Sloan’s 3rd Birthday

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We have a three-year-old living in this house now.  It didn’t seem real until the night before her party.  I was wrapping her gifts and setting up decorations and I had to keep myself from choking up.  She’s grown so much over the past few months.  She seems so much older now, for so many reasons.

We surprised her with a few books and silly toys – but when she saw her strider bike she completely lost it.

We went out to lunch later to celebrate and then that evening our families came over to have some dinner and dessert.  She chose a Peter Pan theme – which made my life pretty easy.  I love planning parties and it turned out so fun.  Sloan didn’t notice the decorations and didn’t care much for the food – but she loved having everyone she loved at our house at the same time.

My friend Stephanie made her cake.  It not only was gorgeous but it was delicious.  It was probably my favorite thing about the whole party.  

She was totally spoiled by our families.  She’s such a lucky girl to have such an amazing support system in her life.

“Never Grow Up” – not just the theme, but my secret wish for this little/big girl.  She has such a giant heart and endless amounts of energy.  I love this age – but my 8-month pregnant self can’t quite keep up with her.  I hope she never loses her excitement for the little things.  It’s one of the attributes I love the most about her.

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