  Other than a few eggs and a banner, we kept it to the mantel this year.  Speaking of being on our game, Sloan and I are totally getting the hang of the jogging stroller.  I am thrilled because I prefer to run outside anyway.  I strap her in, put her sunglasses on, and she is good to go.  She loves going on our trail – she thinks she is the queen of Foxboro or something.  Every time we finish and roll into the garage, I take her out and she has a full-on meltdown.  She could stay out there for hours.  We got a couple runs in before the weather turned cooler towards the end of the week.Wednesday my Mom took a day off of work and spent it with Sloan and I.  We ran a handful of errands – including a trip to Target, a sugar cookie stop, and lunch.  We got home in time for Sloan to be put down for her afternoon nap. My mom read her a few books and she zonked out.  I can’t decide if reading bores her to sleep or relaxes her… Girls’ days are exhausting, I guess?

Thursday I gave Sloan what will be her annual Easter Bath.  Thank you, Pinterest, for sparking every strange idea inside innocent mothers’ brains.  Regardless, I tried it and she LOVED it.  Loved it so much, in fact, that like I said – we are going to be making it a yearly thing.  Who would have thought Dollar Store eggs would cause such squeals in the bathtub?

Friday after Zach got home from work we set off for the Hendo cabin for the first of our Easter festivities.  Most of us didn’t arrive until later Friday night.  We had dinner and then Papa took the kids out to search for the Easter Bunny.  Mark had placed stuffed bunnies along the road so he could spot them with his spotlight.  From the cabin windows you could see the vehicle through the trees – it looked like a laser show!  There were colored flashlights, laser pointers, and headlights flashing.  Mark sure knows how to make the holidays exciting.  The kids adore him and the adventures he takes them on.  I can’t wait until Sloan is old enough to catch on to the excitement.

I was nervous to bring Sloan up to the cabin with her sleeping schedule.  She gets up once in the night still, around 2:00, for her midnight feeding.  I was just praying she wouldn’t rouse all the sleeping children.  But, to my surprise and delight, Sloan slept amazing that night.  When she did wake up, she woke up smiling – I on the other hand, woke up with a terrible cold.  The next morning we got her bunny hat on and we all got ready to listen to the first session of Conference.

 After the morning session was over, Mark and Zach disappeared to prepare for the Easter production Mark had planned.

Papa came rolling in the driveway and had all the grandkids positioned in front of the big front window so they all could see that he had captured the Easter Bunny in his Ranger.  He had him tied up, even.

Then they were let downstairs so they could hunt for their eggs.  It was madness, but the best kind.  Sloan wasn’t phased at all by the Easter Bunny or by the chaos around her.  She just grabbed his fluffy white glove and kicked back.  She must have sensed her dad was nearby.  She also didn’t notice the awkward placement of the Easter Bunny’s fuzzy button… 

The kids had a blast and after all the eggs were collected we all said goodbye to the Easter Bunny.  Mark told them he had “other cabins to visit”.

After lunch we made our way home.  My cold gradually got worse as the day went on.  We listened to the last session of Conference on our drive home and Zach stayed home with us to help out with Sloan instead of attend the Preisthood Session.  He still watched it and managed to entertain Sloan for over an hour with a Gatorade bottle.  Dads are just better at playtime I have decided.  Also, when dad is in charge of playtime…Sloan is almost almost in a diaper only.  I don’t think dad’s have patience for the little tiny snaps on onesies.

I realized I wasn’t going to be feeling better by Easter Sunday, so I let my parents know that we would be staying home instead of having dinner with them.  They decided to drop off Sloan’s Easter basket Saturday night so she could have it on Sunday morning.

Easter morning we gave Sloan her Easter basket from the two of us.  Her favorite was the plush Peep – thank you Target!  She was also totally spoiled by both sets of grandparents and will have toys to occupy her for the next five years.    Zach let me take a nap after the morning session of Conference and I awoke to find Sloan being towed around in her Easter basket from my parents – a Megablocks wagon.  It is obviously meant to hold blocks, but Sloan fit perfectly and was loving the ride.

I tried to stay my distance from both Sloan and Zach.  The only direct contact I had with Sloan was when I nursed her and change her diapers, Zach was a single day for the majority of the day.  I love how much he loves Sloan.  He is so sweet with her and watching them play makes my heart explode.  He even set up what he called “the Fun Zone” in our bedroom.  It was Sloan’s activity mat with all of her stuffed animal friends around her.  She was in heaven.  the Fun Zone might have to make a comeback when Monday rolls around and dad goes back to work.    

When the afternoon session of Conference concluded, my parents and brother and sister-in-law came to drop off one more Easter basket for Sloan.  Her Uncle Blake and Aunt Brittany hooked her up with some sweet baby gear.  She made out like a bandit this holiday, I am telling you.

I loved spending time with family and watching General Conference.  It was the perfect way to spend Easter.  Zach and I were calling it the spiritual “perfect storm”.  Even though our weekend was cut short due to sickness, we still felt such a strong spirit.  I have noticed a different feeling in our home since Sloan showed up.  She has made my testimony grow in ways I didn’t think it could.  I have more of an understanding of the Plan of Salvation and a respect and love for my husband that continues to grow – even by the day.  I am so grateful for my eternal family and my Savior.  Happy Easter!